How To See Chemtrail
Clouds And Chemtrail Webs
PurpleCrow and Hybrids-R-Us
Seen anything strange in the sky lately?
Odd weather? Maybe...
How to see chemtrail related clouds and chem-webs:
If it's sunny outside... Grab a dark pair of sunglasses. Step outside your home or car. Look towards the sun remembering to use your hand to cover the sun. Look around the perimiter of the sun. Look closely. You will see odd looking "rainbow" colours around the sun, except most of the "purple/green" colours are not present. You will see this in the UPPER stratospheric clouds, the lower clouds, AND even in local FOG! (IE: The water vapour in the air you are now breathing.) (It is best to see how close this material is to you if you do this right after a good rain, while the clouds are dispersing rather quickly.)
What is this stuff you are looking at? Ethylene di-Bromide, an oil, a biotoxin sprayed from military jets at 25,000 ft? Yeah, sure it is... ...but read on...
Take your sunglasses off now and go into your front yard. Face the sun again, but this time bend down low to the ground and look across your lawn. Do you see the spider web like material resting precariously across your lawn? Look closely. It will be laid down in a perfectly linear pattern most often. You will see orange and blue shifting colours in this webbing, the same colours in ethylene di-bromide. If you spray this webbing with water, it won't break easily, and the water just runs right off. If you are lucky, you may see a "spider web" drift by you, right before your eyes. If you are unlucky (like me) you may have one land on your face and come down with flu like symptoms and be misdiagnosed and end up in the hospital with pneumonia and almost die. Poison from the sky? Military jets dropping spider webs on everyone's lawn? Yeah, right! Read on...
Have you seen the jets flying overhead leaving LONG white plumes that last for hours? Have you watched these same "contrails" shift and expand over time and eventually become long stretchy clouds? Have you also seen these "contrails" cover the entire sky and become a white overcast shield, that when the sun comes through it you see a strange looking rainbow around the sun? If you haven't, then you must be spending a lot of time indoors, or if you are outdoors, you don't look at the sky very often. If you have seen this, then you are not alone. Millions have also seen this.
Tests have been run on these "chem-trails" and what has been found will blow your mind! A list of things so long that you almost have to be a doctor to understand the implications to your personal health. Assorted funguss, viri, and bacteria that most seem to be bio- engineered in a lab and are NOT natural to Earth at all! Even "microplasma incognito" has been related to these sprayings. Remember DDT sprayings? Is this any different? Guess what? This latest poison is in your front yard, right now! It's in your air, that stuff you are breathing right now. And all this started around 1998, I remember my first sighting...
I bear witness to this attrocity myself and have been working with thousands of others who also want to see a STOP to this spraying. - William Thomas - Check page 17, my pix.
You want proof? I got proof! Right above you, right now. Or, would you rather just hope it all just goes away? You may be able to delete this e-mail, but you cannot delete those spider webs (chem-webs) on your lawn right now. Don't touch them unless you have a death wish. You cannot delete the Ethylene di-bromide from your clouds and your air. Or maybe you can...
DO SOMETHING! Yes. Go to the above sites and SHARE this e-mail with every single person you meet. It's YOUR BODY and LIFE that's in real danger right now. Not to mention if you have kids, and family.
If you are shy, just CC this letter and drop it anon. onto desks of co-workers, or leave this on a bus seat, mail this letter to people all over, especially the MEDIA and PILOTS, whatever you can think of. Just do it. The MORE people see this material for themselves, the more we all stand a chance to STOP it. Show your friends the webbing on their lawn. Show them the colours around the sun, and then ask if at any point in their past do they remember these things.
Keep these sites safe. Read them all the way through. Back up your files and info on this subject. TAKE PICTURES of the jets, close-ups if you can. Anything and everything you do WILL help. Share your story with EVERYONE. Please. I don't want to leave this world thinking that people just don't care anymore.
In mutual respect, honor and truth,
Purple 'Reptoid' Crow
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