Mother Who Killed Her Five
Children Was On Cocktail
Of Psych Drugs

By Jeff Franks

Hi Jeff,
I have been so busy doing interviews on this Houston case that someone had to send me your post on it for me to know about it. I thought you should know that Haldol is not an antidepressant as the article on your site states. It is known as an anti-psychotic drug - something you need AFTER the antidepressants produce the psychotic break!
The drugs Andrea Yates was switched to just on Monday was Effexor and Remeron - both antidepressants. They may have been giving her the Haldol with the antidepressants, but it obviously could not overcome the strong effect of two drugs together producing psychosis.
I always wonder how many children must seal my testimony about the dangers of these drugs with their own blood before the world opens its eyes. I have found that 90% of those moms who do this are on these meds.
Dr. Tracy
"Doctors used a cocktail of drugs to help Yates during both bouts of depression. She was currently taking medication that included Haldol, Yates said."
HOUSTON (Reuters) - The husband of a woman who confessed to drowning their five children said on Thursday he still loved her and blamed the tragedy on her severe case of postpartum depression.
Russell Yates, at times fighting back tears but for the most part remarkably composed, told reporters that what wife Andrea Yates did was ``incomprehensible'' because she was a ``kind and gentle person'' who loved their kids.
``I'm supportive of her because on the one hand I know she killed our children...but on the other I know that the woman here is not the woman who killed my children,'' he said, pointing to a photograph of the family taken a few months ago.
``She had her psychotic side effects with her depression that led her to do this. She loved our kids and anybody that knew her knew that.''
``Andrea, if you see this, I love you,'' said Yates, who spoke to reporters in the front yard of the one-story suburban home where the children were killed on Wednesday.
Andrea Yates, 36, was jailed without bond on a charge of capital murder, which under Texas law could bring her the death penalty. She was due to be arraigned on the charges on Friday.
She called police to their home near NASA's Johnson Space Center on Wednesday morning and told them she killed the children -- four boys and a girl who ranged in age from 6 months to 7 years.
The four youngest -- Luke, 2, Paul, 3, and John, 5, and 6-month-old daughter, Mary -- were found in a bed, their still-wet bodies covered with a sheet. Seven-year-old Noah was in the bath tub where police believe Yates drowned the children.
Russell Yates, a 36-year-old NASA computer engineer, said his wife called him at work and told him he needed to come home.
``I said 'is anyone hurt' and she said 'yes.' I said 'who' and she said 'the children...all of them.' My heart just sank,'' he said. Yates raced home to find the police already there.
He said his wife of eight years suffered separate episodes of severe postpartum depression after having their fourth and fifth kids and had tried to commit suicide two years ago. The depression caused her to become so withdrawn and incapacitated that his mother, Dora Yates, would come over to help care for the children.
Doctors used a cocktail of drugs to help Yates during both bouts of depression. She was currently taking medication that included Haldol, Yates said.
According to Baylor College of Medicine psychiatry professor Lauren Marangell, Haldol is usually prescribed for psychosis, a more severe illness than garden variety postpartum depression and one more likely to lead to violence.
When she was well, Andrea Yates homeschooled the children and lavished attention on them, Yates said.
For Valentine's Day, she made them heart-shaped booklets with coupons that were good for a hug or a game, he said.
The kids, he said, were normal, happy and healthy. They loved games and sports, particularly T-ball and basketball, which they played on a hoop in the driveway.
He said he would not support the death penalty for his wife because ``she obviously wasn't herself'' when she killed the children.
``She was a kind and gentle person,'' he said.
``I'm primarily concerned right now with just tending to my kids, making sure they get a good burial and are treated good,'' Yates said.
He said he wanted everyone to know that his family had been a strong one that was ripped apart only by a sinister illness that, in the end, knew no bounds.
``Just ask anybody that's seen us, seen us in the store or seen us in the restaurant...good family,'' he said, choking back tears.
From Gayle Eversole
This is an absolute outrage!
Haldol, a fluoride based anti-psychotic drug is not an anti depressant.
The fluoride in this may have further suppressed her thyroid, and the hormonal imbalance caused by pregnancy.
May women suffer from thryoid impairment as a side effect of pregnancy. Low B complex adds to the incidence of post partum depression.
It is a tragedy that the doctors treating Yates did not offer her nutritional support. It may have saved her and her children.
Her husband, in my opinion, has a good cause for a legal case.
Gayle Eversole



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