Numerous Strange Incidents
Reported Across
Pennsylvania During 2004

From Researcher Stan Gordon
Pennsylvania has historically been an active area of the United States where UFO sightings are constantly reported. Residents of the Keystone State have also reported many encounters with strange creatures. There have been hundreds of Bigfoot encounters reported from many locations in the state. The Chestnut Ridge which runs from Preston County, W. VA. through Westmoreland, Fayette, and Indiana County, in Pennsylvania, has been an area where frequent observations of giant hair covered man-like creatures have been reported. Among the other strange creatures reported in the Pennsylvania woods and countryside have been sightings of mountain lions (which have been declared officially extinct in this part of the country for many years), black panthers, and Thunderbirds (giant birds with huge wingspans.)
When I began to take calls from the public in 1969 concerning UFO sightings, little did I realize how many other strange things were reportedly going on as well. Those people calling in were reporting everything from supposed haunted houses, to close range UFO observations. It was in 1970, that I founded and directed the first of three volunteer research groups that investigated these matters over many years. Since 1993, I have continued to document current reports, and investigate cases as time permits as an independent researcher.
Yearly sighting reports from across the state continue to be reported on my PA UFO Hotline, or via e-mail. I also maintain contact with many researchers and organizations who also are interested in these reports. The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) in Seattle, Washington, also receives some Pennsylvania UFO reports as well. It's been 45 years since I began to keep track of such oddities, and still I haven't seen a UFO, nor have I had a first hand Bigfoot observation.
Over the years I have been involved in the investigation of thousands of strange incidents reported from throughout Pennsylvania. From the time that I began to conduct first hand investigations into these matters, I soon realized that many of the strange incidents reported could indeed be explained. Many UFO sightings, some creature sightings, and various other anomalous occurrences, commonly had a natural or man-made origin. Some cases however, are not so easily explained away.
Pennsylvania residents from 48 counties in the commonwealth, reported many unusual incidents during 2004. UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and other creature reports, strange footprints, mysterious booms, and odd ground markings were some of the anomalies reported. Some of the UFO sightings were determined to be misidentifications of the Planet Venus, bright meteors, and re-entry of space debris.
Some examples of the incidents reported from Pennsylvania during 2004 include:
I received reports of some possible Bigfoot sightings from several locations in Westmoreland County. The Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society (PBS) which also investigates PA Bigfoot activity, received reports of Bigfoot activity from various areas of the state including Armstrong, Beaver, Carbon, and Fayette County. In January, in a mountainous area of Somerset County, a frightened motorist reported seeing a tall dark hair covered man-like creature walk up from a creek bed then move over an embankment.The PBS investigated some Bigfoot reports which reportedly occurred from August through October in Beaver County, located north of Pittsburgh. One sighting involved a man who said he saw a hair covered man-like creature running through the woods near his home. Another incident involved a lady who claimed that she saw three such creatures moving through a field.
Researcher Joe Nemanich provided me details of a Bigfoot sighting he investigated which occurred in Tioga County on July 20,2004. This sighting which occurred in daylight, was observed by a man working at a construction site. The witness observed a dark, hair covered man-like creature which he estimated to be 7 to 8 feet tall standing near a road in this very rural area. The man watched in amazement as the creature took three long steps and crossed the road. The creature continued to venture into a swamp area. The ground cover along the path which the creature had traveled, was found to have been smashed down. For more information on PA Bigfoot sightings, go to my web site: or the PBS web site: .
In March, in a rural area of Westmoreland County, passengers in a vehicle came around a bend when the vehicle headlights struck an object that was sitting on the roadway ahead. The object appeared to be a small metallic cigar shaped device. As the people watched, the object rose straight up from the ground while illuminated by the headlights,then it moved towards the right and continued off in the distance.
Researcher Jim Brown investigated a UFO sighting which occurred on April 4, 2004, near California, PA. A man observed a large triangular object in the sky above a nearby home. The object which appeared to glow, also had a blue light at each corner. While the witness continued to watch the triangular object, another strange object also appeared in the sky which looked like a glass rod. While both objects were in the sky, a strange sparkling material began to fall from the sky towards the ground. The first object moved off quickly towards the North. The other object had also left the area.
Near Punxsutawney, PA in early June, a woman was gazing out her window during the evening when she observed a square shaped object that looked as if it was made up of multitudes of light bubbles. The object when it was first seen was about 30 feet above the ground, and only about 50 feet distance from the window. The witness observed the object for while, and watched as it began to rise slowly upwards into the sky. As the object gained in altitude, it soon looked just like a light off in the distance.
On the night of June 26, 2004, at approximately 10:50 P.M., there were reports from witnesses in the Pittsburgh area as well as around Greensburg, reporting the sighting of a bright orangish-red object with a long fiery trail moving rapidly across the sky. The NUFORC also received many reports from Lancaster to Tionesta in Pennsylvania. The NUFORC also received numerous reports from other states of what was probably the same object. What was observed was a re-entry of Russian space debris.
To report a UFO or Bigfoot sighting, or other strange occurrences in Pennsylvania, contact Stan Gordon.
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