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From Ingrid Rimland
While we have won an impressive victory in the U.S. on one important front of our two-front war against the Holocaust Enforcers, in Canada the race is against time. Judge Blais has dropped all pretense of fairness - not that he ever bothered much to pretend any fairness to begin with - and is trying to rush Ernst's case to conclusion. I don't know of any case at this time that so shows up the judicial corruption across borders as the Zundel case.
When I talked to Ernst yesterday, he stressed over and over that it is imperative to make it very clear that this case is not merely a "deportation" or even a legitimate political "extradition." In fact, it it is a RENDITION where countries do each other favors by sacrificing politically inconvenient individuals such as Arar and Zundel. In addition to the arrest and detention in the US and then in Canada, in Ernst's case there is the added service Canada provides to the neo-con agenda in the U.S.: TO DO THE LABELING.
Why? Very simple. Those neo-cons in Washington are woefully short of believable "terrorists" and need to have their victims be officially declared as "terrorists" so as to place false flares and cover up their own nefarious deeds. Judge Blais, bared teeth and all, is striving mightily to be obliging. Paul Fromm below with the newest:
Dear Free Speech Supporter:
Things are moving fast in the "certificate review" hearing of German dissident publisher Ernst Zundel who has spent nearly 18 months in solitary confinement in Toronto's Metro West Detention Centre.
Contrary to the announced schedule, there will be no hearings Monday or Tuesday of this week. Court will resume on Wednesday at 9:20 at 361 University Chi-Kun Shi, Mr. Zundel's co-counsel told me this afternoon. A planned witness will not be called. Mr. Lindsay has made a new motion calling on Mr. Justice Pierre Blais to recuse (remove) himself from the case for the appearance of bias suggested by many of his rulings. However, the Crown insists it needs more time to prepare its case. So, arguments will not be heard until September.
On Wednesday, August 11 arguments will be heard on the continued detention -- it now is taking on the appearance of unlimited jailing without charge or trial -- of Canada's most famous political prisoner, Ernst Zundel. In January, former CSIS boss Judge Blais decided that the 64-year old German pacifist would have to remain in prison as it was likely that he was a "terrorist" and, therefore, a threat to Canada's national security. An adult lifetime in Canada in a media fishbowl, frequently under police surveillance, with CSIS, at least in 1995 opening his mail, Mr. Zundel had never been charged much less convicted of any violent act. Still, the judge's preposterous conclusion was based on secret evidence, neither Mr. Zundel nor his counsel have seen and, therefore, cannot challenge or refute.
In accordance with a ruling by Mr. Justice Blais, July 27, Defence counsel Peter Lindsay has served former CSIS hireling John Farrell's teachers' college, his school and his employer, the Metro Separate School Board. This service constitutes proper service, as Mr. Farrell with the help of his principal, evaded service and ran away from Peter Lindsay in May, when he tried to serve him a subpoena. The new subpoena is returnable August 11. So, there may be fireworks on that score.
"It now looks as if the proceedings will stretch into October," Chi-Kun Shi said.
In a disturbing development, Supreme Court Justice Bastarache took literally minutes to turn down a motion from Peter Lindsay calling for a stay of proceedings, until the Supreme Court can decide whether to grant leave to appeal several key procedural and constitutional questions.
Chi-Kun Shi noted that July 27 was the deadline for submissions. The Defence's brief alone was an inch thick and the Crown had made submissions and the Defence had offered a further five pages of rebuttal. "How could all this be read on the very day it was due?" she wondered.
Thus, it remains a race against time, with Judge Blais trying to rush the hearings to a close before the Supreme Court decides whether to grant leave to appeal.
Is the Supreme Court trying to avoid making a decision on the substance of the Zundel case by waiting to announce its decision on the application for leave to appeal until the case is moot and Mr. Zundel is out of the country in a German jail?
Paul Fromm



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