Wisconsin Crop Circle Update
From Neil Smith

Jeff - I have visited all three of these recent Crop Circles in central Wisconsin. The two wheat field formations have been certified 'genuine' by investigators. A third, formation in a cornfield has been deemed a hoax.
The 'Clyman' formation, below, near Clyman WI, is large in overall size and quite unique, even when compared to the complex formations found in England.
It is interesting to note the lack of major media coverage of this local event.
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Many Thanks.
This is the first Mayville, WI Crop Circle formation-certified as 'genuine' by scientific investigation and detailed in the following report:
The actual formation of this pattern was witnessed by a local resident as it occurred. The formation of this pattern is reported to have
taken about 12 seconds to complete: Early AM, 7-4-2003.Each of the three circles are approx. 42-43 feet in diameter.
8/14/2003: Still More Crop Circles In WI
Clyman, WI -
The next one (below) in wheat is another formation identified as genuine, with evidence of high energy levels having affected the plants and physical evidence present-this formation was very large-perhaps 100 yards across and was noticeably similar in character to the genuine formations that appeared near Mayville, WI, 7-4-2003.
The interesting thing about this large new formation near Clyman, is that is was very difficult to locate from the ground-was only discovered by chance, by an experienced investigator who noticed it as he was driving past-These aerial photos were taken after the wheat field had been harvested.
The third 'Mayville' formation is a 'Key' shape in Corn, (See Below-Below) near Mayville, has been identified as a Hoaxalthough a very clever one. I have been to each of these locations and the Corn Hoax was very clever, but the Clyman formations are the most complex - perhaps the most complex formation to appear in North America this year?
Strange doings continue in the fields of Wisconsin.
For more info:
Clyman WI - The large diameter circle here is approx 80 feet in diameter. There are 'bends' and elbows in the lines connecting the larger circles.




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