Ernst Zundel Being
Tortured In Toronto

From Henry Makow
Jeff, I received this letter yesterday.
Ernst Zundel: Torture in Toronto
The following is an excerpt from a recent letter to me Henry Makow from Ernst Zundel. I am a Jew who lost my grandparents in the Jewish holocaust. I don't agree with some of Zundel's views but he is entitled to them. We all have a right to be wrong.
Zundel is not motivated by hatred of Jews or anyone else. As the Toronto Globe and Mail said in an editorial, Canadians have more to fear from the example of Zundel's incarceration than from his beliefs.
In the letter May 31,2004,Zundel compares himself with Canadian Maher Arar who was tortured in Syria.
Ernst Zundel:
"For me, it was torture in Canada, no broom stick up my rear end yet, no electrodes on my testicles but all the rest is there. Sleep deprivation, lights on 24 hours a day. Isolation, locked up 23 hours 45 minutes a day, if I am lucky a shower, or a fresh air once in a while. I have done without fresh air for 10 days at a stretch and no shower for five days! No pillow for 100 days. No toothpaste, tooth brush, soap, towel, comb or shows in my cell. Need to ask for these and toilet paper when I want it. My bedding called suicide blankets were not changed for almost an entire year! Torture! No radio, no TV, no library in this place, no gym! Not in Abu Graib but in Toronto! Does anyone care? Does the press take an interest? Is there an uproar in parliament? All that inflicted on a man who has no criminal record in Canada, never been a day unemployed! Disgusting, evil behavior by the elected and appointed authorities of this country any way you look at it. And you can be sure it will continue while smug and moralizing Canadians of all persuasions point fingers at Iraqis and at the US guards at Abu Graib! Hypocrites!"
We should let Prime Minister Paul Martin know what you think of this.
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