NWO's 30-Year Plan To
Infiltrate And Control
China Fails

Sender, Berl & Sons
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Hu explicitly dismissed the possibility of Western-style democracy, calling it a "dead end" for China.
September 15, 2004
Excerpt 1: When Jiang Zemin gave up his CMC position on or about September 20, 2004, SenderBerl interpreted ... that Zemin did so only because Hu Jintao proved to Jiang Zemin that after witnessing NWO actions via Bush in Iraq and elsewhere that Jintao subscribes to Jiang Zemin's precepts as proffered in the movie The Emperor and the Assassin. Thereby Hu Jintao understands that China's national sovereignty is not at risk in terms of Taiwan but in terms of NWO infiltration and control of China's infrastructure. If the NWO did not recognize that Bush 43 had to go, it surely knew that this had to be the case when Hu Jintao ... rejected publicly any attempt to impose Western forms of government/democracy on China.
Excerpt 2: The NWO never wanted an alternative to oil energy. This design first served the Arab/Islamic nations under the biblical mandate of their being gifted with it (thus imputing a continued high value to it (unless of course they faltered as well in their biblical mandate)). However, the NWO aside from seeing their oil cabal group very happy about it, carried an agenda where they would control it all and thereby always hold a short leash over China and its ever growing industrial complex, thus again opening the door for infiltration and control. Now, due to the fact that the NWO design was anti-G-d, as explained by this site, and that the American people stood silent and reticent about their own victimization and an unjust invasion with uncalled for and unnecessary Shock and Awe, with overlapping abuse, torture and murder of innocents (Abu Ghraib), China may carry dominant influence over global oil and the NWO will move to develop alternative energy sources, or else what they aimed to do to the Middle East and China will boomerang back against their own interests.
Excerpt 3: Bush has failed in his missions in Venezuela and Iraq and as a result Syria and Iran. When you prevail you can mask your sins, crimes and wrongdoing in a way you cannot when you fail. China thereby because of it is dynamically able and more than willing to be the alternative power base for alienated nations (just as we long ago predicted it would be as a result of Bush's mission, which biblically was forecast for failure inasmuch as its agenda sought in the Middle East to remove nations from G-d, as it had in the USA itself and Israel (see again Moreover, the NWO had created a dynamic of conflict in China itself between politicals aligned with the industrial complex and those with the traditional Chinese Congress. Money usually walks over all obstacles. However, with Bush's failings, he has made it clear to China including those aligned with its capital/economic base that Bush/NWO were planning on using them to swing democratic reforms into China WHICH THEY NOW UNDERSTAND WAS THE DOORWAY FOR THE NWO TO INFILTRATE INFRASTRUCTURE AND THUS ULTIMATELY CONTROL CHINA (as NWO controls Israel through Peres, Barak and Sharon). Thus now China has formally and openly declared itself an offsetting global power to USA (which means NWO operating under the USA nameplate) and thus Kerry will have to win over the Middle East by dealing as we have suggested or simply the USA will be outcast from Middle Eastern/Islamic oil.
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Excerpt 4: {T}he NWO found oil central to their own self serving agenda in terms of global capitalism but more importantly wanted to control it to keep China on a short leash. The parody is that the larger the industrial base for China the more dependent it would be on oil and thus the NWO controlling the opium needed by China would thereby control China (as a drug supplier controls the fate of the drug user).
SenderBerl highlights that the correct choice is now available. Do we take the world to nuclear war or do we move toward a more spiritual leadership in world governments. We again highlight the Question below showing that godless China protects its youth better than the US showing the degree that the USA has forsaken its culture and thus its children imbuing them with hedonistic values every which way as we further detail below.



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