Did Humans Walk With Dinosaurs?
Did Humans Walk With Dinosaurs?
Few people are aware of the controversy over human-like footprints in the same mid-Cretaceous strata as dinosaur footprints. Most scientists actively avoid this controversy, in part because they don't know how to deal with it. Most scientists avoid the ET controversy for similar reasons.
I visited the Paluxy River at Glen Rose, TX, on a geology field trip in 1979. Along the banks of that river I met a man, who was taking a walk with a friend on a break from seminary school. He seemed to pick me out of the group, and asked me what we were doing there. For some reason I remembered him, and he remembered me. Nineteen years later we met again on the Internet. His name: James Bond Johnson, the photographer of the Roswell debris on General Ramey's office floor. Was someone trying to tell me something?
Creationists have engaged in serious digs along the Paluxy River since the early 1980's, attempting to uncover more human-like footprints so that they could disprove Evolution. There are several web pages devoted to their finds, some of which are absolutely spectacular, and which include tool artifacts and a cast of a human-like body part.
But what if these beings, whose footprints look so human, were either visiting ETs or humans from our future? Wouldn't either theory fit well with some of the theories that are popular in the UFO community? How about Sitchin and his theories? As an objective scientist, I propose several explanations (some tongue in cheek), one of which I find intriguing, especially since God in the Bible is given as plural:
"Then God said, "Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness (Genesis 1:26)." Hmmmm...... Perhaps this was God who made those footprints, and They came here to inspect Their creation (and needed a rock hammer, right?!).
I constructed a web page, which challenges the Creationist theory, and opens the door to alternative interpretations. My hope is to interest more scientists in taking an objective look at these fossils and artifacts. This could be one of the most important fossil discoveries in human history. Take a look at A video production on these discoveries is available from BC Video: The Mysterious Origins of Man, narrated by Charleston Heston.
Yours truly, Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.
Geologist and Paleobotanist 27 Tower Hill Ave. Red Bank, NJ 07701 732-747-9244

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