The Proof Of Survival After Death
From Michael Roll

Repeatable Experiments With Mathematical Back-Up
Here is the Cleaver report - crushing proof of survival after death that is always kept away from the public. They are only allowed to hear the thoughts of the "great" James Randi on the subject! It's in the mediums section on my website. All Randi and his army of professional wreckers can do is to censor the proof of survival after death. They have been incredibly successful in doing this because they have access to unlimited amounts of money as well as almost total control of all media and educational outlets. We have no money at all. Our lawyer Victor Zammit gives his services free of charge. The same with our webmasters. If I had to pay my webmaster for the time he has spent on my website I would be looking at a bill approaching £100,000. However, it's nice to know Randi has to pay for his lawyers!
Randi has homed onto an outstanding Scandinavian medium Marion Dampier-Jeans who is giving incredible comfort to grieving people. In her own country she is as famous as Doris Stokes and just as successful. Hence the interest from Randi.
Marion, please send this to your Scandinavia media contacts. Refer them to our websites. I have already given you victor's. Here's ours for them to click onto and Victor's for the rest of the team:
To all those fighting to present the secular case for survival after death. For goodness sake pass this on. The Internet is our only outlet. We are not allowed to balance Randi, Wiseman, Blackmore etc. Only one "expert" opinion is reaching the public on most radio, television and educational outlets. Do nothing and these professional wreckers win. Please do not just sit back and leave it to Jeff Rense and a handful of others.
-- Michael
Comment by Michael Roll...
In 1982 a young journalist called Alan Cleaver carried out a revolutionary scientific exercise that completely vindicated the pioneering experiments of <file:///D:/articles/scientists/crookes/crookes.html>Sir William Crookes and the Nobel Laureate Professor Charles Richet when they proved survival after death by repeatable experiments under laboratory conditions. Alan is now the Editor of the Hampshire Chronicle.
My paper presenting Alan Cleaver's scientific exercise, that was written for a conference of the Society for Psychical Research, was officially censored! Professor Bernard Carr (the current President of the SPR) said in a letter to me:
"Your topic is not really appropriate for the conference audience."
The Society for Psychical Research must be quickly closed down because people are leaving money in their wills actually thinking the SPR is looking into life after death as the founders had intended in 1882. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every article and scientific paper that supports Sir Oliver Lodge FRS, the inventor of radio who linked the subject of survival after death with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics, is immediately censored by those who control what information is allowed through to the members and the public.
Michael Roll
Here is Alan Cleaver's report that was published in March 1987. It is taken from 'Anomaly' the Journal of Research into the Paranormal. Issued by the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP):
Alan Cleaver's Report
What constitutes proof of life after death? Is it a series of messages received from a clairvoyant or trance medium? Is it seeing an apparition of someone you know to be dead? Is it making objects paranormally move, appear or disappear - or is it something more? Psychical researchers have argued this point for years and the debate is likely to continue for many years more but the most convincing evidence I have witnessed was when Gena Brealey spoke for about an hour to her dead mother Helen Duncan through medium Rita Goold.
The Return of Helen Duncan
Rita Goold, her husband Stephen, and friends Pat and Barry Jeffery, had been sitting for some months developing a link with the dead when one of their regular communicators claimed to be Helen Duncan, the materialisation medium who died in 1956.
As with other communicators, Rita and the other sitters asked for proof. Some of this could be checked out through articles and books already available on Helen but the opportunity to check some of the more obscure references came when Helen's daughter, Gena Brealey, visited a Spiritualist church in Leicester. Rita and friends invited Gena to tea and by casually guiding the conversation were able to check some of the other points made by the spirit entity claiming to be Helen. The data checked out but they did not reveal to Gena that her mother was apparently communicating to them. Rita broke the news to Gena in August 1982 and it was arranged for her to visit the circle.
At the test sance were Gena, Rita, Pat, Barry and myself. Not surprisingly we were all a little nervous, not least Rita the medium. The sance was held in the front room of Pat and Barry's home; as with all sances it was held in complete darkness apart from light supplied by luminous paint on the edge of the table and on some of the musical instruments or objects used during the sances.
We lay our hands on the small table and it began to tilt. The light was turned out and the table continued its gyrations. Some apports (paranormally produced objects) were felt to land on the table and eventually we put the light back on. The apports were several deep red carnations and a single red rose which had been placed in front of Gena. Gena broke down in tears and cried, "What greater proof could I have?" She revealed that at her mother's funeral she had placed a single red rose - unbeknown to other relatives and friends - in her mother's hands in the coffin and whispered, "I love you." Years later a medium had told her of this (seemingly relaying the message from Helen) and also said that one day her mother would return the red rose to her. Now the rose had returned. The light was extinguished once more and through raps the spirit communicators asked us to put the tambourine on the table. This was heard to rattle vigorously and, thanks to the luminous paint, seen to dance around the room. The tambourine was discarded and the communicators asked for the sance trumpet, a metal cone with luminous paint on the ends through which spirit voices had on many occasions been clearly heard.
Normally at this stage the outer circle removed Rita's shoes and watch and threw them on the floor. However, Barry had expressed some concern about Rita's watch possibly being broken by this and asked if they could be more careful. This time the watch was placed in my lap. I estimate that it was dropped from a height of no more than a couple of inches. Rita is sitting perhaps seven or eight feet away and was by this time entering a trance state; the room is pitch black. This was one of hundreds of occasions during my many visits to the Leicester sances that whoever was causing the phenomena clearly demonstrated their ability to see in the dark.
