Underground Cities -
Ancient And Future

Turkey's Amazing Underground Cities
Several underground cities are open to visitors. The largest of these, at Derinkuyu has 8 levels open to the public, there may be as many as 12 more levels as yet unexcavated. There are about 600 outside doors to the city, hidden in the courtyards of surface dwellings. There is some speculation that Derinkuyu may be linked to another underground city, Kaymakl, which is 9 kilometers away.
Underground Beijing
Beneath the ancient city of Beijing, an underground city of definite proportions has already begun to emerge. There are factories, stores, guesthouses, restaurants, hospitals, schools, theaters, reading - rooms, a roller skating rink, a grain and oil warehouse, and a mushroom cultivation farm. These underground production and service facilities cover a total area of 850,000 square meters and make use of more than 1,000 anti-air raid structures.
Underground London
Central London filled up many years ago. Her roads have been congested ever since the days of the horse and cart, and there is no more room for building. For Victorian engineers determined to improve London life, the only way was down.
So they dug: railways, roads and footpaths; sewers, buried rivers, and most recently, bomb shelters. Today, there is a veritable subterranean city beneath the streets of London.
Portland's Underground Tunnels
The Future Of Underground Cities
"The world's cities may be overcrowded, and the suburbs that surround them may be choked by unchecked sprawl, but there's plenty of undeveloped space. It's right at your feet: underground... You won't hear much talk of it outside of specialized engineering circles, but we're at a tipping point... Over the next 10 years these techniques will be used to hollow out space beneath the world's great cities."



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