Makow-Why Men Are Losing
Interest in Women
The Ravages of Feminism

By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

ABC TV's flagship public affairs program "20/20" Friday was devoted to the "biggest secret of American marriage."
"As many as 20% of American marriages are sexless," host Barbara Walters intoned. "It's not women who don't want sex as you might expect, it's the men!"
The program focused on two couples. In both cases, feminist mind control is responsible for their problems but the TV show wouldn't admit this.
One man was married to an attractive 30-something woman who is a stripper! Reporter John Stossel thought this made her husband's indifference even more astonishing. The show's marital therapist, Michele Weiner-Davis, ignored this as an explanation for his impotence.
Feminist groupthink says a woman's sexuality is just like a man's, hers to enjoy (or sell). In this essentially lesbian mindset, the male's ability to respond to such a woman is irrelevant.
I beg to differ. The stripper's husband is impotent because he is a cuckold. Sex is an act of possession. The husband cannot possess his wife because she gives herself to hundreds of other men every day. She makes her living this way.
When a woman's sexuality is her own, essentially it belongs to any man. She becomes public property, which is what the framers of the Communist Manifesto envisaged. (Children also would belong to the state.) She is less fit for a long-term monogamous relationship.
A woman best thrives in the context of a loving marriage. Despite what feminism says, most women want to belong to one man, their husband.
In the film The Crying Game (1992), director Neil Jordan captures the experience of the modern male: When the protagonist discovers his girlfriend has a penis, he rushes from the room and vomits.
The film notwithstanding, female impersonators are mostly women. By encouraging women to be "strong and independent", feminism has fitted them with a mental phallus. They have become like men and made men redundant. They try to coerce love as if men were hand puppets.
In reality, a woman's power consists in being without a penis, being everything a man is not. Not loud, aggressive, forceful, dynamic, muscular and driven. Some weak men are drawn to these "dynamic" women but they are really looking for themselves.
Feminine power consists in persuasion rather than force. A real woman relies on her moral authority and attraction, i.e. beauty, grace, charm, love and devotion. These women are extremely rare and naturally in great demand.
Men and women are different. Jonathan Swift remarked that women love flattery but generally men are embarrassed by it. This is because men are active and women are passive.
The universe is held in balance by these positive (active) and negative (passive) principles. Marriage is the way heterosexuals achieve balance.
Men have been emasculated. A man told me that he is afraid his wife would "go ballistic" if he asked her why she didn't even wash the dishes after he had spent the day doing home renovations.
An Australian man recently wrote to me: "For too long I have made girlfriends insecure by not telling them what I wanted because of a fear of appearing overbearing."
Men need to assert their just leadership and dump women who don't like it. There are plenty of fish in the sea and believe me they are biting. With patience and firmness, some feminists can be saved. The rest should be thrown back.
Generally speaking, men need to figure out what they want to accomplish with their life. We need to ask God what He wants us to do. Then define the role we want our wife to play and find a woman who is eager to play it.
This is want women want too. Women are attracted to dynamic men whom they cannot control. He must have a wholesome vision of life where she is cherished for her contribution.
Feminist propaganda teaches that sex roles are merely "stereotypes". As a result, millions of people are clueless about their sexual identities and suffer from arrested development. I was one of them.
At age 53 normally I would have had at least three children. Instead, I have one child and have been divorced three times. It took me until age 50 to figure out what was happening and make a successful marriage.
Feminism corrected some abuses and gave women more opportunity. But these reforms mask its real agenda. It is a psychological warfare program to depopulate and destabilize society, invented by the same Illuminists who gave us Communism. They exploit any grievance to advance their "New World Order" a system of world government that omits any mention of democracy.
Contrary to what media and educators would have us believe, the world is run by occult perverts and super rich criminals. This sounds outrageous I know. If it were fiction, I would have made up something more credible. Read William T Still, New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, 1990.
The Illuminists control us using the education system and mass media. We are conditioned to listen to others instead of trust our common sense and instincts. Generally speaking, people are very gullible.
The woman's role is to empower a man. He uses this power for her benefit. Together they are a team. Heterosexuality works this way.
We cannot conceive that the people who lead society wish us harm. But I'm afraid this is the case. Generally feminism has resulted in the degradation of women, family, and society.
Communism and Nazism were both dress rehearsals for the New World Order. But remember: Communism and Nazism both failed. The New World Order, a.k.a. "globalism" will fail too. The human race cannot be enslaved.
Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game Scruples and author of "A Long Way to go for a Date." His articles on feminism and the new world order appear at his web site He enjoys receiving your comments at




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