Rita was now in trance. Soon the trumpet was seen, with the help of the luminous strips at the ends, to rise into the air. Helen had always been the first to speak at the sances I had so far attended but that evening Russell Byrne was the first to speak. Russell had died on 14 August 1963 from cancer. He was nine years old. For most of the time he communicated as a nine-year-old boy; he said this was for "identification" purposes. On rare occasions he spoke as a man.
Speaking through the trumpet he introduced himself and welcomed Gena to the circle. Laura, using the trumpet, sang to the circle, along with the taped music playing softly in the background (a feature of every sance was the use of taped music). Laura was another of the regular spirit communicators. Then Helen came and spoke, through the trumpet, to Gena. She spoke first of the rose and declared, "If I could I would bring you a thousand roses." There was a break halfway through the sance but apart from that Gena spoke almost continually to her mother for more than an hour.
Much of the conversation was of a highly personal nature and Gena asked me not to release all the details. It contained not only information about Gena's childhood and Helen's work as a medium but also about her family today. It was difficult to follow carefully all the conversation because of the use of unfamiliar Scottish slang and because they spoke about people and events of which I, and the rest of the sitters, had no knowledge. For example, at one point Helen said she had thrown all the illnesses she had suffered from during her physical life in the 'midden'. Gena explained afterwards that this was Scottish slang for a rubbish tip. Helen also used the term 'poke' saying Gena could take her rose home in a poke. Gena explained afterwards that a poke is a paper cone. Helen also told Gena to take the rose home to her husband, George. This puzzled the rest of us until Gena explained her husband had "green fingers" and would know how to make a rose bush from the one bud.
Gena, a Spiritualist, cried during the sance but she could scarcely be called an over emotional person. I was quite convinced she would not be afraid to denounce the voice if it was not her mother. But to make sure I rang Gena three days after the sance and she reiterated there was no doubt it was her mother. There were no 'difficult' moments during the test sance and the conversation flowed freely and easily.
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This article is censored from all large circulation papers and magazines throughout the world because it links the subject of survival after death with the scientific discipline of subatomic physics - the study of the invisible part of the universe.
The Jeff Rense Radio Programme publishes the Cleaver Report
From Michael Roll
To Leon Canning
Leon, many thanks for making contact. As a raging sceptic and an atheist I am only interested in repeatable experiments backed up with a mathematical theory. I have never taken part in a "seance". These emotive words are used by our most deadly enemies in order to frighten people off.
The whole point of the Cleaver Experiment is that it backs up the revolutionary pioneering experiments of Crookes, Richet etc. All on my website. Cleaver is alive and well and the Editor of the Hampshire Chronicle. So are the mothers who have been physically reunited with their "dead" children on hundreds of occasions. Sadly it's all too hot to handle in the Theocracy of Great Britain. I am only fighting to just present the secular case for survival for people to accept or reject as the case may be. People can't do this is the UK because they are not allowed access to it. This is what has really fired me up in what is laughingly called a free country.
I nearly had a fit when I witnessed the Rita Goold experiment in 1983 - six recently deceased people walking about the room as solid and as natural as we are for hours on end. For a couple of years Rita had a whole stack of Spiritualists trouping through the house treating the greatest scientific experiment in the history of mankind just as if it was a trip to the bingo! I reasoned that all we had to do was get a team of top scientists in with cameras and Bob's your uncle. How naive I was then. I have found out the hard way that the religious and scientific establishments are not just going to sit back and watch their own destruction.
I found my scientific team almost immediately led by Prof. Archie Roy of Glasgow University. They witnessed exactly the same experiments that I witnessed but of course there was no way Prof. Roy could publish without doing the same exercise as Crookes did. "It could take a year." said Prof. Roy on the phone.
Like an idiot I gave publicity to the fact that this experiment had been taken out of the hands of the religion of Spiritualism and it was now under the control of scientists. All the time Rita was messing about with Spiritualists she was no danger to those powerful forces who would be destroyed by the proof of survival, especially now that we have the missing mathematical theory to match the experiments. All hell broke loose. Rita's life was threatened if she went ahead with Archie Roy's experiments. She had never taken one penny for the incredible inconvenience she had to put up with. Here was an ordinary decent lady who cared only about bringing comfort to people who had lost loved ones and the only reward for her dedication was to have her life threatened and a whole stack off appalling lies floated about her. Understandably Rita hit the roof and said sod the lot of 'em. Science lost the goose that laid the golden eggs. Other materialisation mediums are coming on the scene but we are having great difficulty in getting them away from the Spiritualists and into the physics laboratory. I feel this is partly my fault for being so naive in 1983. It won't happen again. The next time a materialisation dedicates their wonderful gift to science and Prof. Peter Wadhams from Cambridge University comes in with the cameras we will all clam up until publication.
We are only going to repeat the experiments that have already been carried out and published. International teams of scientists starting with Sir William Crookes in 1874. However, this time we will be working with very sophisticated recording equipment that the pioneers of subatomic phenomena lacked. We are not dealing with "psychics" as we have been criminally led to believe. We are dealing with mediums - nature's link with people on Earth and those who live in the normally invisible part of the universe. The part that is not recognised by orthodox scientific teaching across any discipline. They are all singing from the same incorrect hymn sheet. Just like a bunch of King Canutes against a huge tide of truth in the shape of the Internet.
Michael Roll
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Subject: Survival after Death
I read the piece you wrote, as published on the Jeff Rense website, and found it very interesting, but also quite misleading.
I enjoyed the report of the seance, but I did not find proof of any scientific testing, showing repeatibility under laboratory conditions- just heresay evidence. Did I miss something?
I have not yet had a chance to follow the links provided in the article, so I may be somewhat rushing to judge you. I hope that's the case.
Leon W. Canning


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