Great Pyramid Gantenbrink-Shaft
Door To Be Opened In Sept

From Giorgio Tsoukalos

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The Gantenbrink-Shaft Door inside the Great Pyramid will apparently FINALLY be opened September 16-17th covered by FOX Television and National Geographic.
This event will take place almost ten years, TEN!!! years AFTER its rediscovery in 1993 by A.A.S. R.A. Member Rudolf Gantenbrink.
As if this weren't already a scandal that it has taken so long to further explore this door, "authorities" now report that Rudolf Gantenbrink will NOT be allowed to be a part of the opening of the shaft's door!
Even more so, how come it has taken TEN years until the opening? Is this really a reasonable waiting period? Hardly. Immediately questions arise: could it be that the door has already been explored in clandestine maneuvers, preventing the public from finding out the truth?
The indisputable fact is this: Over the past years, for months and months the Great Pyramid was off-limits and closed to the general public. WHY???
According to official statements the Great Pyramid was closed down for restauration purposes. Restauration purposes? The Pyramid has stood for at least 5 millennia - there never was and never will be a need for... restauration involving the nightly removal of countless buckets filled with debris... read on
The A.A.S. R.A. and have many sources in Egypt and for months we were told that in the middle of the night a 'human conveyor belt' extended out of the Pyramid consisting of dozens and dozens of workers passing on baskets upon baskets filled with rubble...!
Does 'restoration' equal destruction and/or removal of historical debris? in fact, so many buckets debris were removed that one of our associates started to seriously question whether or not the entire inside of the Pyramid was being hollowed out!
Dr. Hawass, we kindly invite you to answer one simple question: Have you already secretly opened the door and PLANTED a mummy inside so that the world can look up at you in awe? If you did, see, that was a mistake because anyone slightly familiar with the subject irrefutably KNOWS that, contrary to popular belief, the Pyramid was NEVER intended as a tomb! But by planting your mummy, you'll simply feed into the fantasies of the general public who are starved for a little adventure and romance. If you did, you've not only hammered the final nail into Egyptology's coffin lid, but committed a crime against humanity.
How come this so-called 'LIVE' televised Special takes place TEN years after the rediscovery by Gantenbrink? We've managed to receive LIVE pictures from the first landing on the Moon for crying out loud!
With this latest stunt, conventional Egyptology is well on its path to completely loose its credibility because we have obviously been lead on a wild goose chase riddled with disinformation and deceit.
Our colleague and fellow A.A.S. R.A. lecturer Robert Bauval has this to say:
"I have discovered that TV6 is the official production company (London based) that is making "Secret Chambers Revealed" for National Geographic, to be transmitted live from Egypt on the 16-17 September to Fox in the USA, who in turn will broadcast live in the USA. [...] it was unclear how they can explain the 9 years delay, and may pin the blame on Gantenbrink and the typical bogeyman scapegoat that he allegedly leaked the news of the discovery to me in April 1993, and I blew the whistle with the British media. We all know the truth about this, [...] that Hawass simply used this as an excuse to elbow Gantenbrink out of this project, and hold on to it for 9 years till he was promoted to Chairman of the Antiquities and be in full control of the opening of the door and reap the full attention for himself. This is an archaeological scandal that the world needs to be reminded of, and condemn.
According to Mr. Reisz of TV6, whom I talked with this afternoon, it seems that Hawass wanted to exclude Gantenbrink completely, but that Mr. Reisz feel that they should at least credit Gantenbrink with the original exploration and the finding of the door in 1993. I asked Reisz if he could confirm that this would be done in the broadcast of 16-17 September, and he assured me that 'he planned to tell the background story of Gantenbrink' and felt confident that Fox/Natgeo will agree with him that this should be included. I also asked Reisz if the new team knew already whay was going to be found, and he said that in all honesty he doesn't know, and that it will all be left as a surprise for the 'live' show. He seemed to think, however, that the team had been 'working at the shafts' for while now, and that they may have done a few dress rehearsals to make sure they can get their robot up there to the 'door' during the live show next month. More than that he was not willing to say."
Therefore, the A.A.S. R.A. and is asking YOU to fill out this petition at to properly request Gantenbrink's inclusion in the opening of the door and to give credit where credit is due!
Some of you must have been wondering why above we've kept referring to Gantenbrink as the REdiscoverer of the shaft. We're about to release the following in our Daily News Section (you see it here first!):
Press Release - FOR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! - A.A.S. R.A. about to announce significant News related to Gantenbrink-Shaft!
The A.A.S. R.A. and are currently preparing significant News containing substantial information regarding the two shafts leading out of the so-called "Queen's Chamber" inside the Great Pyramid. Some scientific and historical facts, which is about to release, have heretofore been completely ignored. The A.A.S. R.A. announcement will illustrate a blatant example in which "main stream science," in this case Egyptology, once again, ignores significant, previously obtained research results. These research results have been ignored because, according to Egyptologists, the results were obtained by "non-Egyptologists" or "fringe scientists," and therefore have absolutely no validity. We will re-present a discovery made in 1920 (!!!) over the next couple of days, which will be followed by a much more extensive and detailed illustrated article in our official journal "Legendary Times." Stay tuned for this one!
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