Countdown To Hunger Strike #2
From Ingrid Rimland

Good morning from the Zundelsite:
I am proceeding with plans for my hunger strike, to commence on April 19, Canadian Holocaust Day. Right now, my greatest need is for a volunteer physician to monitor and report to the media on what will be happening to me. I cannot afford to pay for his time and professional know-how, but there must be retired physicians who have the financial means to spend a few weeks in a small Tennessee town. His testimonial -if needed, documented by an affidavit - will be that I am following through with a genuine, prolonged hunger strike to free my husband from the pernicious power of the Canadian Holocaust Lobby who likely masterminded my husband's kidnapping, and whose political stranglehold on the Canadian government is keeping him in that hellhole of a prison.
My next step will be to visit Freeport, Tennessee, sometime early next week to take a look at where the office of Representative Jenkins is located, to introduce myself to staff, to tell them what I plan, to get a feel what the reaction is going to be to my protest presence, and to see if there is a hotel nearby where I can stay if needed. I will take to Congressman Jenkins' office a stack of testimonials, about two inches thick, from Zundel supporters and friends from all over the world, many of them notarized and all of them coming from people of honor. I will have myself be taped doing that - as I will document my activism every step of the way, as needed.
I urge all my friends on the web to give me a prominent spot on your website to publicize my strike. You may link to either,, or - or, if you are ambitious, all three. These websites will have enough information on my hunger strike to keep you up-to-date. I also urge you to keep sending my Zgrams to your own private lists so that we can build some protest and media momentum.
If you link, please let me know. I want to document this action and keep a record for our archives. One day, we will have a Zundel Museum, where your courage and dedication is going to be displayed, and your children and future descendants will be very proud of you that you joined in this struggle in these ever more darkening days.
For your perusal, here is some feedback from my Zgram readers. Some of these letters are addressed to my Congressman, William Jenkins, others are written to Canadian government officials, still others to media, some personally to me. You will see that I have strong support.
I have faxed this particular letter to every senator and congressman in Texas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wyoming, Samoa, DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Virginia, Utah, and will get the others this coming week. I fax this long letter on the weekends and weekday evenings so as not to irritate the office staff.
It appears, to me and countless others around the globe, that the Canadian Justice System has sold its Soul. You must cease in allowing privilege to narrow special interests. You must charge Mr. Zundel and show the evidence ... OR YOU MUST SET HIM FREE!
Mrs. Zundel has announced that she will begin a hunger strike on April 19th, 2004 and she will, because she is a woman of her word. I teach history and psychology at a University here in Texas and when my classes end on April 29, 2004 I too shall come to Tennessee and sit in your office until you meet with Mrs. Zundel. It is time to get honest with yourself, Mr. Jenkins, and do what is right - and that is to represent America and Americans first!
Zundel is in prison not because his views are unpopular, or because he's a security risk. He's in prison because Jewish-Zionist groups want him there. He's in prison because he promotes views that the Jewish-Zionist Lobby considers harmful to its interests.
You have the courage of your convictions. It is horrible what the Jews have done to Mr. Zundel and they're laughing like hyenas on Usenet -- they don't think you're serious. I hate the thought of Mr. Zundel having to endure incarceration in Canada and you having to suffer through a hunger strike in order to bring public scrutiny for what the Jews are doing to you. For all of those things I just plain resent the Jews. The only upshot to all of this is that I've noticed that some of them are becoming nervous, should you succeed.
I´ve been reading history since I was a boy and I´m proud to say that there are always some new things coming to the daylight, with respect to WW2, and how history has been written by the winners.
People all over the World are hearing of this travesty, this revolting mockery of Justice! Mr. Zundel has human rights! They are being violated... oddly, urged on by those who are so often seen as righteous in their indignation - and their abject hatred of all who do not give them sway.
People have never stopped being "crucified" by the Jews. The list is endless. Just look at Zundel. Sitting in prison like John the Baptist just because he told the TRUTH!
Your country's shameful treatment of Ernst Zundel is now widely known in the world and cannot but contribute to bad feelings toward Canada.
Why would this man have to wear the orange suit of a criminal? Why is he not allowed a chair and the necessary writing materials in order to prepare for his defense? Why must a light be burning in his cell 24 hours a day? Why are his utensils for private hygiene kept outside in the hall, his natural medicines withheld, and his access to the outdoors limited to 10 minutes a day? And why is he padded down after meeting visitors whom he can only see through thick glass windows? Is the attempt being made to break this man physically and psychologically? How disgraceful for a country that calls itself democratic! The treatment of the US prisoners at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba comes to mind.
