Triangle Caught On Video
Over Newbury, Ontario

From Brian Vike
Director - HBCCUFO

Hi Jeff -
Now, this I believe you will be interested in. I have been talking with a nice fellow who is sharing a very interesting story with me. He also has caught a triangular shaped craft on video, and there is no question as to the shape of the object. In the video footage a very bright light can been easily seen moving about the sky. Stars for reference makes it a easy target to follow. Then I believe when the craft makes a turn the shape of it is caught on film, and it is a triangle shaped craft for certain. It moves quickly across the sky and still visible to the witness as this is all caught on film. Al, the fellow who shot the footage is sending me two more copies of the event on CD and asked me to send along a copy to you, which I will pass a long as soon as it arrives.
The man claimed to have been hassled by the authorities and many other unusual things have taken place around him for the years. This footage I believe is excellent and I am sure you will find it of great interest.
HBCC UFO Research requests that anyone from the Newbury, Ontario area who may have witnessed any strange goings on in the sky or on the ground, to please contact me. Also if anyone has any other footage of a triangular craft, again, please contact me.
Take care
Newbury, Ontario - The Messenger
Date: Saturday, January 31 @ 14:12:02 CST
Topic: Ontario Reports
HBCC UFO would like to extend my many thanks to Al for sending along his report and CD to me to view. He also granted me permission to place a few of the images I captured from his the video footage.
Date: 08/10/1997 Time: 2:55 a.m.
I was on my way home from my brothers house. He lived just down the road. It was 2:30 in the morning. Instead of turning into my laneway I turned into my mothers laneway instead, which was also on my way to my home. I drove past my moms house and continued along the lane that led down the valley into the river flats and the farmland that we own. I don't know why I was there at that time of night as my vehicle was running on empty.
But I had a strong desire to be where I was heading. I turned of my car and I sat on the hood of my car while my dog ran around in the tall grass looking for mice. I was only on my car for maybe 1 min. Then I did something I have never done before, I made sure to take note of the time, and also placed my hand on the hood of my car to get a feeling how warm the hood was, just incase of missing time. Not long after I did that I had an eerie feeling I was being watched. I got up off my car, looked around the pasture and in the sky. There in the sky I saw a light, maybe twice as bright as the other stars flying at an arch angle towards me, traveling very, very fast. Within 10 seconds it was right over top of me.
I immediately ran for the door of my car as I was scared. As soon as my hand touched the handle of the car an immediate calm came over me. I let go of the handle and just then the light exploded into a brilliant white glow, so bright I could not look at it. I held my right hand up to shield the rays as I could just barely block the whole ball of light with the palm of my hand. A little bit of that bright light shone through the cracks in my fingers and hit me in the left eye. I shut it right away because it hurt. I turned my head away and then that's when I noticed the valley floor 50 feet below me was all lit up from the reflection of this light ball. Not a cricket, frog, car or any noise during the entire event.
Even more weird, my dog seemed frozen as if her batteries were dead and standing there motionless, staring at the door handle of the car which is where we were both were before the light got really bright. I thought it was going to blow up, then it's intensity started to dull approx:10 seconds later and it was back to its original size. We then I watched it fly away in about 4 seconds from 100 feet away and right into what looked to me like space. It went straight up like the movement of a spark in a fire. After all this took place, every night for a month I had terrible dreams of floods, winds, martial law and much more. Every since then my life has never been normal again. I have had 4 men dressed in black, near my home, a warrantless raid, helicopter harassment, I have all kinds of footage of this and weird lights and a triangular craft. Since this experience I now listen to classical music instead of rock. I don't drink alcohol anymore. I call this light, The Messenger.
Additional Information:
I also have to tell you something else. I have 5 people who can be my witness. I used to live in an isolated cabin in the woods of Ontario. Just me and my 2 dogs, no phone, all electricity was from batteries and generators, I lived a simple life, in 1997, August, at around 2:00 a.m. I turned off the generator at my home, and yelled for my dogs to come in the house. I heard a man scream at the top of his lungs "oh my god somebody help me: followed by a 5 second scream, "Somebody help me" then silence. It was only maybe 1000 feet from my home, at the edge of the neighbors bush-line. My dogs ran in the house, unable to hear this scream??? That is strange too, my dogs bark at anything that is not me.
The scream terrified me so much, I was to scared to walk along the pitch black laneway to my truck. Came morning I told my brothers, asked them what I should do, we all came to the conclusion that if the dogs didn't hear it, maybe it was something else??? Ghost perhaps???? So I watched the papers and the news, no missing anybody and besides last time I called the local [police , I reported 5 armed hunters trespassing on my property, they walked right by my kitchen widow with shotguns. I called the police, they put me on hold, then hung up on me. I don't know what happened in the bush. But I know what I heard and this was in 1997. Not soon after I had 2 men on quad-runners watching my home from a newly made trail into the bush. They would leave every night after I went to bed as I was listening to them ride away from my window.
This went on for 2 years. I have had many ufo/sightings since, but not during that night of the screams. I have witnesses that can verify this! This is why I am interested in the very similar story with the screaming woman/ufo story. I think the same thing happed to this unidentified man in 1997 which strangely nobody seems to miss ? Whoever, or whatever I heard. I still have nightmares of his screams. I moved from my home 2 years later...never to return there again..... take care God Bless us all. This is not a joke. Al.
HBCC UFO: Al has captured something very strange on film, a light that is certainly moving though the night sky. A triangular shapes craft and some other interesting things which can been seen on a CD he had put together over these events. Information on how you can get a copy of the 48 minute CD, please visit Al's homesite which is listed below.
HBCC UFO: Al has captured something very strange on film, a light that is certainly moving though the night sky. A triangular shapes craft and some other interesting things which can been seen on a CD he had put together over these events. Information on how you can get a copy of the 48 minute CD, please visit Al's homesite which is listed below.
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