Fear The Coming Train - Part 2
Many individuals were upset that I did not provide resources in my previous article. Some were claiming I was making up facts. This is my primary reason for writing a follow up which will contain links and new information for readers to view. Links in regards to my original article will also be provided at the end of this report.
In response to Henry Ayre's post, let me be logical for a moment. Because of our lack of a FEMA Camp/Train Access Validation Committee, it is impossible to prove that all alleged FEMA camps exist and have railroad access. It is also impossible to disprove that many camps do exist and have railroad access. And while it is logical to assume all camps must have at least one road, which of the following statements is more logical (a la Occham's Razor) in regards to a FEMA camp that holds a "safe estimate" of 10,000 people: a) that the prisoners are transported by bus on that single road or b) the prisoners are transported by train, on a single rail line. Despite the obvious answer, let me back it up with a brief history lesson.
Back in World War II, we can all agree that the United States had POW camps within it's borders. One such camp, Camp Alva, was located just south of Alva, Oklahoma. It was in operation from 1942-1945. German POW's began arriving by the truckload but later arrived by train. They were marched from the railroad station to the camp.
Another WWII Camp was Camp Hearne, located in Hearne, Texas. Hearne is known as the "Crossroads of Texas" because it is located at the intersection of 3 major highways and 2 Union Pacific Rail-lines. The German POW's arrived by train and Union Pacific was responsible for their arrival. I could go on, but I believe this point is also obvious.
During World War II, the United States, Germany, Japan, and other countries all agreed in transporting POW's by railroad. Why? Because it was efficient. What was even smarter was building the internment camps off the train lines. If we do not learn from our history, we are doomed to repeat it. Trains are how we transport prisoners in times of war. If we are presently at war with terrorists, we will eventually transport terrorists by train. For information on who is a terrorist, go read the Patriot Act or call your local FEMA office.
In the last article, I mentioned that Craig J. Duchossois of the Trinity Rail Group was a pioneer contributor to the Bush re-election campaign. On the list of pioneer contributors, however, is also Matthew Rose, the CEO of Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway (one of the largest railroad companies in the US). Union Pacific Corp. is on the list as well, in the name of CEO Richard Davidson. He has done even better than Rose and Duchossois: he has raised over $200,000 (half of which probably went to Cheney).
There are two other railroad companies I'd like to discuss. The first being Norfolk Southern Railway Company and the second being the CSX Corporation. Although a direct relationship of Bush/Co. to Norfolk Southern is purely speculative at the moment (pending further investigation), the relationship to CSX is more than suspect.
Immediately after 9/11, Norfolk Southern Railway Company advised New York that it was offering free transportation service for removing non-hazardous construction & demolition debris from the World Trade Center site. Norfolk Southern arranged to provide up to 1,000 heavy-duty rail cars that will be staged in the North Jersey Shared Assets Area for transport of debris to disposal sites on its rail system. Now the speculative theory is this: If you believe that Bush/Co. had any involvement with the WTC attacks, it is plausible that Bush/Co. planned the cleanup which would have included Norfolk Southern transporting debris to China. After all, the debris from the WTC was hauled off and sold for scrap before it could be examined and Norfolk Southern contributed to the "fast getaway." But now for a more solid analysis.
It was brought to my attention that the Carlyle Group recently acquired CSX Lines for $300 Million from the CSX Corporation in February of 2003 to form Horizon Lines. posted an article a few years ago speaking about this transaction, but I have some more info to add. CSX lines was composed of 17 ships and 22,000 containers and was primarily CSX Corp's ocean container shipping company. The Chairman and CEO of CSX Corporation was recently appointed Secretary of the Treasury, John Snow.
The transaction was announced on December 6, 2002 while Snow was CEO. A month before the deal was completed in February 2003, he became our Secretary of the Treasury. By the way, for those of you unfamilar with the Carlyle Group, it is one of the nation's largest defense contractors of which George Bush Sr. was a Senior Advisor. Bush Sr. recently retired as of October 21, 2003 from Carlyle, but has kept his holdings in the group. The appointment of Snow was said to be "purely coincidental" in regards to the Carlyle Group's new acquisition. Umm.. yeah, right.
