CLOSE The Border
With Mexico - NOW

Christen Warwick

To my astonishment, U.S. Senator Trent Lott (Republican) is the ONLY Representative of the ENTIRE U.S. Government to actually SAY that something should be DONE to CLOSE the borders with Mexico. GOOD FOR HIM!
After a full two years in office, President Bush has YET to secure our borders with Canada and Mexico. I realize Mr. Bush has been very, very busy. But, if I were President, I would have taken action to SECURE OUR BORDERS on January 21, 2001!
SECURING OUR BORDERS is ESSENTIAL, especially since there are ongoing terrorist threats against America. (I've known for years that the World Trade Center would be a repeated target. Even a smart high-schooler would see this! Does it *really* take Nobel Prize-winner Henry Kissinger and a U.S. Commission to find out why we didn't realize this?)
Perhaps it all falls back upon U.S. citizens. Until the American People *THEMSELVES* stop watching "entertainment programs" on TV and actively take their flashlights, walkie-talkies, clipboards, and videocameras down to the Mexican border -- and hound the press and their U.S. Representatives every week with concerned letters -- AND make private "Citizens' arrests" of illegal alien trespassers -- forcing the U.S. Border Patrol and County Sheriffs to respond and merely act as "transport agents" -- there will only be "MORE of the same" LISTLESS, USELESS LACK of enforcement by the U.S. Border Patrol and I.N.S... AMERICANS WANT STRONG U.S. AGENCIES IN CHARGE, NOT OFFICIALS AFRAID TO DO ANYTHING because they may offend special interests such as opportunist Jessee Jackson, feminist Gloria Allred or the ultra-liberal ACLU -- and/or the Government may receive some negative coverage from the biased, hopelessly liberal network press.
I have nothing against the Mexican people or those from other Latin countries. Frankly, I admire MANY of the people of Latin descent we have in this country. Some Latin women are breathtakingly beautiful, gentle and kind -- and many of the Latin men are SO hard-working, it totally amazes me and puts me to shame, even though I thought *I* had a hard work ethic. Countless numbers of these worthy individuals are great assets to the U.S. We should consider ourselves very lucky to have them here in the U.S.
Yet, there IS a practical limit to the number of illegals we can take of ANY nationality -- who secretly cross our borders at night, without papers or authorization.
Arresting illegals, smugglers and terrorists is what we PAY the federal government to DO with our (overly-high) taxes! Instead, U.S. agents fly planes over FOREIGN countries, looking for marijuana! How about deploying those agents along the U.S.-Mexican border? U.S. agencies and the National Guard should be protecting *OUR* border! Why AREN'T they???!!! Instead, the United States is prepared to spend billions (OF OUR MONEY) attacking Iraq half a world away; why not spend that money protecting our OWN borders at HOME? If the U.S. kept its "LONG NOSE" out of foreign affairs (like Switzerland does) maybe we could have a peaceful life!) Or, is there really a different, global New World agenda here?
The illegals crossing U.S. borders are BLEEDING Americans dry, putting such a burden upon U.S. hospitals that they are forced to close under the current medical payment system. We cannot support endless, ENDLESS Mexican trespassers, in addition to our own native-born U.S. citizens. SO, more and more American civilians are starting to TAKE ACTION because the federal government WON'T -- due to misallocated manpower, insufficient funding, a policy of "looking the other way," a fear of "Political Incorrectness" and/or a lack of basic common sense (which, of course, is natural for the Democrats.)
U.S. Border Patrol agents need to be able to DO THEIR JOB, without interference from their "Supervisors" or politicians -- who are afraid of "rocking the boat" with Mexico. (Vicente Fox, the President of Mexico, "dances" all around the problem -- and WON'T EVEN ADMIT that his citizens are illegally crossing into the U.S. -- but, AMERICAN CITIZENS *KNOW* THEY DO! THOUSANDS OF ILLEGALS PER DAY! AND AMERICANS END UP PAYING FOR IT!)
WHY does the U.S.A. have troops all over the world -- when we CAN'T even secure our OWN borders? HELLO!!! HELLO!!!! Is anyone listening?
So, HERE are the "Political Mathematics": Mexicans = VOTERS. Moral: don't anger or disturb Mexicans.
It was once said, "Without borders, you have no country." This leads many Americans to wonder, does the U.S. really HAVE borders anymore??????? Do we even HAVE a country? How MUCH has been given away to the U.N. and to the IMF?
Now the U.S. is prepared to spend BILLIONS on "Homeland Security." Yet, many average Americans (with even a high school education) realize that the U.S. borders need to be secured FIRST! This is grass-roots common sense. Is anyone in the Bush administration working on this?
How ABOUT it, President Bush? At least *YOU* have some SPINE, which is more than I can say for that LAST person in the White House (Bill-impeached-whatever-his name-was.) Hopefully, he will fade into obscurity. In the meantime, President Bush, PLEASE SECURE THE BORDERS! NO MORE impotent, diplomatic "NICE TALK" with Mexican President Fox!
Mr. Christen Warwick -- a natural-born citizen of California and resident of the state of Arizona, USA


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