Report On The
Zundel Hearing - Day II

From Ingrid Rimland
Good Morning from the Zundelsite:
Yesterday, when Ernst called to give me an update on the two-day court hearings, he summarized the gist as follows, quoted from memory here: "The opposition is extremely nervous and very upset." And, with a little laugh: "They are one inch away from having their belly ripped open..." - meaning, of course, not individual orthodox Holocaust story aficionados, heaven forbid, but the entire corrupt system that cooperated not only in Ernst's kidnapping last year but for many, many years before, trying by mayhem and attempted murder to prevent the forensically exposed Holocaust fraud story from reaching a larger audience.
Paul Fromm, who usually reports extensively, was not at this hearing. The report below was written by one of the audience attendees rooting for Ernst:
Dear Ingrid,
I wonder if my mentioning of the more relaxed atmosphere in the courtroom yesterday brought about a quick return to "normal" procedures today. The other guards were back and Ernst, once more, had to carry his binders by himself. All around there appeared to be more tension. It may have been caused by the presence of some big guns such as Bernie Farber [of the Canadian Jewish Congress] who, however, left before noon. But three other lawyers were also added to the proceedings, those being the counsels of Mr. Mitrovica, Mr. Diamant and Mr. Landy. [Landry?] That resulted in a lack of space which prompted Marvin Kurz, one of the laywers for the Jewish side, with whom we are familiar from the Human Rights Tribunal, to sit beside Ernst. Not the best arrangement to feel relaxed, I thought.
[Ingrid's comment: Ernst told me last night that on the tip of his tongue was this comment: "You're now in my minefield, Marvin!" He told me that Marvin was extremely jumpy and nervous. His legs beneath the desk did a virtual St. Vitus Dance. ]
The session started at 9:30 a.m. and more than half an hour was used by Peter Lindsay to introduce his new colleagues - they address each other with "friend". Since the questioning of CSIS intelligence officer David Stewart was completed the night before, the counsels had agreed to use this day to defend and challenge the motions that the defence had tabled regarding subpoenas for a number of witnesses.
Peter Lindsay, in his attempt to get to the real reason for the Security Certificate [issued against Ernst], stated that it had not come about through evidence but rather by way of pressure applied by Jewish groups. He spoke of a vendetta dating back to 1985 and the cooperation between US and Canadian intelligence in the issuing of this document. The judge was visibly upset by this allegation and reacted with admonishments.
[Ingrid's comment here. To my great satisfaction, the documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests on both sides of the border proving collusion between Canada and the United States in the Zundel kidnapping were introduced as evidence. They have yielded some very telling names and connections. Why do I have the feeling that more will be introduced yet?]
Peter Lindsay then proceeded to show that representatives of the Jewish Congress had put pressure on the Minister of Immigration, Denis Coderre, to issue the Certificate. Proof of this, he said, was an article in the Toronto Star, early in 2003, in which Mr. Bernie Farber had said that "Canada should use any means to get Mr. Zundel out of the country, including the issuing of a Security Certificate".
[Serendipity! As I was opening my mail yesterday, there was a copy of a letter written by a Gary Lunn, Member of Parliament, to one of the Zundel supporters, in which Lunn brags about having practiced censorship: "... in 2000 (sic) I joined all House of Commons parties in denying Ernst Zundel the right to use the Parliamentary Press Gallery" and expresses his dismay that "Mr. was admitted to Canada in February 2003, even thought Immigration Minister received advanced warning." Now isn't that an amazing statement! In a normal deportation, a Minister of Immigration would hardly have been bothered to receive "advanced warning"! This bears further exploration as to who warned Coderre, and why - how else would Coderre have known or cared that Ernst was going to be kidnapped and extradited? And there was no collusion?] A heated argument ensued when the judge rejected the last part of the quotation as originating with Mr. Farber. He said that "it was not in the quote. It was only in the editorial of the Toronto Star". Peter Lindsay then quotes Farber on another point where he speaks about how to deal with Zundel - in the name of the Jewish Congress: "What Farber here suggests is exactly what happened. It's not about national security but about the agenda that's been followed since 1985". Upon this, Judge Blais takes up considerable time to admonish Lindsay further for "lack of precision".
After the lunch break the battle for the subpoenas got into full swing and a lengthy discussion regarding procedural matters was carried on, which prompted the judge to say that "we may be here again until eight. I won't be popular with you and in the end Mr. Zundel may be more popular than I - just kidding". [Ingrid's comment: He already is, Judge Blair! You just haven't caught up to that yet. By the way, there is an incredibly interesting anecdote about Peter Lindsey trying to serve a subpoena to John Farrell and running into some shall-we-say helpful interference to save Farrell from having to come and testify how he was warned in 1995 by one of his CSIS bosses not to touch the parcel bomb meant to assassinate Ernst. I don't know if I'm at liberty to tell that story yet!]
Mr. Lindsay then reveals that in Andrew Mitrovica's book, "COVERT ENTRY: Spies, Lies and Crimes inside Canada's Secret Service", on the bottom of page four, CSIS is called "a corrupt organization". Copies of the book are handed out by Peter Lindsay and he reads several more passages. The judge also buys a book. After that The crown's counsel, John MacIntosh, jumps to his feet and calls the book fiction, "a novel". Because the judge gives support to this opinion, Peter Lindsay starts talking about the overriding item, the pipe bomb that was sent to Ernst Zundel from Vancouver with the aim to assassinate him. Therefore it is important to subpoena Mr. Mitrovica and Mr. Farrell. "This is very critical with respect to giving Mr. Zundel a fair trial". The judge, Mr. Pierre Blais, will come to a decision about this over the weekend. However, the next witness to appear in this court, on Tuesday, May 4, at 9:30, will be judge Lauren Marshall, a lawyer who represented Ernst Zundel in his initial deportation battle in 1985. The agenda for May 5th has not been agreed upon yet.
That's it for today. All the best to you, Ingrid!
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