Now the odd thing about the transaction was that the Carlyle Group was not really going to change anything about the company, it's operations, or it's personnel. All it changed was the name. The transaction basically trimmed the CSX Corporation down to solely focusing on the fact that it operates the largest rail system (23,000 route miles) in the eastern US. According to Michael J. Ward, the new Chairman and CEO of CSX Corporation, "The completion of this transaction is consistent with our long-stated strategy of becoming a more rail-based organization, strengthens our balance sheet and provides shareholders with significant value." In other words, the Carlyle Group solved their problem by ridding them of their ocean container shipping obligations, something John Snow was desperately pursuing. But why?
The Carlyle Group recently sold Horizon lines in May 2004 to Castle Harlan, Inc. whose President is Leonard Harlan and CEO is John K. Castle. Castle and Harlan worked with a man named Bill Donaldson at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, a Wall Street investment bank. Bush recently named Donaldson chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on February 18, 2003 (only 2 weeks after he appointed John Snow). Two men, appointed by President Bush in the same month, who were connected to an ocean container shipping company deal? Amazing. Donaldson is also a Yale Graduate and possibly a Skull and Bones Alumni.
According to the Center for Public Integrity, CSX Corporation has contributed approximately 2.6 Million Dollars to the Republican Party from 1998-2003. 2.6 Million Dollars while John Snow was CEO with at least 3 of those years being when Bush was President and 1 being an election year. So what does this have to do with trains? Bush/Co. had their hands in CSX way before CSX Corporation sold their ocean container shipping company to the Carlyle Group. The Carlyle Group, still a Bush Sr. investment, then doubled their money by selling Horizon Lines to another Bush connection, Castle Harlan, Inc. Castle Harlan, Inc. now has a large chunk of the Alaskan/Pacific shipping lines, the Carlyle Group made $350 million off the deal, and the CSX Corporation continues with Snow's plans. On a final note, CSX has paid nothing at all in federal income taxes on its $934 billion in U.S. profits over the past four years.
Although I have not gone into much detail about the ocean container shipping companies and seaports, Bush/Co. seems way too interested in that area as well. If you combine the interest Bush/Co. has in sea and train transportation it's puzzling why Bush has done the least amount of Homeland Security/anti-terrorism work in those areas. Unless...
There was a quote used by Kerry a few times during the debates, "95% of our cargo containers are not being properly screened." If Bush/Co. did have anything to do with 9/11, I theorize that any future attack could be directly related to a railroad cargo container near a seaport, like Port Arthur, Texas.
What follows is a list of references for those interested to research and validate my claims. I apologize again for their lack of inclusion in the original article. I did not include a link for every single fact above as that would turn into a links page. I would encourage anyone to look up this information yourself with the untapped resources of the internet, share it, and prove me wrong.
Let me summize by stating that it is plausible that Bush/Co. has influence over 258,000 railcars and 117,000 miles of railroad in all fifty states, Canada, Mexico and Europe. And that's a conservative estimate.
Union Pacific Railroad - 32,832 Miles, 23 States, 87,000 railcars
CSX Corporation - 23,000 Miles, 23 States, Canada, Mexico
Norfolk Southern Corporation - 21,800 Miles, 22 States
Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Company - 33,000 miles, 28
states, Canada
TTX Company - U.S. 127,000 railcars
Kansas City Southern - 6348 Miles, Texas & Mexico
Greenbrier Companies - U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany, Poland : 44,000 railcars
Contributions of National Defense Contractors
List of Re-Election Donors
KCS Wins $1.4 Billion Bid in Mexico
Trinity Rail Car & Trinity Industries
TTX Orders 7000 Railcars from Greenbrier Companies
Greenbrier and Greenbrier Europe (includes Greenbrier Germany)
List of Union Pacific Executives, including Robert M. Knight
Ernesto Zedillo on Union Pacific Board of Directors
Ernesto Zedillo on Proctor & Gamble's Board of Directors
List of KCS Directors & Officers
Location of FEMA camps
German POWs Transported in the US
Camp Alva
Camp Hearne
Carlye Group Acquires CSX Lines
Secretary of the Treasury John Snow
Norfolk Southern & WTC Debris
More Info on Ernesto Zedillo



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