It's Official - 'Diversity' Includes
Sex With Children &
Sex With Animals
From Jack

Dear Jeff,
This editorial article below was posted by someone in a Yahoo group that I belong to. Please pass the word about it. The letter following it is my response to this insanity. I've been numb since reading this article. It now seems people who have been abused and affected by it, no longer matter - like WE are "odd" because child sexual abuse affected us in a negative way.
Almost everyday in our newspaper there are stories about someone who molests children. It didn't used to be that many were caught. Makes me wonder if pedophiles now feel justified and free to cause the damage they do. I knew the morals of humanity have dropped significantly but I had no idea we have gone this low. Do you think it would do any good if people would send this article to the newspapers? Do you think they would even print it? The story, itself, follows my response below.
It's Official: 'Diversity' Includes Sex With
Children and Sex With Animals
Editorial Massachusetts News
June 2001
People used to laugh when told that "diversity" was going to expand to include
1) sex between men and boys and
2) sex between humans and animals.
But they can't laugh anymore. No one is sure how far "diversity" will continue to go before the citizens understand.
* WGBH (Public Television) is advocating man/boy sex in its television show about a "love affair" between a man (29-years-old) and a boy (15-years-old), complete with graphic sex scenes.
* A professor of ethics at Princeton University is advocating sexwith animals. The president of PETA writes approvingly of his thesis. Much of this "diversity" was predicted in 1979 by two scholars, Dr. C. Everett Koop and Dr. Francis Schaeffer, who said that adult/child sex would be normalized in the 1990s. This was inevitable, they said, because we no longer had a "Judeo-Christian base." Instead, we had moved to humanism with no fixed standards of values and morality.
Sex With Animals
The Ira W. DeCamp professor at Princeton's "Center for Human Values," Peter Singer, is telling the nation that sex with animals is fine as long as it does not hurt the animal.
He says that the only reason we have a taboo against this is because of the "Judeo-Christian tradition." If we can get rid of that nonsense, the taboo would fall, he believes.
The president of PETA agrees with Singer's beliefs about animals. She said the following about his article which appeared on "It's daring and honest, and it does not do what some people read into it, which is condone any violent acts involving an animal, sexual or otherwise."

Danielle van Dam



EL CAJON, Calif. - A nude child's body is the corpse of three weeks missing 7-year-old Danielle van Dam, investigators believe.

Volunteers found the body Wednesday near a small grove of trees, just off a road east of San Diego. 

"Tonight we believe that Danielle van Dam's body has been found," San Diego County District Attorney Paul Pfingst said. "Investigators believe the body was dropped at this site." 

The child was wearing a plastic necklace similar to one Danielle was seen wearing in thousands of flyers distributed after her disappearance. An earring matching the description of a pair she was wearing at the time of her disappearance also was found, Pfingst said. 

"At this point we cannot positively confirm that it is Danielle," San Diego police Lt. Jim Collins said at the scene. "However, we don't have any other young children missing in the county that have been reported. It's a high probability that it is her." 


 When asked how an animal can consent to sex, she said, "It sounds like [your question] is an attempt to make this so narrow and so unintellectual in its focus. You know, Peter Singer is an intellectual, and he looks at all nuances of an issue, the whole concept of consent with animals is very different."

