Mystery Illness Kill Texas
Teen - Brother In Coma

IRVING, Texas -- Health officials Tuesday were awaiting test results that would reveal what killed a 13-year-old Irving girl and left her 15-year-old brother in a coma.
City, county and state public health experts took no chances ... investigators wore special "protective suits" to go into the house.
According to investigators, the girl died Sunday from an unknown cause.
Officials also said that the boy became critically ill a week ago, suffering a high fever and difficulty breathing.
Both teens shared the same bedroom with three other siblings, who have been hospitalized as a precaution.
"I think our biggest concern right now is to make sure there's not some type of infectious disease process that's of a concern that we have to watch out for," Dr. James Zoretic said.
Zoretic, the director of the Texas Department of Health, said Legionnaires' disease is a possibility.
However, until the mystery is solved, officials have quarantined the home while they collect test samples.
"We found three air conditioners, nothing obviously wrong with them," Irving Health Department investigator Robb Nance said. "We did swab samples on all three air conditioners. We went into the shower and did a swab sample on the head and took a water sample from the shower."
Investigators said they also removed from the house what they called "herbal medicine."
Unidentified neighbors said the family doesn't believe in doctors, and that the children may never have received basic immunizations to prevent illness.
Meanwhile, child welfare agents are also investigating whether the parents are providing proper child care. However, officials did not take custody of the couple's remaining children.
The parents have not been sick and were not hospitalized.
However, officials late Tuesday morning announced that the children's grandfather, who lives in a house across the street, had also fallen ill.
Todays news--
Officials Identify Fatal 'Mystery Illness'
State Health Officials Know What Killed Girl
IRVING, Texas -- State health officials Wednesday identified the illness that killed a 13-year-old Irving girl and left her 15-year-old brother in a coma.
According to officials, an illness known as "walking pneumonia" is responsible for killing Rachel Johnson (left) and sickening her brother, Mathew (right).
Officials also confirmed that the teens' three other siblings, who had been hospitalized as a precautionary measure, also have the illness and are being treated.
Officials said that the children's parents were not ill.
However, despite their findings, health officials said they don't know why both children had such sudden and severe reactions to the illness.
According to the family's pastor, Dr. Steve Nutter, officials are looking into other factors that may have contributed to the severity of teens' illness.
Meanwhile, the Health Department has lifted the quarantine it had previously placed on the family's house before the illness was identified.
Legionnaires' disease is listed as one of the differential diagnosis when considering Mycoplasma Pneumonia.
'Walking Pneumonia'...My Foot!
From Patricia Doyle, PhD>
Hello Jeff - I like the diagnosis, 'Walking Pneumonia.' Right? This sounds a lot like Madagascar.
I noticed that the health department went into the home with "space suits." All the kids are
I have been corresponding with Pasteur lab Madagascar and am told they operate at level 2. That is strange. Also, they claim m. pneumonae is not a coinfection of the "flu" in Madagascar.
I wonder if we will hear more cases like this? 'Walking pneumonia' my foot. Public health must think that the public is stupid. T


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