The Red Chinese Secret Police
In The United States - Part 3
S.E.C.-China Mess Can Rock US
By Sherman H. Skolnick

The U.S. securities industry supposed federal watchdog has been rocked with allegations of apparent penetration by Red Chinese intelligence. Purportedly divulged was sensitive commercial-value data made known by, among others, U.S. computers firms, to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Called CTRs, confidential-treatment requests, they are supposed to be kept secret by the S.E.C.
An S.E.C. employee, Mylene Chan, was reportedly fired. An online-service analyst, she reportedly states she resigned and was planning to leave the U.S. She denies wrongly divulging any such data. This type of information, CTRs, are confidential and secret reports of U.S. firms that contain proprietary and other sensitive material that companies do not want to be public and other sensitive data the firms do not want to be available to competitors, such as in Red China.
The S.E.C.-Red China story was first revealed by the Washington Times, ostensibly owned by the Korean C.I.A. through Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who has been accused of being part of a money laundry front to disguise, for tax evasion and other purposes, vast funds from overseas firms, such as in South Korea. Some years ago, Washington was rocked by an earlier scandal when a purported official of the Korean C..I.A. was accused of massive bribery of various members of the U.S. House and Senate.
Long-time investigative journalist Robert Parry, formerly a correspondent for a major magazine, has written about and inquired into the shadowy doings of Rev. Moon, the Korean C.I.A., and George Herbert Walker Bush.
Parry's details have been publicized through a publication of his, Consortium News, and their website. <> Also see, "Dark Side of Rev. Moon: Hooking George Bush", by Robert Parry. The opus details how Daddy Bush has been a form of lobbyist and front man for Rev. Moon's purported money laundering through a South American publication and other worldwide money washing enterprises. See, <>
The Washington Times divulged the S.E.C.-Red China details in exclusive stories on 11/11/02 and 11/12/02.Other prior details have been contained in books by Washington Times writer,Bill Gertz, and in books, such as "Year of the Rat--How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash", by Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett II, Regnery Publishing, Inc., 1998.
The reputed players in the Red China mess have NOT been divulged in the Washington Times currently or previously. Such as:
Prescott S. Bush, Jr., brother of Daddy Bush, and uncle of White House resident and occupant George W. Bush. Uncle Prescott, a East coast purported "investment arranger", has been head of the Chicago-based U.S.-China Chamber of Commerce. Some consider it is no conincidence that the Red Chinese Secret Police have an apparent armlock on the Chicago markets, in the laundering of dope funds, weapons deals, and proceeds of smuggling of human body parts for transplant hospitals in the Chicago-area and elsewhere. This is an open secret, but not mentioned in the liars and whores of the financial press, such as the Wall Street Journal. Reportedly involved are certain hotshot traders on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange, as well as the Chicago Stock Exchange (formerly known as the Midwest Stock Exchange and center of a messy purported tax evasion/embezzlement scandal implicating officials of the marke
Uncle Prescott reportedly was in some form or another, involved in highly questionable U.S.-Red China deals, on occasion with the participation of renegade and other officials of Israel intelligence, The Mossad. Prescott was ostensibly helpful in conveying some 40 million dollars as a pay-off to Red China by George W. Bush, in April, 2001, shortly after Bush, Jr. occupied the White House. The clandestine funds were to encourage Red China to release a U.S. spy plane and a number of intelligence operatives onboard when the plane was forced down by Red China and the operatives for a while held hostage.
[For related details, visit our website story, "Red China Gets Big Bucks in Secret Hostage Deals".]
Prescott S. Bush, Jr. according to various published accounts, has reportedly arranged corrupt deals using the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. [See references available through search engines such as <>]
For data on the Japanese mafia operations in America, visit our website story "The Japanese Mafia in the U.S."
By the way, the Korean C.I.A.'s Washington Times stories, according to savvy sources, are calculated to blackmail the BushWhite House with undisclosed details such as contained herein, to prevent prosecution of the "moonies" as they are called as well as a possible federal grand jury quiz directed at the Rev. Moon money laundering empire interwoven with the Bush Crime Family.
Prescott S. Bush, Jr. has also been an executive of Dresser Industries in which his brother, George Herbert Walker Bush had a financial interest in originally aiding the ruling dictator-family of Kuwait in oil development. Dresser, now a unit of Richard Cheney's Halliburton, has reportedly been implicated in secretly aiding Iraq defeat the embargo and supplying Iraq with oil patch machinery.
