Bush Says Iran Must Go
Beyond Nuke Suspension

OTTAWA (Reuters) - President Bush on Tuesday welcomed a decision by Iran to freeze sensitive nuclear activities but said that was not the final step and the Islamic republic needed to go further to show its commitment to abandoning nuclear weapons ambitions.
"The Iranians agreed to suspend but not terminate their nuclear weapons program. Our position is that they ought to terminate their nuclear weapons program," Bush said during a joint news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.
In his first public comments on Iran since the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency on Monday passed a resolution approving Iran's week-old suspension of sensitive nuclear activities, Bush said Iran had "obviously got more work to do."
The passage of the resolution by the International Atomic Energy Agency allowed Iran to escape censure over its nuclear program.
Bush reiterated U.S. demands that the suspension must be verifiable.
"I viewed yesterday's decision by the Iranians as a positive step, but it is certainly not the final step and it is very important for whatever they do to make sure that the world is able to verify the decision they have made," Bush said.
"It is taking a long time to get to the stage where Iran is willing to suspend," he added.
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