Ernst Zundel's Message
To The Revisionist
Conference In Sacramento

From Ingrid Rimland
Good Morning from the Zundelsite:
The collapse of the original Revisionist conference in Sacramento ought to be a lesson for all of us - that's all I care to say. I am glad that I distanced myself very early.
Two hours ago I received a call from one of the organizers of the "re-organized" revisionist conference. The report was reassuring - in fact, a bit euphoric. Apparently half of the registered guests were "rescued" and re-directed to a nice, big, air-conditioned hall where they could listen to speakers and, frankly, regroup and recover.
As the "re-organizers" were scrambling to find speakers to fill in, given that some of the originally scheduled speakers either did not, or could not, appear, I was asked to fill in. I declined after talking to Ernst, but I sent a message I understand will be read to the audience tonight. Without much ado, here it is:
I have been asked to provide an inspirational greeting to this audience. I can think of no better way to do that than to let you hear Ernst's voice, as he speaks to you from a Canadian prison, where he is held on the most threadbare, absurd, even desperate charges imaginable - that he is a "threat to the security of Canada."
From a new book that will be published in just a few weeks, titled "Setting the Record Straight: Letters from Cell # 7," I give you a glimpse at the thoughts of the "world's premier thought criminal" - as a recent write-up in a magazine, Counterpunch, put it.
You be the judge as to why Ernst Zundel's political enemies think that they need to imprison this man:
Who could have predicted this scenario? I certainly did not for one moment consider such wanton, brazen, brutal lawlessness-disguised under the veneer of law and regulations. We have to give our enemies credit-when it comes to evil and to diabolical schemes and machinations, "they" are in a class all their own!
We Gentiles simply do not have the mental capacity to conceive, much less execute, such plans and measures because we are generally people of law, order, due process in courts, and fairness in dealing even with our adversaries. Our enemies know no such qualms, or totally lack these human traits. This action against me has once again deepened my belief that these people are not like us.
They might look like us because they have eyes, ears, a mouth, a nose, arms and legs. We and they even have the capacity to interbreed and produce offspring. But they are, as we say in English, differently wired, something that needs to be explored further. They act and react, think and feel substantially different than we do. The evidence is everywhere-from the blood cellars of the Cheka to the torture chambers of Dachau, Schwäbisch Hall, Bad Neundorf, Nuremberg, and the Gaza Strip.
Unless we acknowledge, research, and address this difference with appropriate countermeasures-by legislation, by decree, or via cultural campaigns, seminars, lectures, etc. -we cannot hope to defend ourselves successfully against their onslaught and infiltration. Our intellectual immune system seems so compromised by propaganda and cultural baggage that, if things remain as they are, we will go down to certain defeat in every sphere.
Professor Kevin Macdonald has done some interesting studies and laid bare their "survival" strategies, which is nice, helpful-but, as is usual with academics today, he leaves it there. These are not "defensive survival strategies," as he puts it euphemistically. They are strategic tools in the service of their tactics to infiltrate, subvert, control, and ultimately take over Gentile society and dominate all their affairs-bar none! These "survival strategies" are deadly weapons in the hands of our enemies in a war of destruction they have declared, for whatever reasons known to them-and only dimly realized by some of us.
That is why I retreated to the mountains of beautiful, peaceful Tennessee to rest and to reflect, to rethink "from scratch" what, if anything, could be done to stop and, hopefully, reverse the decline to oblivion. As I dug over my garden, planted my flowers, and tended to my potatoes, all my waking hours were devoted to that Herculean problem of how best do what needs to be done if we want to assure the survival of our children and grandchildren in the years and decades ahead.
That is our task, infinitely more difficult now, because everywhere we operate under disadvantages. We cannot-no, we dare not and must not under any circumstances-continue on our present course of merely reacting to the constant attacks in every sphere of life by our sworn enemies. We have been on the defensive culturally, politically, and philosophically since Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital, which Bismarck checked briefly by adopting, or stealing, some of Marx's ideas. Western culture as an organism failed to come up with an antidote to Marx's dialectical materialism. No functional method, no "ism" like syndicalism or socialism could stop Marxist ideology from poisoning European minds and hearts.
What Verdun and Stalingrad did not accomplish for the enemies of Europe, prosperity and the anti-baby pill did. The policies of abortion on demand finished the rest. I read somewhere that in East/Central and West Germany combined over 1 million to 1.3 million German babies were callously murdered with the consent of their parents each year. Ontario, after the laws in Canada were changed, now performs about 100,000 abortions a year out of a population of 7 or 8 million inhabitants!