Singer bases his argument on the fact that bestiality has always existed in the world, and therefore it must be normal. (Alcohol and drugs have always existed. Does that mean we should encourage them also?) He cited six pictures over a 2500-year period to show that this is "normal" behavior. He cites the discredited Alfred Kinsey for the ridiculous statement that over 50% of rural boys in America had sex with animals.
It's interesting to note that he agrees with Dr. Koop and Dr. Schaeffer that only Judeo-Christian values stop us from embracing his vision. He blames our problems on that tradition that he says teaches, "Humans alone are made in the image of God." He writes that under this tradition, "Only human beings have an immortal soul. In Genesis, God gives humans dominion over the animals. In the Renaissance idea of the Great Chain of Being, humans are halfway between the beasts and the angels. We are spiritual beings as well as physical beings." He believes that all of those teachings are wrong.
Singer recounts that all the taboos about sex have fallen except for those with animals. He says that bestiality is fine as long as you do not hurt the animal. Therefore, he cautions against sex with chickens because, he says, it always results in the death of the chicken.
Many will still giggle and say that this does not mean that Singer's beliefs are mainstream ideas. But the professor has not been in a dark closet at Princeton for the last thirty years. They just hired him last year for this prominent position after all of his views were well known. In addition, those of us who were around in 1973, when homosexuality was removed from the "disorder" list by the American Psychiatric Association, can remember the many claims made at that time which have proven to be false.
The article by Prof. Singer, which is titled "Heavy Petting," may be found at
Man/Boy Sex Is Fine
MassNews was one of the first newspapers in the country to report in 1999 that the American Psychological Association had published a study indicating that pedophilia can have a positive influence on a child.
According to the study, the use of "judgmental terms" such as "child abuse," "molestation" and "victims" must be eliminated. Instead, we should use neutral, value-free terms like "adult-child sex." We should not talk about the "severity of the abuse," but instead refer to "the level of sexual intimacy."
As a result of our efforts and a four-page report we mailed to residents in Newton, the leaders of that city responded with a rally against "hate mail." It was in reality a "hate MassNews" rally with all of the political leaders, teachers and homosexual activists attending.
We had only an Internet site at that time, but it was apparent after the Newton "hate" rally that we would be totally silenced by all the media unless we also published a print newspaper, which we have now done for two years.
In addition, we revealed at that time that the American Psychiatric Association was getting ready to support the "normalization" of sex with children. It had very quietly changed its Diagnostic Manual so that a person no longer has a "disorder" simply because he molests children. To be diagnosed as "disordered," the psychiatrists now look to the psyche of the adult. If the adult does not feel anxious about the relationship with the child or if the adult is not impaired in his work or social relationships, then he has no "disorder."
Aside from the Newton rally, which resulted from our pamphlet about pedophilia, the following events have taken place.
* November 1999. A gay organization in Boston, BAGLY, offers $25, plus free dinner and subway tokens, to boys who will come to their headquarters and discuss homosexual sex and other issues. The boys are alsoinvited to a free, three-day, lakeside, weekend retreat in New Hampshire withother "boys" up to 25-years-old who are "attracted to or have sex with othermen." None of the politicians or media are interested in this story - eventhough the organization receives money from the state and works closely withthe public schools.
* March-April 2000. Channel 2 airs a program about a "romance"between a 29-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy which showed in graphic detail all of the nude scenes between them. It stated that the romance thrilled allof England and caused everyone to realize the "benefits" of sex between menand boys.
* March 2000. The Fistgate conference gives graphic instruction to teenagers on the practice of homosexual sex. This was done in sessions which mingled youth from 12-years-old to 21-years-old. It was sponsored by the homosexual organization, GLSEN, and the Department of Education. Complaints were made to Gov. Cellucci and his staff, but they ignored it until some parents went to Massachusetts News which printed the story in May and shocked the state.
* May 2000. A Massachusetts judge, Allan van Gestel, is not outraged with the unlawful teachings at Fistgate but with the parents who exposed what happened there. He imposes an unconstitutional gag order against everyone, which he lifts after the national press ridicules him. But he leaves the order in place against the two parents who have no money or power. It is expected that their legal fees will be in excess of $200,000 as the result of the action of Judge van Gestel.
* May 2000. An Editorial in the Boston Globe says that what was discussed at Fistgate were "the sorts of things teenagers ask every day." The Globe said this even though "fisting" was discussed in detail at the conference, as well as the following: "Do lesbians rub their clits together?" "Should you spit after you suck another boy or man?" "Is oral sex better with tongue rings?"
* July 6, 2000. The "At Home" section of the Boston Globe publishes an article which advised mothers to teach their children "the mechanics of sex," including homosexual sex, when their children are in fifth or sixth grade. They were told to expect 10- and 11-year-olds to ask, "What do gay men/lesbians do?" The parents were advised by the Globe to respond, "There are different ways people give each other pleasure, sometimes genital to genital, sometimes hand or mouth to genital."
