No Traces Of Spectacular
Argentina Meteorite
From Scott Corralis

Diario 'Los Andes' - Mendoza Province, Argentina
Despite the fact that an extensive region from San Rafael to Malargue was combed by air -- reaching the border with Neuqun province--no traces were found of the meteorite which plunged to Earth in the early hours of Friday morning in southern Mendoza.
The failed mission nonwithstanding, the head of the Instituto Coprnico, Jaime Garc,a--a renown scientist and astronomre--claims having no doubt that something fell from space: "If we didn't find it today, will continue looking in other areas we didn't survey," he said.
Aboard the aircraft and with maps in hand, Garcia and Hector Correa, the local Civil Defense coordinator, instructed pilot Juan Pablo Mortarotti as to the possible trajectory of the meteorite. They went by the eyewitness accounts of those who saw the object. Since most claimed the fall occurred in the vicinity of Agua Escondida (Malargue), they flew to that region. "We covered a broad swath of 20 km plus some 200 km in a straight line east of Route 180. We reached Pata Mora (border with Neuqun province). Upon returning, we did so along the eastern slopes of the El Nevado mountain, even seeing the Agua del Toro reservoir, but could see nothing."
However, one thing is clear: if the object fell to earth, it did so in Mendozan territory. Residents of Rincon de los Sauces (Neuquen) neither heard nor saw anything.
They plan to fly again on Monday, employing an Air Force helicopter this time, to have greater maneuverability. They will try to reach two regions where accounts suggest the object may have crashed: between Sierra Pintada and the Reyunos Reservoir, or to the west of the El Nevado mountain.
Translation (C) 2003 Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.



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