Scalar/HAARP? Triangle Cloud
Formations In Florida

From Eugene Murphy

From Daniel Villarreal
I wanted to say that I figured out what caused those triangle clouds in the photos.
I was heading to work very early in the morning and I looked to the East and noticed the same formation as in those pictures. There was this neatly sliced triangle-like cloud. I then noticed that further in the distance, as the sun was just making its way over the horizon, that some other clouds were blocking the suns rays and they cast shadows on the clouds closer towards me.
These shadows almost were the same color as the sky, and if you weren't able to see the clouds in the distance obscuring the sun's rays, you'd probably wonder what could cause a section of clouds to appear sliced something like a triangle.
I seriously doubt those photos have anything to do with Haarp. I'm afraid I didn't explain what I saw very well, but I know what caused those formations in those pictures, and it was nature itself.
I live on the beach in Key West, Florida. My patio is twenty feet above the sand...the water is 50 feet away. There are 5 palm trees that follow my patio around the corner of the condo. At the corner, you can see to the north; to the southwest, about 250 degrees. they call it a 'horseshoe' patio.
During the spring to the fall, the sun sets out of view - the condo building, four stories, blocks the view of the island, to the north and west.
Sometime in the late summer of 2000 -- we don't know exactly...and that is part of this weird story -- I was sitting on the patio at sundown. The sun was shinning brightly and it was above the horizon. I was admiring the 'after glow' which was exceptional. The sky and cloud formations where brilliant pink. In four years of sitting and watching the sun set, this was the most beautiful sunset, ever.
All of a sudden these wedge-shaped formations appeared out of nowhere, over the condo, to the east. They were moving from our left to right (basically, north to south) slowly but perceptively. I swear to whatever that they looked like a piece of pie. I thought we were being invaded by the wedge people. It was dramatic.
The attached photo is the first in the series. You can see that the brilliant pink in the upper part of the sky is gone but the sunlight is illuminating the lower portion of the sky in the east. The three dimensional effect is apparent.
The lone palm tree is the first landmark. The second wedge can be "seen" through the palm tree to the left. That tree is about five feet from our patio railing.
Eugene Murphy
From Jeffrey Alpha
I saw the same cloud formation ( photo #1 in Mr. Murphy's description) while I was traveling in Louisiana on I-12 between Slidell and Mandeville appearing to stretch towards the south-southwestwell past the horizon. I did not see the wedge "shapes", but the long triangular cloud, exactly what was in photo #1, was up there. It was about 7:30pm and getting very dark. VERY VERY STRANGE. I have never seen clouds like that. This happened yesterday, 9-3-02.
I did not think anything more of it until I read Mr. Murphy's Article. What the hell was that? From my point of view, it appeared to be a giant tornado, bent or on its side, obviously without the 200+mph winds because the cloud's edges looked stationary, spanning well past the east and west boarders of Louisiana. I did not see what was in the additional photos.
From Jim Saueressig II
In regards to the triangle-looking cloud shadows.
I see them often here in Kansas. It happens when tall thunderheads to the west create a shadow across the cloud layer as the sun is setting. Usually its when the thunderheads have climbed quite high in the evening but have not started to anvil out yet on top.


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