Countdown To Hunger Strike #5
From Ingrid Rimland

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:
Well, we may have already won a moderate victory - hard to say if it is meaningful or not!
As many of my readers know, after Ernst's arrest we immediately and forcefully contested what clearly was a grossly illegal deportation, rubber-stamped by a judge of the District Court of Knoxville who had no facts or documents before him, who did not even listen for five seconds to oral argument and did not allow our attorney to give any input - a deportation that was also rubber-stamped in haste by the Sixth Circuit Court in Cincinnati and led to Canada and straight into the arms of Canada's mini-Mossad, as many people call CSIS. The rest is history.
I won't go into the details of the various stages of our legal battles that included a motion (if that is the term) for judicial misconduct on the part of the Sixth Circuit panel of judges who relied on information shared by INS behind our backs - at any case, once we had filed our brief, and asked for oral argument, there it sat.
We waited and waited. I kept checking and checking. At one point, in late January, we had moved to the top on the court calendar - and then, bingo! Back we were, in sixth place - where our case remained frozen for another ten weeks.
It was clear to most people that one of the enemies' tactics was delay - which seems to be the tactic also in Canada. Delay eats up time, huge gobs of money, and nerves - while Ernst is trapped and prevented through various chicaneries and inanities within the prison itself from aiding in his defense.
This morning my lead attorney faxed me the news: We are allowed oral argument, but only 15 minutes. My lead attorney tells me this is standard practice at the appeal court level - the judges have the brief in front of them and have, presumably, read it or at least skimmed it without relying on a clerk - who might well be, as many are, a member of the Tribe! - and fifteen minutes to make our case is all we are going to get!
The thrust of our argument is simple: Ernst was not granted habeas corpus, which was his right by law - that is, he was prevented from appearing before a judge to argue against deportation, and we are asking that the case be remanded back to the Knoxville Court - and, hopefully, before a jury. Even though Ernst is not here, and even if we only get a perfunctory symbolic ruling, it will be extremely important. If that ruling goes against us, it will be one of the most tragic and far-reaching rulings not just for us, but for America. It will mean that habeas corpus is dead - a very important provision of the Constitution. Some call it the Heart of Democracy.
So, there we are. The date is June 11, and if you live in the area, or feel like traveling to watch if justice still struggles for breath, or is a corpse already, the date is June 11, 2004. The place is Cincinnati.
On to my hunger strike:
I have two weeks to D-Day. A lot will still have to be done to make sure we have media to the max, as the kids used to say in the Sixties. People are faxing to Congressman Jenkins, pleading with him to see me and talk to me in person. The number, once more, is 423-247-1834. If you haven't yet done so, now is the time. Please be polite. Show class. Leave threats to our enemies. Nasty letters would only backfire on me.
I was pleased to get a copy of this letter from a Canadian organization that has been very active in defending Ernst:
Canadian Association for Free Expression Inc.
P.O. Box 332,Rexdale, ON., M9W 5L3, Canada
PH: 905-897-7221; FAX: 905-277-3914
Director, Paul Fromm, B.A., B.Ed, M.A.
April 4, 2004
Congressman Bill Jenkins
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone No. (202) 225-6356
Fax. (202) 225-5714
Kingsport, Tennessee 37662
Phone No. (423) 247-8161
Fax. (423) 247-1834
Re: Dr. Ingrid Rimland Zundel's Request for Assistance
Dear Congressman Jenkins:
I am writing to urge you to avoid a public embarrassment and to promote the cause of justice.
For many months, Ingrid Rimland Zundel, a distinguished author and wife of artist and publisher Ernst Zundel, resident in Pigeon Forge in your congressional district, has sought an appointment with you as her congressman. Apparently, she has been rebuffed.
She is urgently seeking your intervention and assistance. Her husband, Ernst, was in the U.S. on a visa. He was going through all the proper procedures to secure permanent status - proper application, retaining of an immigration attorney, F.B.I. interview, fingerprinting, etc. On February 5, he was seized my I.N.S. agents and within two weeks deported to Canada and banned for 20 years from returning to his wife.
Our organization has been deeply involved in assisting Mr. Zundel with his subsequent legal problems in Canada.
Mrs. Zundel notes that your country is overrun with illegals. On the other hand, her husband was entirely above board and trying to follow proper legal channels. His summary arrest and the apparent ignoring of your Supreme Court requirement for a proper habeas corpus hearing lead to the conclusion that Mr. Zundel was the victim of a judicial kidnapping.
She needs your assistance to get to the bottom of what happened and to seek appropriate redress, including his return to the United States and to his loving wife.
I do hope you'll fulfill your obligation to Mrs. Zundel, as her elected representative, and, at least, give her a hearing. She is promising to start a hunger strike at your office on April 19. This has the potential of becoming an international incident.
Please assist her, not to avoid embarrassment, but because it's your sworn duty and it's the right thing to do.
Sincerely yours,
Paul Fromm, Director
Canadian Association for Free Expression Inc.



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