Mysterious Brain Implant?
From Ted Davenport

My name is Ted Davenport USN (Ret). I am from Alamogordo, New Mexico I only became aware starting in the summer of 2000 that I was, in fact, being abducted. But my ET Abduction case is unlike the standard ones that have been reported so far.
I can prove these beings knew long before they placed the brain implant in my head in June 1975 that their plan was to hijack the injuries I would receive on July 5, 1980, while acting to save a child from being killed while in the Navy.
At age 16, in June 1975, I was drawn by an unknown force to go back packing alone up into the mountains east of Alamogordo, NM. While making my way deep into a canyon, I felt as if I was being watched. I was armed to the teeth with an M-1 .30 cal rifle with 5 magazines and my dad's Colt 45 auto.
While in my tent at around 9:30 pm, they came for me. A voice told me to look outside my tent. When I did, I was in their total control. I saw 2 or 3 small beings just outside of the light from the campfire. I was then 'turned-off.' I would not remember this event till March, 2002, I woke up not in my tent but in my sleeping bag next to the burned out camp fire the next morning.
I noticed the left side of my skull was sore and found a very weird knot just even with the top of my left ear. Before I made my way back home, I had virtually 'forgotten' the know and was
no longer thinking about it.
I went into the Navy in Jan 1976 at age 17. the Navy would come to be the very best part of my life that I would ever have.
On July 5, 1980, my life and body would be wrecked...that's when whatever plans the ETs had for me were put into action. They had known in June, 1975, if not earlier, that I would be injured while acting to save the life of a child while in the line of duty. My entire left arm was paralyzed when the nerves were torn by the roots from my spinal cord, while my left scapula exploded sending bone fragments out of my body.
The artery that supports the pulse in the left wrist was drawn down very small in DIA before it was torn into...thus my life was saved. I would wish that I had died that day if not for the pain it would have caused my parents. But from the minute the paramedics arrived, my medical care would never be normal. It would, in fact, cause even greater harm to come to me.
To give you an idea of my 'treatement', when the EMTs found I did not have a pulse in my left wrist they did not place an IV into my right arm. Once I was at the civilian hosptal ER, they acted as if I had not been seriously injured. Still an IV was not placed in my right arm nor did they call the Navy as I had told them to do. I was placed in a hospital room with only pain medication injections and a tube in my bladder.
I laid in that room for three days before the Navy found me. When they saw the condition I was in I was rushed to a naval hospital where I was placed in ICU. I would be made far worse through acts of medical malpractice caused by these beings. I know I sound like a nut, but I swear once you read my entire story and look at my MRI films of the brain implant you'll think otherwise.
Furthermore, I can prove the last abduction - which was in Feb 02 - they came to Dallas so they could move a stainless steel wire so an Aug 02 MRI would be jammed. They had known in 1981 that they would use this wire in Feb 02. They even made sure the wire was left in my body when it was to be removed along with the rest of the MEDTRONIC PAIN STIMULATOR in May 1988.
Yet the Army neurosurgeon doctor did NOT REMOVE THE WIRE nor did he make any post-op notes that he LEFT THE WIRE while removing everything else which he noted. I am positive when I undergo an operation the brain implants affects the doctors. In this case, the doctor only
fixed the top end of the wire while leaving the lower end free. I believe that was done so the ETs could move the lower end of the wire.
This is all true. I have no idea why they have hurt me and wrecked my body and ruined my life.
Attaced are two images of my brain MRI.
Thank you, very much.
Ted Davenport, USN (Ret)



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