Zundel Judge Witness
Spat Upon By 100s Of Jews

From Ingrid Rimland
Judge Marshall backs out of Zundel Trial: "The only reason everybody has their tail feathers in a knot is because I am a judge."
Good Morning from the Zundelsite:
For once, I am sending you tomorrow's ZGram today, since the story is hot, and more is to come, I am sure. Here is a partial explanation why Judge Marshall changed her mind about testifying.
Let me just preface this Globe and Mail article by telling what I have heard many, many times - not just from Ernst Zundel, but from others who attended the 1985 First Great Holocaust Trial that challenged the Holocaust Myth.
Judge Lauren Marshall was then a young Attorney Marshall - I believe the first attorney courageous enough to take on the Zundel case, after some 13 lawyers backed out and headed for the nearest mouse hole. As she approached court, flanked by two policemen, some 400 Jews, protesting the trial, started spitting at her. I have been told she was so covered with yellow saliva that it ran from her face into her cleavage.
Now I ask you: Would civilized people behave like camels, spitting? This is one disgusting incident that speaks volumes...



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