To make up for the lack of births, we import far more adults from the Third World because everywhere in the Western democracies, the young generation entering the work force has to finance the Social Security pensions of the aging population with their payroll deductions. The dwindling baby supply thus increases the tax burden on the decreasing number of young people earning money, which lowers their standard of living. In Canada and America our young people are largely ill-prepared for a complex high tech job market because our educational standards have gone so far downhill. Many high school students cannot spell, read, or write coherently. Chinese and Asian Indian students, educated in what we arrogantly call the Third World, now routinely outperform and outclass North American-born and -educated white students. Young foreigners will get the good jobs. Our goofs will prepare hamburgers and hot dogs at McDonald's for minimum wages. They will see no future for themselves. Thus, there will be even fewer children, more and more of them born out of wedlock to single mothers. Our young people's mating patterns resemble those of dogs in heat on the street.
For the battalion of Revisionists out there, there is vital, lifesaving, soul saving, to be done if we but open our eyes and remove our blinders, plunge in, and forge ahead. There is a world to be conquered together-or to be lost alone.
If and when I get out of here, wherever they may ship me, I will not be short of work. There is lots of important work to be done-vastly more important than poking in the ruins of Auschwitz for a few more decades. Nonsense! It's a diversion, a false trail laid out by a deceptive enemy. We must not fall for it. We must resist it. We must warn against the temptation to work over familiar ground, to split hairs and argue points already argued to exhaustion. We have proven all there is to prove-the "Holocaust," depicted as some form of genocidal aberration, never happened. Read, and ye shall find!
That's why I preach with an almost religious fervor to step back, to take stock, make inventory of what is useful and worth preserving, and what is a hindrance-and dump, turf out what is no longer of help to us.
I feel privileged to have had a life and career like mine. It has been interesting up to this point, and I have a feeling that one or two of my legal initiatives will yet bring changes, which in time may well astonish friend and foe, for I am still Ernst Zundel!
I am undertaking legal steps, but all these court actions and lawyers are terribly costly. Thus I must be prudent with the financial expenditures, for my enemies have always wanted to bleed me dry. Many of my best donors, Germans of the World War II generation, have died. Thus, things are no longer as they were in the 1980s. I knew that then. I knew it all along. There is only so much one person and his friends can achieve in a lifetime.
I have succeeded in large measure through friends like you-more than I ever dared to dream possible. Inside my heart and soul I am calm - not resigned! I am combative as always, but eerily calm, like a man who instinctively perceives that something big, mysterious, not yet completed is being worked out in the cosmos. I await the results, matter of factly, whatever they may be. You might say that I am a man who has conquered his last fears.
So the battle is on around the world-and here I am, immobilized! It seems that, karmically, I was not yet to be allowed to retire and raise organic crops, to contemplate a way out of our current dilemma. It is one more time into the brawl and the sewer of court rooms!
I will be picked up very early in the morning for transport in handcuffs and leg irons to Toronto to appear before a judge of French Canadian origin who has already looked at secret evidence in camera-without my attorney or myself seeing this evidence or being allowed to cross-examine anyone on it, much less make submissions to the judge. You will find them discussed in my newsletters.
I am sure this is only the beginning, for my attorney intends to launch a constitutional challenge to the legislation-a hate-saturated legislation that is criminal in its implications, and not only for people like me. You wonder how hundreds of parliamentarians, virtually all of them law school graduates, could vote such legislation! What could be the underlying causes of this mass psychosis that affects especially the upper classes of the Western world? What unmitigated criminality and evil stalks this planet?
Europe is evolving, and if present trends continue, the time for some overt changes, rather than changes by nuances, will arrive. Things may quickly take on a life of their own. Remember when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 as if by magic and large parts of Germany re-united? I am convinced the Gentiles of this world will re-unite, circle the wagons, and protect what is theirs-a culture and a way of life built and refined over eons. Our ancestors are calling their descendants to the front!
Self-liberation will not be painless, but I do not believe our beloved Old Continent will play second fiddle forever, and then my North American experience, gathered over half a century of hands-on leadership, will come in handy. Arminius learned his skills and his trade in the military academies and training camps of the Roman legions. His victory in the Teutoburger Forest will be celebrated in 2009 by German patriots everywhere. To me, that is a date full of symbolism and also a reminder to self-sacrifice and a renewed commitment to freedom.
The Spartan and Prussian ideals will once again have to suffuse all our actions and our thinking. No self-deception will succeed. Only if we, the responsible leaders, can impress upon our kith and kinfolk the need to radically change and improve, the need to steel ourselves physically and mentally-only then can we really dream about our campaign of reconquest of our "Lebensraum." Only when we change our habits, not only what we eat and drink but what food we take in for the soul with our minds, will we regain our freedom. Words alone, spoken or written, will not achieve it. Personal sacrifice, suffering, sweat, blood, and lots of tears, along with fiscal and sexual self-control, reining in our emotions, being steady at the helm of our lives-that's how we will bring forth the heroes necessary for the enormously difficult but historically necessary task.
There will be no instant solutions, no magic bullet, no shortcuts to victory-not in such an epic struggle to save the remnants of a great and ancient race.
Excerpted from Setting the Record Straight: Letters from Cell # 7 by Ernst Zundel.



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