NASA Site Covers Up Chemtrails

Following the article about chemtrails over Florida on Easter Sunday, I took a look at some high altitude satellite photos of Florida posted on a NASA sponsored site: You'd be amazed at what I found. I've included some samples to illustrate - but all the images I'm talking about can be found at: LINK 1 and LINK 2 .
Each of these sites provides about a week's worth of photos of Florida - one per day. If you click on the pictures from 3/31/02 and 4/5/02 you'll see clear evidence of chemtrails, only problem is....... the photos that contain the obvious parallel lines typical of chemtrails have been 'modified' in a blatant effort to break up the tell-tale symmetry.
Another giveaway is the heavy jagged edge marks at the sides of each of these altered pictures. These large jagged marks seem to correspond to sections of the image that were slid out of position to break up the symmetry of the chemtrails. And if you look at enough of these photos, you'll notice that these large jagged edges only seem to appear on photos that 1) contain evidence of chemtrails, and 2) show signs of digital tampering.
You can compare them yourself to other photos in the collection, where the cloud formations are crystal clear, and no sign of digital manipulation is evident. Just pick a couple of photos at random - I have chosen one from 4/5/02 and another from 4/6/02 and the differences are astounding.
In one the clouds are are crystal clear, and in the other well - you can judge for yourself. The pictures where there are signs of chemtrails (like the one from 3/31/02) are a muddled mess.
I guess the big guys up in NASA never thought any of us would look critically at these images. What I want to know is how high up this chem-trail coverup actually goes?
B.J. Wolf
From Drew Thompson
Just a thought, was the hi-res picture from day-time, and perhaps the lo-res one from night-time, maybe IR? It looks like a different sensor, and all the picture is lo-res, not just the clouds. There are no time references for any of the pictures.
From Brian D. Cuthbertson
Re your recent webpage post "NASA Site Covers Up Chemtrails",
After clicking on "Link1" in your article to look at the NASA images, I sent the following note to the NASA person whose name and email address appeared at the bottom of that page...
From: Brian Cuthbertson <
Subject: Comments?
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 09:31:39 -0500
As a long-time amateur astronomer and supporter of the space program, I smell something bad. Any comments on this? Just why are some of those images so blurry and with jagged edges?
Shortly thereafter (note the time) two things happened:
1. I received the following reply:
To:, Brian Cuthbertson <,
From: "gene carl feldman" <
Subject: Re: Comments?
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 10:39:09 -0400
i hate to tell you but you are so mistaken that it is almost laughable. these are satellite images taken from 705 kilometers in space with a ground resolution of 1 kilometer at the center of the scan. since the satellite swath is nearly 2800 kilometers, the pixels on the edge of the scan are spread out a great deal, giving a blocky appearance. when we map those pixels into a fixed box on the earth, some parts of the image appear clear while others, further away from the center of that particular orbit appear jagged. THAT is what you are looking at, not some manipulation on our part. in fact, the processing of these images is done without human intervention.
hope you now understand what you are looking at rather than jumping to erroneous conclusions.
gene feldman
seawifs project manager
2. I then decided to go back and reexamine Link1 and Link2 on
your webpage article. But BOTH links have suddenly disappeared!
One only gets:
Not Found
The requested URL /cgibrs/ was not found on this server.
Apache/1.3.9 Server at Port 80
How very interesting.
-Brian Cuthbertson

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