Zundel Protest Demonstration
Planned February 5
From Ingrid Rimland
The two-year anniversary of Ernst Zundel's imprisonment in solitary confinement in an atrocious prison in Canada is approaching. The date is February 5.
Zundel, a lifelong pacifist who challenges the orthodox version of the "Holocaust", was kidnapped in Tennessee two years ago and is kept incarcerated as a political prisoner. We have the evidence, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, that Canadian government entities were at least partly involved. We even have some names!
There have been no charges. Bail has been repeatedly refused. Judge Blais, the Canadian judge running a Stalinist type show trial, is a former boss of the very intelligence agency that has compiled "secret evidence" against Zundel - evidence that he or even his attorneys are not allowed to know. Not a single witness has been called by Zundel's political enemies. Witnesses called by the Zundel defense team have been disallowed. Meaningful cross-examination has been destroyed. These so-called "security certificate" hearings and proceedings have been a sham!
Canada needs to be held accountable in the eyes of the world for permitting such an unconscionable judicial lynching of a man who has no criminal record, who merely defends his right to a point of view on history that millions of people all over the world find intriguing - and worth contemplating. It is time to shame Canada - a so-called "democratic" country that allows and condones such an abomination to please a yammering minority!
We are planning a number of protests before Canadian consulates in the United States on February 5. If possible, we will also coordinate similar protests in other countries.
Below is a list of the cities in the United States that offer hospitality to Canadian Consulates. If you live near such a city and would like to participate, or perhaps even organize a protest on Feburary 5, please get in touch with me.
Seattle Consulate of Canada
Buffalo Consulate of Canada
Chicago Consulate of Canada
New York Consulate of Canada
Minneapolis Consulate of Canada
Atlanta Consulate of Canada
Boston Consulate of Canada
Dallas Consulate of Canada
Washington Consulate of Canada
Detroit Consulate of Canada
Miami Consulate of Canada
San Francisco Consulate of Canada
San Jose Consulate of Canada
Los Angeles Consulate of Canada
Denver Consulate of Canada
Raleigh-Durham Consulate of Canada.
If you live in a country other than the United States and can coordinate a protest, please get in touch with me. I will prove press kits for media and instructions.
My fax number is 865-774-7758, since my email is not reliable. We are trying to cover as many cities as we can.
Thank you very much for caring!
Ingrid Rimland Zundel



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