All GE Nuclear Reactors In
US Have Cracked Shrouds

By Jack Shannon
During July of 1999, I made a presentation to the Town board of the Town of Oswego concerning the GE Boiling Water Reactors and the dangers associated with such reactors.
The reactors have inherent design flaws i.e., control rods coming up into the core from the bottom, but most disturbing to me is the fact that all of the GE reactors in the US have cracked "shrouds." A serious matter which no one seems to care about.
Additionally all US Nuclear Power Plants are now running out of room to store their depleted fuel elements and are beginning to store up to twice the amount of fuel elements without the benefit of new analysis or issuing new Safety Analysis Reports.
I suspect this is illegal as well as stupid. I am also aware of the manner in which the NRC has allowed the utilities to perform the existing safety analysis reports. All commercial power plants use, for their storage facilities, a Diffussion Theory program known as PDQ -7. This program is at least thirty years old. Unless the utilities are using a Monte Carlo program such as "KENO" or it's equivalent the calculations are seriously out of date and totally unreliable. The calculations have, furthermore, never been tested against any experiment simply because no experiments have ever been performed for a geometry pattern or loading densities similar to expended core fuel. The only way to test any kind of computer program, be it PDQ-5, PDQ-7, KENO, etc., is to normalize the computer program to a known experiment. The NRC has never done this, nor do they intend to do it.
The NRC is of the opinion that they need only to add boron plates or homogeneous boron to a storage system and everything is OK, well the NRC is wrong.
The NRC has yet to present an accident analysis that includes a loss of boron accident or an earthquake analysis which causes the entire storage system to fall into a big "mess."
Mostly the NRC is loaded with a bunch of incompetent nuclear "scientists" or those who will sell out for their salary.
The entire Nuclear Industry is now drifting into chaos with the politicians assuring the public that the intellectual level of the scientists in the programs [both NRC/DOE] is the same as it was during the days of the Manhattan project. Well, I hate to wake anyone up, but such is not the case.
The US will have an accident, sooner or later, that will exceed Chernobyl by orders of magnitude simply because the people in charge no longer know anything, and those of us who do can't get our organizations together to stop these incompetent fools refuse to act as a cohesive unit..
We have Green Peace, Save the Whales, the Sierra Club, GAP, etc., etc., etc., all working on a common problem as though they were all different problems. I hate to tell you folks that the PROBLEM is the corporations running the government and they don't care about the whales, the eagles, freedom, justice or anything else except the bucks and if we don't get together and take on one problem at a time we will lose.
Consider what would have happened if the Military in W.W.II decided to take out all of the Japanese held Islands all at once, none of the Islands would have been taken and we would have nothing but a bunch of dead Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. That is what is going to happen to us if we don't get our acts together and fight the war the way it should be fought.
So, lets get together ladies and gentlemen or it will be all over for us sooner or later.
Respectively Submitted,
John P. Shannon Major USMCR (Retired)
Former Nuclear Reactor Physicist/Engineer and Manager of Health and Safety for the Naval Reactors Program before I wrote a report critical of the Naval Reactors largest Land Based Reactor site. Not only are the Naval Reactors Nuclear Power Plants a disaster, but everything else in the Naval Reactors Program is a disaster, including their training and operations.
The NRC has yet to present an accident analysis that includes a loss of boron accident or an earthquake analysis which causes the entire storage system to fall into a big "mess."
See from the March 13, 1995 issue of "The Nation" magazine.



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