1000 Zundel Testimonials
Shipped To Canadian Embassy

From Ingrid Rimland
Good Morning from the Zundelsite:
Regarding yesterday's Revisionist conference in honor of Ernst Zundel, I have only received a few brief messages, but everything seems to have gone smoothly so far. To the last minute and especially after the terrorist phone call I received, I feared that the Jewish Defense League thugs would cause some trouble by toppling grave stones, smearing graffiti, or even set some fires and then blame the conference attendees - but so far, apparently they thought better of it - wise of them!
Noted attorney Edgar Steele, one of the conference speakers, wrote me a brief note I am proud and glad to share with you:
"Ingrid - Ernst's name came up early and often yesterday, always reverently.
Our hearts and spirits were with him all day and into the night. He awaits
judgment for us, for he IS us. We will never forget, no matter what
happens. We will always be him."
Meanwhile, I am proceeding with my plans to put some heat where heat belongs: On the Canadian Government. Ernst will be in court again on Wednesday and Thursday, and I have been informed to "expect some surprises." I have an idea, however.
Here is a letter I wrote to the Consul General of Canada and Chief of the Canadian Embassy whom I met a week ago and who promised he would see what he could do:
For the record:
To Robert P. Archambault
Conseiller (Gestion) et Consul
Chef de Chancellerie
501 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001
Fax: 202-682-7738
Re: Ernst Zundel
Dear Consul General Archambault:
Today you will receive a Fed Ex parcel with approximately 1,000 testimonials and character references, many of them notarized, from Zundel supporters all over the world testifying to the esteem and respect my husband enjoys for having given a lifetime of responsible service to a cause dear to all of us - namely Truth in History. Of course I don't expect you to read all of those letters, but I wanted to impress upon you that I asked for your assistance in freeing a man who does not belong in a Canadian Gulag-like maximum security prison. That Ernst is being held without a charge, much less a conviction, for more than a year already is a grotesque miscarriage of justice - if one can even speak of "justice" in this matter without contempt and bitterness that two countries assumed to have been beacons of law and order would stoop so low as to conspire in a political kidnapping!
I will ask you to please read one letter carefully - i.e., the letter in the blue envelope, written by our then immigration attorney, Bruce Leichty, who has summarized the egregious legal violations involved in my husband's arrest. There is no question whatsoever that this was a political hit that is not to the credit of either the United States or Canada. The sooner this issue is resolved, the better it will be for all concerned. This matter MUST be resolved, because I will not rest, and neither will our supporters!
As I informed you in a previous letter, I have postponed but not abandoned my hunger strike. If it really comes to that, I am ready. I am presently involved in assembling a fact-finding delegation to Canada comprised of name recognition media, legal advisors, and businessmen. I intend to persuade a congressman or senator to accompany us. We will request a personal meeting with Minister Anne McLellan. Would you be so kind as to forward my 1,000 Zundel testimonials to her? That would be ever so much appreciated since I spent more than a day copying them.
I very much look forward to your reply and, so we all fervently hope, meaningful intervention with the appropriate authorities in Canada as well as Washington, D.C., including Acting Director of Immigration, Customs and Enforcement, Mr. Timothy Haugh. I am also informing my very large list of Internet readers what my next plan of action will be so that they can join in a letter, fax, and telephone campaign, as they have done before.
Thank you very much for having met with me last week.
Ingrid Rimland Zundel, Ed.D.



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