America - One Big
Roach Motel

By Linda Gale Nolen
Once again, I am reminded of an article I wrote months ago when our soldiers were complaining and refusing to GO BACK to IRAQ. Over the past couple of months we have seen many news stories of MORE U.S. soldiers refusing to go back and those not yet "drafted" escaping to Canada.....which recently began to WELCOME them.
This did surprise me, since previous "news" by OUR own media claimed Canada would NOT take them in and allow them to "hide" from the US Govt/Military enslaving them, i.e., conscripting them was once the word used which has been changed to DRAFTING them. As IF that makes it less detrimental to their lives.
I predict that in 2005 Canada's population of former USA citizens will increase by numbers as never before in the history of our country. At our Borders they are letting IN Mexicans and others, but trying to not allow AMERICANS to LEAVE. If you don't believe this, do the research....there are plenty of accounts of this throughout this past year. And, continuing no doubt even as I am writing this.
America has become THE BIG ROACH MOTEL. For those who do not remember that old TV commerical the line.......the roaches go IN but don't come OUT, comes to mind as appropriate at this time when Americans are having to find secret ways to get OUT of the country.
Oh, how I hate being right about such things. Then again, I do realize all of us who are AWAKE and endowed with average intelligence CAN also see the inevitible outcome if the NWO is allowed to comlete their "plan", albeit 50 yrs in the making.
I won't be alive 50 years from now. At nearly 64, I also don't buy green bananas. But I, like millions of other parents ,have children, some of whom have their own children.....who will be alive then.....God have mercy on those poor souls if NWO maniacs have their way that long.
Hell, No! They Won't Go Again!
By Linda Gale Nolen
March 17, 2004
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