ALAN GREENSPAN. another player in the Red Chinese Secret Police penetrating U.S. company secrets, for many years has headed the Federal Reserve. With the use of his secret wire transfer authorization code, Greenspan has aided the Bush Crime Family, in massive laundering of the proceeds from the Red China dope trade to the U.S., as well as the illicit funds from other dope smuggling, clandestine weapons deals, and covert political assassination funding. Used were the Bush Crime Family's 25 worldwide accounts. Included is the Bush joint account with the Queen of England, through her private bank, Coutts Bank London. The authenticated secret wire transfer records are attached to our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", listing the accounts and passwords, including a one hundred billion dollar transaction through the Bush joint account with the British monarch.
The Bush secret accounts went on to not only launder funds of the Red Chinese Secret Police and their surrogate/agent Marc Rich (more about him later), but for what became Enron, Arthur Andersen, and such. A long-reliable top financial source has informed us that Greenspan claims he is tired of being used by the Bush Crime Family as well as General Electric Capital. Greenspan is married to his longtime girl friend Andrea Mitchell, NBC White House correspondent that seems to be part of the Red China-U.S. whitewash. She works for NBC, owned by General Electric which is seeking to be compensated for large funds they invested in India, in the terrible scandal there known as the Dabhol Project, am energy development involving also Enron. Richard Cheney and Colin Powell have reportedly been using their White House clout to pressure the India government to compensate the U.S. investors, including G.E.
MARC RICH, international swindler, arranging multi-billion dollar mineral and metal deals, and the laundering of illicit funds through the Chicago markets. He escaped from the U.S. and is holed up in Zug, Switzerland. He reporrtedly caused to be conveyed, as a bribe pay-off to Bill and Hillary Clinton, several million dollars. For this, Clinton as out-going President, at the zero hour in leaving office in January, 2001, granted a pardon to Marc Rich. Israeli officials including former Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak, pressured the Clintons and reportedly were the courier apparatus arranging the offshore depositing of the bribe funds. The Israeli officials confirmed to the Clintons that Marc Rich has aided and assisted the Israeli secret political police, The Mossad, in overseas clandestine projects involving among other things, huge transfers of covert funds.
The Pardongate scandal has been the on-going subject of inquiry by the Federal prosecutors in New York. They have submitted questions to Barak requiring him to answer. Unknown to them, Barak was recently in the U.S. Furious at him not answering questions as to the apparent bribery of the Clintons and related tax evasions, the prosecutors contend they will arrest Barak the moment he again sets foot in the U.S. The Israeli Embassy in Washington has warned recently about the possible arrest of Barak who is also believed to be a key player in the joint secret deals, Bush Crime Family, Red China, Israel.
A major Israel newspaper, in their English language edition, mentioned the possibility of Barak being arrested in the U.S. in the Marc Rich Affair. <http://www.ha'>www.ha' 11/09/02
RAHM EMANUEL as former senior Clinton White House advisor was reportedly implicated in various illicit dealings with the Red Chinese penetrating U.S. industrial, financial, and military secrets. A dual citizen, Israel/US. he left the U.S. about 1990 to serve in the Israel Defense Forces, the IDF After leaving the Clinton White House, where he served off and on for some six years, Rahm made a sizeable fortune apparently from the secret Red Chinese dealings to get at U.S. secrets, while Rahm Emanuel was a top official of the investment house, Wasserstein, Perella & Co. Rahm is ostensibly an accomplished participant in "political opposition research", a code name for compiling and using blackmail data.
Rahm Emanuel has used a portion of his apparently ill-gotten fortune to buy massive advertising and such, paving the way for him to win, as he did, the Illinois Congressional District previously occupied by defrocked Congressman Rostenkowski, convicted of embezzling sums from the House of Representives private bank. With his dual political loyalty as well, Rahm both supported Clinton publicly while he apparently manipulated him privately using reputed The Mossad controlled sexmate, Monica Lewinsky.
Rahm Emanuel has ostensibly functioned as The Mossad's Deputy Chief for North America. In the past, some of Israeli intelligence's top officials for U.S./Canada, were headquartered in Chicago, operating in part through Bank Leumi. [In 1993, through a one-hour public access Cable TV program, we exposed the bank and a major spy/swindler, later jailed, aided and abetted by the bank allowing him under the table funds as "overdrafts", the Clifford Sugarman affair. He was jailed as a consequence of our tv show.]
