Are Some US Christian Extremists
Trying To Breed 'Red Heifers'?


From Paul Ivory
Dear JR,
I've heard that some Christian loonies in the US want to breed 'red cows' suited for sacrifice in a 'Third Temple' to be built on site of Al Aksa in Jerusalem? True? Sources?
Reply from James Neff...
For 2000 years now, the jews have not been able to do as their God commanded them, that is, offer sacrifices for sins in the temple. They don't have a temple. It was destroyed in 70 A.D. and the Jews scattered to the four winds.
In 1948, when the UN made Israel a Jewish homeland again, the prophecies regarding Israel were fulfilled, because God had said the Jews would be scattered, after they killed the Messiah (Y'shua of Nazareth - Jesus) and that in "the last days" God would bring them back into the land for a final judgment. The temple would be rebuilt and the sacrifices, which were stopped in 70 A.D. (technically, all sacrifices after Christ's sacrifice on the cross were disregarded by God, since Messiah WAS the supreme and ultimate sacrifice for all sins of all humanity for all time) would begin again. One of the necessary ingredients in the sacrifices is the ash of the red heifer.
There has not been a red heifer bred since the scattering. The red heifer returning is a sign of the end -- not someting "loonie Christians" are trying to 'produce.' A red heifer was bred recently in Israel and announced to the world. Now, all they have to do is rebuild their temple and begin sacrifices again, which will mark the "time of the end." The Jews now have everything they need to properly conduct sacrifices according to the ancient Torah (the law).
According to prophecy, this great offense to God will bring in "the time of Jacob's (Jews) trouble" which is called "a time of tribulation on earth such as has not been since the beginning, nor ever shall be again." It is a time which Christ said would be so bad, that "if those days were not cut short (by God's plan and his Second Coming), there would be no flesh left alive on the earth." It is during this time that the "Antichrist" and "False Prophet" will arise, bring in a 'false peace' to Israel and their enemies, allowing the Jews to sacrifice and have a temple -- but will suddenly break the contract and seek to destroy them; this world ruler brings the world under a single monetary system organized around a mark which must be received either in the right hand or the forehead in order to buy or sell.
"And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." Rev 13:16-18
You can read about the Red Heifer here:
Now you know more than you probably wanted to...
From Dan Levy
Ramat-Gan, Israel
Dear Jeff,

I was surprised to read your webmaster's enthusiastic support of the loonie Christians: Are Some US Christian Extremists Trying To Breed 'Red Heifers'?
Your webmaster neglected to mention that the red heifer story is now being used by the loonie Jews as justification to support the new American/Jewish settlements around Jerusalem and the extermination of all Arabs in the occupied West Bank. Your webmaster stated: "There has not been a red heifer bred since the scattering." Your webmaster is incorrect, we had many red heifers born in Israel before, only this time this story gets publicity. It is sad to read that your webmaster is repeating Israel's propaganda in order to justify to Christians worldwide why it is important for us Jews to massacre all the Palestinians. You may contact practically any Kibbutz in Israel to check how many red heifers they just that they never bothered to call a Rabbi to 'certify' them. It is unfortunate that our current leadership in Israel is manipulating and publicizing this story in order to justify our war crimes.
Dan Levy


I don't see how any of this justifies war crimes, nor how informing someone to the history and reasons (I did answer his questions factually) of the red heifer in orthodoxy is preaching propaganda! Hyper-sensitive, aren't we? A wee bit knee jerk? Israel must pay for her crimes, just as lunatics who blow up themselves and other innocents must pay for theirs. Why is it loonie for some orthodox Jews, or Christians, to believe in their religious principles, but somehow strapping dynamite to yourself and blowing up a pizzeria isn't? If there are red heifers born all the time, and a Rabbi isn't called to inspect it, then the "propaganda" machine of Israel (I notice you just use the word Israel, not noting any one faction in Israel... it kind of makes me suspicious of your identity, to be honest) isn't working very hard, is it? Your comment actually doesn't make much sense and is just an opportunity, it seems, to ridicule religious people and their faith. - Webmaster
From Larry M. Wohlgemuth
A comment in regards to the ongoing exchange over the article "Are Some US Christian Extremists Trying To Breed 'Red Heifers'?"
Mr. Ivory, the extent of someone's religious fanatacism does not make him/her a loonie. It is that person's willingness to inflict that religious dogma on others that constitutes lunacy.
Mr. Neff, the fact that some people are trying to breed a red heifer to usher in the end times does, in the minds of most people, constitute lunacy.
I know religious fundamentalists that believe people are loonie because they do not believe in God the same way the loonie does. Yet we now hear of people attempting to create the circumstances that will facilitate the end times. Jesus was specific, if you can believe anything in the Roman political document called the Bible (read your history Mr. Neff) that we are not to concern ourselves with the time or date it will happen.
I fear the clouds we will see when the lunatic-fringe religious fundamentalist are finished will not have Jesus riding on them. Given the insanity of those crazy Jew bastards in Israel I think they will just be plain old, run of the mill mushroom clouds.
Thank you and your lunatic fringe friends very much, Mr. Neff. If you all want to meet Jesus so badly we can arrange for a place you can all get together and commit mass suicide if you wish. Please just leave the rest of us out of your lunacy. Most of us do not believe as you do, and we believe just as much in the rightness of our beliefs as you do in yours.
Larry M. Wohlgemuth

Once again, the response to mere information given to someone is hatred and offense. That is simply irrational. With people like you in the world, who see people in heaping, generalized clusters of stereotypes at whom you can toss darts of dissent, I have no doubts of on going death, war, destruction and madness. I don't see any religious nuts trying to usher in "the end." That may be what they believe will happen, but my point to Mr.Levy was, if they're loonie then what do you have anything to worry about? A red heifer cannot spark Armageddon if they are just religious loonies! Again, just another opportunity taken to offend those of faith, whatever their faith may be. And you also show your ignorance in assuming that because I answer someones question with information, I support that information or viewpoint. You know, we get a lot of that here. We put up a story and the ignorant automatically presume we support what is written! Information, Mr. Wohlgemuth. That's what we're about. Even information you disapprove of. I respect your right to view all religious people all loonies. I don't respect those who want to make religious people or people of faith the scapegoat for every world ill. - webmaster

Michael Carlin
Mr. Neff,
Fine, factual, informative answer to the "Red Heifer" business. I also commend you for printing Mr. Levy's response.
Rod Dreher wrote a story for "National Review Online", called "Red Heifer Days"(April 11, 02). Here he goes into the alleged links between Fundamentalist Xtians and extremist religious Jews to produce a PURE Red Heifer. Levy is right that red calfs have been produced regularly in Israel-- just not PERFECT ones deemed usable in sacrifice. It makes genetic sense. If zero red calfs had been produced since the Diaspora, the odds of birthing one today would be vanishing small, since it would mean that that particular characteristic had long been bred out of Israeli stock. A red calf is not the result of a rare genetic anomaly-- such as the one that produces white Buffalo-- so the trait would have to surface in the population with some small regularity to survive. Make sense?
Thanks for a great website,
Michael Carlin
PS. Oh, yeah. Thank that other Jeff guy too. ;-)
Steve Sager
Hi Jeff, I thought that you might enjoy this article on the red heifer.
Thanks for your boldness.
God bless,
Steve Sager

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