Women Encourage
Culture Of Violence
Attacks On Men By Women Claimed To
Perpetuate Cycle Of Domestic Abuse

By Sarah-Kate Templeton
Health Editor
The Sunday Herald - UK

Mothers and wives should be held accountable for perpetuating violence in society, according to a Glasgow doctor who has had female patients admit to him that they batter their husbands in front of their children.
In an article for a GP journal, Dr Des Spence, a GP at Maryhill Health Centre, writes of his concern over female patients who confess to attacking their partners, occasionally with knives. He says the police are called but no charges are made.
Spence also writes of a boy in his practice who, when involved in a fight with another boy outside his home, was thrown a knife by his mother.
While he accepts that the majority of domestic violence is carried out by men, Spence argues that some women encourage the stereotypical image of the macho, and often violent, male. He believes that unless we face up to the fact that women also play a part, then we will not be able to tackle high levels of violence in society.
Spence also argues that blaming men for all the violence in society is ignoring the truth, and therefore unhelpful in rooting out aggression.
The doctor, describing consultations when patients discussed assaults on their partners in front of their children, claimed: "This on occasion involved the use of knives and other weapons. The police had been called but no charges followed.
"I'd been conditioned to believe violence was largely a male problem but I now realise this is patently not so. Blame is understandable, convenient and satisfying but does not necessarily reflect the truth."
Spence argues that as women bring up their sons they must take some responsibility for encouraging macho behaviour.
"Do women condition their children to be violent? Is female violence more acceptable than male violence in our society and, if so, why? Does unchecked violence by a mother legitimise violence within a family and society? Should campaigns be solely focused on male violence against women or violence as a whole, irrespective of gender?"
He added: "If we want to tackle abusive behaviour in society then it is time we openly discuss abusive behaviour by women, recognising both physical and emotional abuse by women.
"Mothers, partners and wives need to be willing to tackle the stereotype of men and male behaviour that they pass on to their children. We need to accept that women have a responsibility for the behaviour of boys and how they develop into men. Society should not accept sexist language or images of women but equally nor should they accept sexist language or images of men."
Myra Johnson, of Women's Aid, is aware of no research, however, to suggest women nurture violence in their sons.
"I have not heard of any research to suggest women are encouraging the macho stereotype of men. Women's Aid recognises domestic violence can affect everyone.
"If you look at the research, however, in the majority of cases it is women who experience domestic violence with men perpetrating it. In many cases when women do abuse men it is in self-defence after years of abuse. They retaliate to protect themselves and their children.
"There have been a number of government campaigns targeted at domestic violence in general. These national campaigns do recognise that domestic violence is something that impacts on men and women."
Johnson added that health professionals like Spence can play a major role in encouraging men and women to report domestic violence.
Britain's first refuge for battered men opened in secret over the new year. The safe house, in southwest England, will shelter men and their children who have been physically or emotionally abused by a female partner. A second centre will open early this year in northwest England, and organisers plan to create a national network.
The latest figures from the British Crime Survey showed that 81% of the victims of domestic violence are women while just 19% are men.
But another set of figures, from the 1996 British Crime Survey, show that 4.2% of men and an equal proportion of women said they had been assaulted by a current or former partner in the previous year. And 23% of women and 15% of men aged between 16 and 59 said they had been physically assaulted by a current or former partner at some time in their lives.
Men's rights groups argue, however, that the male figure could be even higher because men are reluctant to admit being victims. They say at least one in every six incidents of domestic violence ñ around 18% ñ is committed by women on men.
They also say that, as there are 426 shelters for battered women in the UK, by that reckoning there should be around 70 for men.
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From Sheryl Jackson
Sadly, this article is a screaming report of the truth of violence perpetuated by women who like "BadBoys". And there are alot of women who want men who "act like men" so they can be sex objects. This is not an affair of the heart, but rather an affair of the "ego".
In these relationships that are so prevalent in all societies, no one is ever happy. He has to "prove" he is a man all of the time, to keep her entertained or from finding another BIGGER, BETTER MAN. And there is always someone who is bigger and badder than the one you have. So she is always looking, while her "man" is fighting his way out of bars and nightclubs just to get her back in the car and home "safe and sound". Being a sex object is a jagged sword, because the one you have is only worthwhile as long as their are no new "men" around. She MUST be attractive to everyone to prove to her "man" she is the object of his affection. Sex objects have to look the part, not just play the part.
Like the gunslingers of the old west, men act violently to "preserve" his family, his belongings and his women. For some reason the women like to think their husband is "manly" for his brutality and insecure ego. She will be traded in by her MOCKO man as soon as she starts wanting to be loved, catered to, or settled down. The men who do these "manly activities" are usually criminals and they go to prison, jail, or work camps regularly leaving her to be "taken care of{" by the very men he was fighting off in the first place.
The "BadBoys" are really looking for a woman who will, by her very femininity, change them and their "BadBoyWays". So you have two conflicting philosophies entering into a relationship that can only end badly. She will blame him for being a philanderer and cheat and he will blame her for not being "the right kind of woman" for him to become a better man.
This is why the New Filthy Rich and Undeserving very seldom have long term romances or marriages. Olde money does not enter into marriages and partnerships for anything but political and financial accumulations. They do not expect their partners to be monogamous or true to their mates, they just have to behave with discretion. Not to be bringing the latest concubine or gigolo home for dinner. Just to appear for the obligatory interviews and philanthropies.
It has not been an issue of discussion for men who have violent wives, indeed there is shame for a man who has a wife that can hurt him. Shame and derision from their peers who will laugh and holler if he tries to discuss it. Women who get beaten are able to get help and shelter while being counseled that she has a right to a peaceful marriage that is free from violence from her partner.
Men who are murdered by their wives have the posthumous satisfaction that the wife will be incarcerated for life. On the other hand women who are murdered by their husbands know that he will be footloose and fancy free to spend the insurance money he collected for killing her in the first place. But don't beat your wife, because people will see the bruises and know the truth.
Like Laci Peterson, Nichole Simpson, and Terri Schiavo.
Sheryl Jackson
Women who teach their sons to be "BadBoys" is fodder for an entire other diatribe.



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