* November 2000. When the homosexuals who sponsored Fistgate had a three-day fundraiser at the Sheraton in Braintree, with people arriving from across the country, there was a "meat market auction" on Friday with "beef, pork, chicken and sausage" for sale. The Saturday night affair was "A Return to the Chicken Ranch." In homosexual circles, the term "chicken" refers to young boys.
* Throughout 2000. After the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Boy Scouts can refuse to allow a homosexual to be a leader of boys, much of the establishment in the state, including some schools, two of the largest United Ways and other groups, terminate their relations with the Scouts. The elite do not demand that the Girl Scouts allow heterosexual men to be leaders of teenage girls, only that homosexual men be allowed to lead boys.
* May 2001. Boston Magazine has a long, two-part story about the North American Man/Boy Love Association which was very empathetic. It gave the impression that man/boy love is dead and no one need worry about it anymore. The story presented the members it interviewed as very nice people who were only doing good in the world. This was written despite a "Fact Sheet" from the American Psychiatric Association which says, "Some [pedophiles] develop complicated techniques for gaining access to children. They may select a job, hobby or volunteer work that brings them into contact with children." It's difficult to understand why the elite in our state do not want to give any protection to young boys. _____
Now, my comments...
We have been discussing children the past few days in the group. What was posted angered and disgusted me. The government sings in the choir of we need to protect the children - and we are now seeing exactly how they want to accomplish that: by taking them away from us on unfounded reports from people who cannot keep their noses out of other peoples' affairs.
And now comes thisgarbage. One particular line in this article made me so incredibly angry that I am literally sick to my stomach: "American Psychological Association has published a study indicating that pedophilia can have a 'positive influence' on a child." I can tell you from experience as a victim of child sexual abuse how 'positive' it is. I can tell you of the crushing weight of shame and guilt you carry throughout your life. I can tell you how every single aspect of your life and your relationships are affected by sexual abuse. I can tell you about the many years it has taken to get past a lot of the negative outcomes of sexual abuse. Yes, I could tell you about many things.
Please, allow me to be angry here. I need to let this out. It's stories like this one that makes me wonder what would be so wrong with going after these people. To "make sure" they never have the chance to put their deviant behavior into practice. Some of you may know first-hand the enormous damage it causes a child and how it carries on into adulthood. For those of you who do not, then please thank God for that. You never want to know.
I was telling my wife that it is too bad that there isn't a group of people who would go around and take people like this out. To dispose of this garbage. It takes a lot to elicit a hate response from me but these people and everyone one like succeed in doing so. Hate is not a good feeling, but damn if I have it in me not to hate them. My life is not as it should or could have been. I know many others who were victims and they suffer for it as I do. Never is the question 'why?' far from our minds. Such a simple question, but impossible to answer.
The 'positive' influence of sexual abuse? I can offer you just a few examples. I knew a woman who's arms were covered with deep burns from her putting cigarettes out on herself. I Knew a woman who plucked all her hair out from her head, eyebrows, arms, and pubic area. I Knew a guy who stabbed himself in the stomach with a seven inch hunting knife and sawed upwards with it. He finally killed himself by hanging. I knew a woman who mutilated her vagina because she never wanted to be touched there again. She wanted to make it look ugly so no one would ever try. I knew many others, but those are the ones I remember the most vividly. Me? I was a cutter. My left arm has many scars on it. They are an embarrassment to me. If you ever met me, you might notice I take the time to try to conceal my left wrist. At the same time I wear them proudly, because they represent that I did survive from the hell I went through.
Haven't done any cutting since the very early 90's. I'm past that nonsense now and have come to terms with myself and what happened to me. I met the people above in group therapy for sexual abuse survivors. Some had it much worse than me, some less, but no one I have ever met came away from abuse with a "positive" influence. NO ONE. We will always carry what happened with us. Sometimes the weight grows tiresome, but I will never let it drag me down. It came close a few times, though. We've seen the recent story about the little seven year old girl in San Diego, California who was abducted from her bedroom. Yesterday, it was announced police had found a child's burned body about 30 miles from her home. They arrested the neighbor shortly before the discovery. Didn't he look like a nice guy? They always do. His friend said he was too nice to do something like that.
They always are. I'm pretty sure Liberalfornia (or Californication, take your pick) doesn't have the death penalty. Too bad. Let me have the son of a bitch. Let a group of us have him. He would live a long time. He would suffer during that time, too. Very much so. I cried for that little girl. I have three girls and don't know what I would do if something like that happened to one of them. She was killed. She didn't get the chance to survive abuse. I did, but I sometimes wonder exactly what did I survive. Still trying to figure that one out.
I didn't feel comfortable telling you all this. Not at all. It's the shame. Always with me. Something told me to counter this heinous total lie that these people are trying to spread with personal testimony. The sexual violation and abuse of children will NEVER be a 'positive' influence. God, I ask you, what has happened to this world???
God Bless All The Little Children
