Ohio's New Crop Circle
And Recent UFO Activity

From Kenny

A region already rampant with rumor and speculation, as recently alleged in the Adams County People's Defender newspaper, has been dealt another blast of mystery and intrigue. A new crop formation found southwest of the small town of West Union has residents and other observers wondering aloud if Southern Ohio is "ground zero" for mystery and strangeness.
Crop Circle investigator Jeffrey Wilson states: "Ground descriptions of the formation is that there are at least six circles (possibly more) in soybeans; one circle has a ring with 3 straight pathways extending off it. The description of the floor lay in the circles was that it was impressive. Also, there may be two circular areas that look to have been swirled down only about halfway - not all the way to the ground. The total size of the formation appears to smaller than the Locust Grove or Bainbridge formations, but still quite large."
Wilson adds that the farmer is planning on harvesting the field Tuesday and that his team comprised of Ted Robertson, Roger Sugden and others, will be at the scene as soon as possible. His report will appear at
The latest formation only adds to a list of unusual activity alleged in recent months. A small compilation of recent Southern Ohio reports are assembled below:
Following a February 2, 2002 UFO situation near Maysville, Kentucky, a number of similar reports began to surface from the Ohio River city of Portsmouth in the months afterward. One Portsmouth resident claiming that he would sight an unusual object in the late night hours as it hovered in the vicinity of the bridges.
On May 1, 2003, a UFO was seen near Ashland, Kentucky. The black triangular object, the size of a small car, allegedly flew near the Route 60 Bridge.
On May 3rd in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, a crop circle appeared in a rye field along Tea Run Road. According to the initial witnesses, including Fleming County Sheriff Jerry Wagner, the donut-shaped formation was a perfect circle 50-yards in diameter.
On June 2nd, a resident of West Chester, Ohio reported a dramatic UFO sighting near his residence that was accompanied by a local power failure. The witness, awakened around 2:30 AM by the beeping sound of a battery backup to his computer, detected the smell of ozone and went to his window to see an odd object in the sky. The disk-shaped object was compared to the size of a bus with bright lights spinning very fast. The lights spun so fast they almost appeared to strobe or pulsate.
On June 6 at 2:30 a.m. in Monroe, Ohio, a Butler County resident observed an unusual bulb-shaped UFO at a 1,000-foot elevation, traveling from a south to northwest direction. At the moment the object was directly overhead, the witness claims he lost satellite reception and the lights in his house dimmed.
And at 11:00 p.m. on August 22 in Hillsboro, Ohio, an enormous object was seen in the eastern sky. Cincinnati UFO Investigator Donnie Blessing was told that multiple witnesses observed a circular object that had a rotating set of white lights around the center, with one of the lights shining down on the ground.
And two days later in nearby Locust Grove, Ohio, a crop circle was discovered in a soybean field across from the legendary Serpent Mound Indian Burial Ground in Adams County.
Following separate reports of UFOs sighted in Bethel, Ohio and objects videotaped from Bainbridge, Akron and Canton, residents in Proctorville and Chesapeake, Ohio complained of mysterious flashing lights "chasing each other" on Sunday and Monday nights, Aug. 31 & Sept. 1. The Lawrence County Sheriffs Department received phone calls inquiring about the lights, as did television stations WOWK and WSAZ.
Shortly afterward, a spectacular Crop Formation was discovered near the Siep Mound Indian Burial Ground in Ross County, Ohio.
Ohio UFO Sightings Continued on September 13, 2003, when an Adams County resident reported a tremendous object seen near Belfast. A total of four witnesses spoke of a triangular-shaped formation of lights on one large object, the lights reportedly flashed in sequence and would simultaneously alternate in color from pinkish-red, blue, white to yellow. The triangular arrangement of lights were comprised of 4-or 5 lights with the peak of the triangle facing downward, at the bottom.
On Monday evening, Sept. 22 around 7:30 pm, a massive UFO was sighted in Franklin County, Ohio. A motorist traveling on Beaverbrook Road observed a colossal disc-shaped object floating silently overhead. The witness, interviewed at length by the National Institute for Discovery Science and MUFON investigators, said the monstrous object seen near Ghanna, Ohio, was floating silently over the treetops.
On September 23, Mason County, Kentucky schoolteacher Martha Franklin and her husband Michael captured strange images on a "deer surveillance camera" mounted in woodland on their property in Ellsberry, Ohio. The photographs, published in the Adams County People's Defender newspaper, seem to challenge rational explanation. The camera, used to photograph wildlife, can be triggered by motion or a heat source, and documented several photographs, one showing a saucer shaped light source above the treeline.
And at 10:30 p.m. on September 24, a resident of Franklin, Ohio contacted Wright Patterson Air Force Base to report a remarkable UFO seen in the sky near her Butler County home. A medical assistant, she and her three children spotted a strange pattern of huge green flashing lights when approaching her residence in the Heartland subdivision.
On Wednesday, October 15, Mr. Stuart Linder of Hamilton, Ohio, spotted an object that was hovering over the Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Ohio. The UFO, described as a multi-colored "upside down diamond," rotated in place, emanating a 'glow' for about 10-minutes before speeding away to the west.
The undeniable upsurge of UFO and crop circle reports have flummoxed the few and unfunded UFO researchers who try to track and document the many claims. Will the challenge of UFO investigation reveal evidence of UFO visitation, and will the spate of sighting activity continue to befuddle a region already tender from its share of unusual activity? Perhaps only time will tell.
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