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Dr. Ed Ward


Ron Paul - Fraud, Constitutionalist Or Fascist Fanatic?

Fukushima - Seven Waves, Away…Abandon Ship

Evidence - Syria Gas Attack Work Of US Allies

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Cops Florida Rape Charges Cut To Non-Sex Crimes?

Steven Jones PhD Still Lying About Tritium, Thermite?

Israeli Nukes On Syria...Genie Is Out Of The Bottle


Deadly Secret - Alzheimers Disease is A Prion Disease

Fascist US Leaders Expose Snowden’s Information Is Factual

Update - Ed Ward MD On Micro Nukes, Why No WTC Radiation

Break Out Of The ECHELON PRISM - Boycott US Search Engines Via StartPage

US Government ‘Carrots’ - The Eternal Path To Servitude

The US - A Distorted, Bastardized Illegitimate Government

Talmud...The ‘Bible’ Of Genocidal Bigots

Zionism...The Worst Plague In The History Of Mankind

Bill Moyers - The Secret Government And Constitutional Crisis

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