Considerations On
Recent Terrorist Actions

By <>
Harry Mason Perth, Australia

Dear Jeff,  
Just a few weeks ago many Australians saw a TV interview with a somewhat gruff US Ambassador to OZ who, seemingly upset with the prevalent (majority) popular objection of Australian citizens to Australia's involvement in the planned US military invasion of Iraq (or "Regime Change" as it has become known in extant "Poli-Speak"), warned us that Australia was not immune to Al Qaeda style terrorist action. Crazy as it seems at first sight many who saw this interview gleaned his attitude to actually be an unspoken but implied threat of terrorist action if we did not mend our wayward non-compliant attitudes.
Our OZ ways have included a rising anguish at the treatment of the Palestinians by the forces of Israel as directed by Sharon and supported by Bush, AND a very widespread and fast setting view against helping in the US plans for a military invasion of Iraq, coupled with an increasing anger at the new Pax Americana planetary policies of Dubya's USA.   Meanwhile in Europe the Germans were fighting an internal political election battle over Yes-No re support for the planned US military invasion of Iraq. The NO side won and Germany came down solidly against any involvement in, or UN support for, the planned US-Iraq war. Similarly France held out against the USA and, although willing to support renewed UN site investigations, refused to back the US demand for stronger UN resolutions that would automatically lead via a short fuse to a rapid UN supported war on Iraq. Reportedly the vast majority of other European populations are also dead set against this new US war. Not only these peoples but also a very large percentage of Britons are similarly dis-interested in this new American game - with it's very real risk of devolution into World War III.  
Then within a few days we were presented with fresh Al Jazeera TV announcements (a) that Osama bin Laden (aka they seek him here - they seek him there - the elusive pimpernel) was alive and well, and (2) a message - reportedly from another Al Qaeda Chief - threatening terrorist attacks against both French and German interests. These news items were immediately followed by a terrorist attack - an explosive laden motor boat against a French Super-Tanker off the coast of Yemen.   Back in OZ we simultaneously experienced nation wide TV warnings by one Rohan Gunaratna, the author of "Inside Al Qaeda". This previously unknown to us "expert on terrorism" issued a specific warning that Al Qaeda members have been trained to destroy targets in Australia, stating that he'd been given the information during debriefings of captured Al Qaeda members. Amazing how this author got access to these prisoners - the most tightly held since the Gulag Archipelago - and national TV airtime across OZ - he must have some very interesting connections.
Then last night there occurred the horrendous and despicable terrorist bombings of two night clubs in Bali - frequented predominantly by holidaying Australians. First reports talk of +182 dead (with the count expected to climb) plus hundreds wounded including many horribly burned. These casualties include many young Australian, English, German, Dutch, and Indonesian-Balinese.  
Just what sort of "Muslim Terrorist" threatens to bomb the persons and interests of people who are basically for Human Rights in Palestine and against the US Dubya Bush plans for an invasion of Iraq ??? What sort of IDIOT would then do so and thereby ruin this genuine grass roots support for their cause within Germany, France, Britain, Holland etc, and Australia ???   Strangely unlike the Northern Irish or Basque terrorist actions these latest bombings of people and assets have NOT been followed by any public claims of authorship and their cause.  
However this omission has been corrected by our Australian TV which has been running pictures of Saddam Hussein and linking the blasts to Al Qaeda or off-shoot SE Asian Muslim organisations - throughout tonight's Bali Bombing News slots.   We are told tonight by our new ABC "terrorist guru" - Rohan Gunaratna - that "ONLY Al Qadea have the intention and ability to carryout such terrorist bombings as that in Bali".
I seem to recall an almost identical line being spun on US TV - just minutes after the 9-11 New York Twin Trade Tower incidents .
ONLY AL QAEDA can do this - NO ONE else - do not forget this viewers !!!   Obviously the Al Qaeda group lack quality spin doctors and planners amongst their other key personnel - the ones with the "sole planetary ability to mount such terrorist attacks" - since better strategic planning would presumably strike real enemies of the Muslim or Iraqi world - not their potential or real allies.   Equally obviously such claims that Al Qaeda are the ONLY possible sources of such terrorism are TOTAL bullshit. There exist many state run and possibly other independent organisations with the ability to mount such terrorist attacks. Even OZ's very own ASIO (a sort of low budget CIA) managed to place a little bomb outside a Sydney hotel a few decades ago - where Commonwealth Prime Ministers were meeting - they even blamed a religious sect (Ananda Marga) for the action and death of a council worker - not to mention their organising a series of wood chip factory bombings across the land - all well researched after the event as attempts at political interference to re-elect the Liberal Party to power. Not that I suspect our little ASIO of being the source all of this recent rather oddly targeted international terror.   Perhaps there is ANOTHER Third Party Agency at work here ??? One that wants a war between the Muslim and Western Worlds. One that wants to push the peoples of France, Germany, Holland, Britain, and Australia into the US led "Clash of Civilisations" and against Iraq and the Muslim world ??? One that wants to create a major World War ???  I wonder just who this could be ??? As in solving all crimes one must follow the motive and benefit line to it's logical conclusion.  
As events begin to spiral along out of control on the road to a major war between Western and Muslim civilisation it behoves us to get it 100% right and identify the true "Terror of Mankind" who is running these inhumane actions - BEFORE we jump into aiding and abetting planetary mayhem by joining the Dubya "Rape, Loot, and Pillage Mission.  
The powers of darkness are unleashing the dogs of war and we might just have time to put them back in their kennel - but time is running very short mates.  
Harry Mason  
Perth, Western Australia 6124


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