WAL-MART has been interwoven, as we have shown, with the Red Chinese Secret Police operations in the United States. Various contraband items are coming into the U.S. by direct flights to a huge new airport near the current Wal-Mart headquarters in Northwest Arkansas; direct flights from Red China, which bypass U.S. Customs inspections through tricks. Some of the goods sold by Wal-Mart at knockdown prices, destroying competitors like K-Mart, are produced by slave labor in facilities in Red China and Sri Lanka, controlled by the Red Chinese Secret Police.
FBI and the American C.I.A. have allowed, permitted, condoned, and acquiesced in the Red Chinese Secret Police committing murder and mayhem on U.S. soil, with impunity and immunity, since 1956. Reports by retired intelligence officials, as a team, have been ignored by the FBI and the CIA.
Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations, highest navy official in uniform, headed a team of "flag officers", military lingo for Admirals and Generals, attempting from 1995 on, to arrest Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton for treason, giving U.S. secrets to the Red Chinese. Ten of the team, to stop the efforts, were assassinated, including Boorda. We have mentioned this in prior stories.
RON BROWN, as head of the U.S. Commerce Department during the Clinton Administration, was assassinated following a sabotage airplane crash in Yugoslavia. He and a flight attendant survived the crash caused by foul play, moving the radio beacon so that the plane was directed into a hill instead of the runway. Brown, as later shown by x-rays, was apparently murdered by being shot through the top of the head. The flight attendant, walking and in good order, was murdered by having a major artery slashed on the way to be checked at the hospital. Two airport officials were later murdered, each "suicided", death by staged suicides. The U.S. Military, in a strange procedure, failed to investigate the crash.
Brown reportedly insisted to Clinton that Brown was not going to "take the fall", being the subject of a federal criminal prosecution, for pay-offs Brown received from the Red Chinese Secret Police to obtain secret U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets. Brown was murdered after he continued to insist he receive "part of the action".
KENNETH W. STARR spent huge taxpayer funds as supposed "Independent Counsel" for four years running half-heartedly against Bill and Hillary Clinton. Starr came up only with juicy sex-tales regarding Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton. Most of the time, Starr spent in his PRIVATE law practice. His client? Wang Jun, head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. From time to time, Clinton met with Wang Jun in or near the White House. As the assassinated flag officers were prepared to document, their Commander-in-Chief Clinton reportedly turned over to Wang Jun, U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets, constituting the classic version of treason, aiding and abetting a sworn enemy of the United States.[U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3.]
There was actually a stand-off between the Clintons and Starr. Why and how? At any moment, the Clinton Justice Department could prosecute Kenneth W. Starr as AN UNREGISTERED FOREIGN LOBBYIST for the Red Chinese government in Beijing. And the Wang Jun affair could cause the jailing of both Bill Clinton and his supposed nemesis, Starr.
THE SECRET COURT, set up under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, has been inquiring whether to order wiretaps and other surveillance methods, as to the foregoing. They meet in soundproof facilities in the Justice Department building, Washington, D.C. The Bush Justice Department, however, is seeking to prevent two super-secret agencies from proceeding to extend their authority in respect to the foregoing. That is, the National Reconnaissance Office, NRO, and the National Security Agency, NSA. In charge of satellites and imaging systems, the NRO already has sufficient proof to prosecute each and every government official and operative herein mentioned.
George W. Bush is seeking to bottle up the S.E.C.-Red China aspect, which is just the opening part of the scandal. As a whitewash, Bush appointed a new chairman of a Congressionally mandate commission on Red China and U.S. security issues. In October, 2002, Bush appointed as new chairman, Roger Robinson, of the U.S.-China Security Review Commission. Robinson can be depended on to conduct a reported whitewash to cover up some of the things mentioned herein. During the Reagan Administration, when Daddy Bush actually ran the White House for the two Reagan terms of office, Robinson was part of the National Security Council. Robinson was quoted in the Washington Times, 11/12/02, "It's troubling to learn that a soft, but sensitive, agency like the SEC may have been penetrated". Some consider that statement by Robinson merely to throw critics off their guard.
To further understand the foregoing, visit and study, the following:
Our website series of many items "Red Chinese Secret Police in the United States". Also, "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police". And the series on Marc Rich, particularly how he is helping a Red Chinese monopoly to foist non-lead bullets on the U.S. Military and eventually on ordinary Americans, called "Marc Rich---King of the U.S. Bullets".
What is the reason, none dare call this TREASON?
Will there be a whitewash to clear both Bill Clinto and George W. Bush?
More coming....Stay tuned.


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