Larry Nichols Says
Hillary Is Running

Pioneer Clinton whistleblower Larry Nichols has some advice for anyone who heard Hillary Clinton's announcement on Friday that she's so committed to serving out her term as New York's Senator that she'd turn down a presidential draft.
Don't believe it for a minute, says the old Arkansas hand, who helped get Bill Clinton elected and reelected to five terms as governor and was rewarded with a high-level appointment to the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority for his trouble.
"She's waiting, biding her time, and then she's going to be drafted into the race," Nichol's told NewsMax on Tuesday.
"She's using a trick we used with Bill a million times," said the one-time Clinton insider. "We always had him 'drafted,'" Nichols said, explaining that they'd use rigged polls to make it seem like Bill was the only one who could do the job.
Nichols recalled how, nine years before Hillary promised New Yorkers she would serve out her term as Senator, Bill managed to extract himself from the exact same promise made to Arkansans when he was governor; a pledge that would have kept him in Arkansas two years past the 1992 presidential election.
"In the 1990 campaign, I asked the moderator of a debate in Fayetteville to ask Bill if he wasn't just going use the governor's job as a platform to run for president," the one-time Clinton insider said. As planned, Clinton made the promise that he wouldn't run for the White House.
"That was in November - and by January, he hardly set foot in the governor's office anymore. He was out running for president," Nichols remembered. In fact, Clinton was traveling so much during his pre-campaign for the White Houses that he almost fell below the legal requirement for the minimum number of days a sitting governor had to reside in Arkansas.
In 1991, to mollify voters who less than a year ago had elected him based on his promise to stay, Clinton staged a series of town hall meetings with the help of his supporters in the Democratic Party.
"He'd tell the crowds that he was being called on to run for president, but instead he was determined not to give up being governor," Nichols recalled. "But then he'd always add the qualification that he'd only leave if they thought he could do more for Arkansas as President of the United States."
"So he went around to 20 or so of his handpicked places, and of course, they all said, 'Go, Bill, go!'"
Nichols notes that Hillary already seems to be laying the groundwork for a simliar bait and switch, explaining, "When she denies she's running, she'll always say something like, 'I'm going to back whoever the nominee of our party is.'"
That's meant to sound as if she's talking about someone else, said the former Clinton insider. "But if you'll notice, that doesn't exactly leave her out."
And there's something else that may be even more troubling than the notion of Hillary running for president. In recent months Sen. Clinton has made homeland security her cause celeb, going so far as to complain on Friday that the Bush administration's efforts in that realm have been "a myth."
Conventional wisdom says that national security is an issue that almost always favors the GOP. But what if there's another terrorist attack on George Bush's watch; one that comes after Hillary warned America was unprepared?
"Either Hillary's going against Bill's advice never to pose an open ended question," said Nichols, "or she has reason to believe something will go down that's going to make her warnings look brilliant."



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