From Edward O'Finnegan
Dear Jack,
I feel I must weigh in on this. As uncomfortable a subject as it is. My sorrow for Jack, and all Jill's...I wish I could help you.
Things have become confused, and not recently. Things that are different are looked at as the same. I have nothing to say on bestiality other then eww. Best word I can find isn't a word at all, just eww.
Jack, this isn't comfortable for me either. So, I will try to be candid with you. For the record I was around 16 and coming out as gay, to accept myself again. I say 'again' because I accepted myself at first when puberty hit and I figured out I was gay. It wasn't until I started paying attention to how other people viewed 'Homos' that I jumped into the closet. And also for the record: no, I wasn't abused or molested, I was still virgin at 16. (did I just type that? ;). I feel it's genetic and have always felt 'different'.
Anyways, the short of it is, at 16, I was more then ready to explore new territories. So, yes, the 25 year old guy was hunting for chicken - but so was I hunting for hawk. Now I'm 27 (no, no 17 year old boyfriend). I wasn't harmed during or by those interactions, non of them were against my will. I've come to put them in a somewhat Greek frame of mind. I needed an 'older' male role model. I learned a lot about life in general from my older friends. They helped prepare me for the world in no small measure.
Sure, a 'Big Brother' could have filled some of the role. But to be perfectly candid, I needed the sex experience as well. I am human and have learned to be if not outspoken on a daily basis, at least comfortable with my own sexuality.
When teenagers hit puberty parents shouldn't "stick your head in the ground" by telling them to 'go to their room and wait'. Rooms have windows. We all seek mentors and role models. Teenagers in general though need to interact with people.
Society and government place immense pressure on parents to maintain control of children through puberty, not all of it is realistic. At 17 a 'child' is very cognizant and past ready to explore outside the nest. When the nest says don't do something that your biology is saying you are going to do as soon as you can - it's now wonder they fly the coop as it where. Parents are fighting human nature, and wondering why it feels like their swimming upstream sometimes. When society forces a class underground (we can't meet openly in schools and such), this creates not only a social but also a information vacuum.
So, at this point I will insert that troublesome statement from the American Psychological Association: "..pedophilia can have a 'positive influence' on a child.' My first response is to recoil. On second examination, I can't help but ask how they defined 'child' and 'pedophilia'. I mean; does 'child' denote anyone under legal the age of 18, consensual and not? 'Pedophilia' the act of physical sexual contact of any said 'child'? Are they saying there are some aloof benefits of being raped? Or that a 16 year old and a 24 year old in consensual close friendship maybe (just possibly) helpful to the youths (and 20 something's) growth? I'm not sure what they meant but I can only comment on how I read it.
My point is this, we should not lump all this together. That is not reality. The sick [reader note:insert profanities] that destroys a child's life, invades their space, wounds their soul so deeply that the child wants to organize mobile lynch mobs/hit squads (a thought worth pondering maybe?) and their victims, are living a totally different reality then the searching teenager and his/her older sexual role models.
Parents must arm their 'children' with the worldly info and safer sex instructions they need to survive in this dangerous world today. Information is the key to them being able to make informed decisions. From my personal experience and observations though, parents haven't a clue to begin with.
Jack, you were kind and concerned enough to share your personal experience with us. Thank you. I wanted to do the same. I do not argue with you, on many levels I echo your feelings. I just want people to be aware that the APA quote could cover a large range of subject. People should be aware that we as teenagers (remember??), look for these encounters at a point in our puberty. It is a natural part of the cycle. We all need mentors and role models. We need each other.
From Kathy Guillermo
PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
The reprinted editorial from the Massachusetts News ("It's Official: 'Diversity' Includes Sex With Children and Sex With Animals") contains false statements about People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). PETA does not, and has never, condoned bestiality. PETA opposes all cruelty and trauma to animals, whether sexual, physical or psychological. We have even provided professional opinions to assist district attorneys prosecuting people who have harmed animals in this way. Statements by PETA president Ingrid Newkirk were taken completely out of context (and Massachusetts News did not even interview Ms. Newkirk, but took the statements second hand from another source) and twisted them to mean something they did not.
Nor, despite the malicious misinterpretations of others, was Dr. Peter Singer advocating bestiality is his review of a book on the subject. As always, Dr. Singer is concerned with showing that animals and humans share many traits, including the capacity for physical and psychological suffering. As he points out in the review, we inflict great pain on animals raised for food, including laying hens, who are crammed eight to a cage the size of a file drawer and denied everything that would make their lives worth living. This, he argues, is as much a form of abuse as is bestiality.
PETA agrees with Dr. Singer that it's time to recognize our similarities to animals, and work to improve the lives of all species. One way to start is to support stiffer penalties for animal abusers, whether the abuse is sexual or not. Please visit to learn more about what PETA does advocate.
Sincerely, Kathy Guillermo
Correspondent People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
501 Front St. Norfolk, VA

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