Israel Of America?
America Of Israel?

Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi
Some American readers agreed with me on the importance of asking why people commit crimes before jumping to conclusions and moving to "what we do and "how. But they would like answers to other questions.
One asked: Please describe in detail the right course of action for the US in Iraq and Afghanistan and tell me why it will work.
I e-mailed him: (In short: Be independent. Act independent. Israel's friends are now running your show to serve its interests not yours. The day America runs its own show, for its own interests, it will know what to do and how to do it. Meanwhile, let's talk to Sharon; he seems to be the man in charge).
I do understand that in the US version of democracy, groups of various backgrounds lobby their government to defend or achieve their interests.
Some carry dual citizenships, say Israeli and American, and have dual obligations to both countries.
Jewish segments of society work hard to maintain and improve the unique relations with Israel. The Arab-Americans should have done the same. Other groups from Cuban and Irish backgrounds did better.
Fair enough.
But there are limits. America should come first. You cannot, knowingly, sacrifice US interests to serve Israel. You cannot break the law, local or international, or pressure your government to break it.
You must not call for or support actions or policies that are immoral or illegal. You should not use your vote, political and economic muscles or your unprecedented influence in the media to corrupt the democratic system, deceive the public and put undue pressure on decision makers to grant Israel billions of tax-payer money, free and subsidized arms, and wage proxy wars. You should not use your position to compromise US national interests and security like spying for Israel, or formulating foreign policies that put its interests above world stability and harmony, and US international image and best interests. (For more on the Jewish influence see for example, Goldberg's Jewish Power: Inside the American Jewish Establishment and Findley's Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the Facts about the US-Israeli Relationship).
The neoconservatives, who planned the war on Iraq, did so in 1996, for Israel. They lobbied USA since for their evil plan on behalf of Israel. After being included in this administration, they finally achieved their goals. If that is not crossing the line and betraying America, then I don,t know what is. Many American Jews I know agree with me on this, by the way.
US foreign policies have been hijacked by Israel for ages; it's worse now. Until the US leadership takes charge of its own affairs, there is no way out for America from this neo-Vietnam nightmare.



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