Looking At The
'End Of Time' Logically

By Ted Twietmeyer
Yesterday while mowing my oversized lawn on a tractor, my thoughts turned to all the doom and gloom which we are being hammered with almost daily.
Assembling the pieces in a logical fashion, using the information and facts we already have, presents quite a different picture from the one we perceive now. We won't go into the NWO takeover of the planet, as in this essay we are looking at events on a scale, that are beyond even their reach.
There is a firestorm of doomsday stories out there. We need to look at this logically. For simplicity we won't include Nostradamus here and other prophets of doom. None of these people put definitive dates on their works. For those that have done so, like M. Scallion and L. Toye, the flooding didn't happen in the late 90's as they predicted. But they still keep selling those maps.
I watched a full moon rise just the other night- it came up in the east-southeast here in western NY - not inthe west as another gloom and doom so-called Indian (?) has claimed. If one is to write fiction like this, by all means use an Indian name for it! Many people view the American Indian with an air of mystery.
The "Aussie Bloke" who *claims* to be a astronomer, was exposed as yet another phony when the real Dr. Gartrell stepped forward. (See The bogus prediction says the skies will begin to darken this week the next couple days. Personally, I doubt it and I'm keeping my sunglasses.
Now, I'm not saying that the Hopi legend isn't true. In fact, they were probably among the first peoples of the earth to be harassed by the greys. There is so much disinfo out there these days it makes one nauseated.
There are some alternative sources of data we can use. Some of it will be controversial, but we don't require dating to consider it. As this isn't intended to be a science paper, we are allowed to do this. After all, whether one discusses the next minute, month or year, all of these are still the future. However, there are lesser-known events taking place right here on terra firma. To the best of my knowledge, no one has connected the dots to see what the implications are.
1. The earth is still being used as a DNA library by others from "out there", so, it's likely the planet will be protected by them until their need for humans is finished.
The countless millions who have been abducted can attest about "samples" being taken. This is not an experiment as some want to believe, but an on-going DNA collection project.
For many humans, there are hybridized creatures living elsewhere in the universe with our DNA. The DNA has been "adapted" for life on different world, with a different atmosphere and environment. No one yet knows exactly why. But consider the concept of creating a second earth to preserve humankind, or just to make a new earth for other reasons. It's my opinion that these other races (or even perhaps even our "shadow govt.") has found that creating life (the complex DNA structure) is a privilege that only the Creator has. (Evolutionists will send me hate-email over that, but I don't care.)
This is why these other races (or the shadow government) use our DNA, instead of making their own. Even advanced science cannot solve every problem.
2. There was a well-known event some years ago, when numerous missile silos world-wide were disabled by disc-shaped vehicles. Someone was clearly telling us they won't allow humankind to destroy itself. If so, why would they allow some rogue asteroid to destroy us ? If they are here from another world using rocket-less vehicles, then they have mastered gravity control. Therefore, it is more that logical they have the technology needed to track - and deflect - any truly threatenging objects.
3. There are mountains of stories on the web from hoaxers, all looking for a rush from writing fiction and watching mass panic ensue. Perhaps this has replaced virus and worm-writing for the former script-kiddies and hackers who have nothing else to do.
4. There are also the intel psy-op disinfo "busy work" people who get paid to tie up the masses in mindless dribble. Alphabet soup agency people. You know who you are, and so do we.
5. Astronomers have recently found that the earth is no longer slowing down, but is suddenly now keeping almost perfect time. No longer will the one second per year be added at midnight on Jan 1st each year. No explanation has yet been determined. Of course, if they discover they were wrong all along, do you think they will admit it ?
6. For the earth to be wiped out now, and not in 2012 would be illogical. Think about this- the Mayan calendar ends at 2012...does that mean the Maya believed it to be the 'end of time'? Not necessarily. Assume a largeasteroid(s) impacts the planet now. Wouldn't that mean the end of time ?
If the earth were to be destroyed now, it would mean no one would give care what day of the week it is, or what time it is. Who would care about time when water, eating and shelter become the most important problems to solve ? People would just care about surviving. Both cash and the stock market would quickly become a faded memory. If government collapses, so will the value of money. We will be resorting to the barter system. The end of time may be something that happens as the result of a time experiment as some have proposed. Or, perhaps an asteroid doesn't really hit until 2012. Some remote viewers have backed up the 2012 theory, because they see nothing but desolation after that time.
Of course, impacting objects do not necessarily mean the end of all life, or even the discontinuity of any or most governments. So, for those who think an object will hit the earth this month and wipe us all out, they'll need to explain how 'time' for us can end twice. First now, then again in 2012.
Even if just some of what I've suggested is true or comes to pass, then the 'end of time' will likely be years from now. Trying to find shelter on earth from an asteroid (meteor) impact is like being an ant on a billiard ball trying hide from a can of Raid. So just where are you going to hide ? Very deep underground probably works. But for whom and how many?
If you want to read more about the day after it all happens, read my other article titled "What Will the End of Society Be Like ?" at
A special thank you goes to Jeff for posting this attempt to shine a new light on these changing and often confused times.
Furthermore - Hams Cannot Listen In
In my previous discounting the validity of the radio broadcasts that are part of the Aussie Bloke story, I'll cover one undeniable fact that makes most of the story pure fiction. And not very well written, either.
For more than 10 years, the military has been using spread-spectrum radios. This is sometimes known as frequency hopping. Using classified software, these radios transmit across hundreds (or perhaps thousands of frequencies now) by jumping from one frequency to another. This is done at high speed and the receiving radio(s) and transmitting radios must be synchronized. This is done automatically. Someone listening into any of these frequencies, would hear nothing at all, only some static at most.
This means it would completely, and categorically IMPOSSIBLE, for any ham to listen in. Harris is one company who has made these radios. These military radios are no bigger than a CB radio. In the event the radio is expected to fall into enemy hands, there is a special setting for the front panel controls (which won't be divulged here) that will wipe out the radio's memory and make if completely useless.
"Impossible" is a word I usually never use, as those of you who have read my previous works know. But in the case of trying to "eavesdrop" on a military radio- it applies perfectly. The transmissions are also scrambled as well, so the nonsense about hearing "go green...go green" is just that - nonsense.



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