I consider the incarceration of Mr. Zundel a miscarriage of justice, and the longer it is dragged out, the more Canada's international reputation will be tainted. What happened to our Charter of Rights?
We're coming to see this more and more as a show trial in the best Stalinist tradition. It is difficult to fathom that this murderous system should now be resurrected in the Western world. We have reached a very low point in Canada's 136 year history, and I'm afraid the bottom may not yet have been reached.
All who have eyes to see will be aware of a change of the tide taking place now. And some day it will be realized how much the Zundel-Rimland team has contributed to it. We will continue to support you, no matter how long it takes. You opened my eyes. Thank you.
It has been one year. NO CHARGES! NO BAIL! Sir; I respectfully submit that the government of Canada has fundamentally failed. Failed our country and its constituents. It is now time to be real. This is not only a rape of our freedoms, it is an International embarrassment.
ERNST ZUNDEL IS NEITHER A TERRORIST OR A THREAT TO "NATIONAL SECURITY"! HE IS A POLITICAL PRISONER IN A SO-CALLED "DEMOCRACY"! Sir, I implore you as a constituent and a Canadian; urge your colleagues to be reminded of why they were elected. TO SERVE THE PEOPLE! Start serving the people! Do the right thing Sir, ONE YEAR, NO CHARGES, NO BAIL? Do the right thing, Sir, FREE ERNST ZUNDEL!!!!!
The service you have been rendering to the truth has been invaluable. To get it stopped, the enemy would even resort to kidnapping Ernst and making themselves look foolish. If your site discontinues, the enemy will have got just what they want. I am afraid that they might be hooraying
and congratulating themselves when they hear of your plan.
I fasted once for a month when I was in my 20s. It cured a lot of my diseases and discomforts. And like you said, after the first few days, except for a weakness and slowing down, it was fairly comfortable. But there is a line you can cross between fasting and starvation. When you go past a certain point the body quits eating fat, and begins to eat up its own internal organs. The damage is permanent and continuing will be fatal. If you start a fast you have to know when is the right time to break it. If you go past a certain point you may never be able to work again. The enemy will have won. Your work will have stopped. That is all they want. Fast if you will, but guard your health, keep your self in good shape for your work. If you die or are made worthless, all Ernst suffering has been for nothing. As a team you have them beat.
Ingrid, you are making history. The hunger strike sounds like a stroke of genius but no matter how effective in rescuing Ernst and helping to restore our liberty, it is not worth damaging your health or effectiveness, now that we are entering the final stage of the struggle. You are a very important resource with an intellect that is virtually indispensible.
Congressman Jenkins I do not need to remind you that the people of this great republic of ours have the right to petition their Government through their elected Congressional Representatives. This right, as you well know, is guaranteed by our Constitution. You as Representative of her district have a responsibility to hear her petition.
We have been told that, despite many requests from Mrs Zundel, you still have not managed to welcome her in your office. This seems quite unbelievable but we know Mrs Zundel and we know that she is telling the truth. We also know that she will be going on a hunger strike on April 19. She is certainly a woman full of courage but we hate to think that one has to go on a hunger strike in order to get an appointment from a representative who, on principle, is supposed to take care of the people he represents !
Since Mrs Zundel wrote to you several times we are sure that you know that her husband's kidnapping was entirely illegal and horrendous. No need to point it out any further. Many people in our country, France, are aware of Mrs Zundel's intentions, since the case of her husband has been featured in quite a few media. Until now your name was not made public, but now it will, and we hope that the name of William B. Jenkins will be associated to that of a man of courage and of honor. Ernst Zundel's enemies, who want him in prison, are powerful but not as much as you could fear, believe us! And you certainly have the right, and the duty, to receive Mrs Zundel in your office.
[Your hunger strike] may get publicity, but the view most likely presented will be : "Extremist goes on hunger strike to support extremist husband, a terrorist in Canadian jail."
Ingrid, I am so moved by what you are planning regarding your hunger strike and occupation at your congressman's office. I think it is a brilliant and courageous idea and I do think (no, I know) it will help. I know you will do this with class and with grace and that your dedication to your husband and to what is right will ring loud--far and wide.
I will do all I can to support you, Ingrid, of course, and I will begin by faxing off a message to Jenkins's office---with the same tact and sincerity that you will be displaying in this loving and courageous path you are setting out on. Know you will not be alone Ingrid--not for a moment--at least in spirit so many will be right there next to you, including me.
Take care, and may all of our strengths continue to flow to and to come together within you--every day and every night-- until this madness is ended and Ernst is once again where he belongs--by your side.
Help free Ernst Zundel, Prisoner of Conscience. His prison sketches - now on-line and highly popular - help pay for his defense. Take a look - and tell a friend.



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