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Dr. Henry L. Niman, PhD
Databasing Of America

Prof James Fetzer
American Update

Patricia Doyle, PhD
Somalis, Muslims
Penetrate US Police

Buy 1 Tri-Oxy RE-ION,
Get 1 Tri-Oxy REVIVE Free!

Brave White S African Speaks
Of Genocide Of Whites


The Great Dunkirk LIE - Jewish Hollywood Distorts WW2 Again - Click Here

Is Trump Preparing A First Strike On North Korea?

North Korea Snubs South Korea Call For Military Talks

US Expert - N Korea Missile 'Can Probably Hit New York'
Says 'This Is A Hell Of A Missile'

N Korea Goes Ominously Silent Before War Talks

US Intel - N Korea Preparing For Another Missile Test

Kim Jong-un Says Donald Trump Is 'Bluffing'

N Korea Warns US Attacking Kim Jong Un Would
End The 'Empire Of America' For Good

N Korea’s Fuel Prices Soar After China Suspends Exports

UK Opposes Any Dialogue With North Korea
Until Denuclearization Starts

Pyongyang Observed To Be Ramping Up Nuclear
Weapons Fuel Processing

US Public Beaten Up By MSM Fear-Mongering Over N Korea

Mattis Warns War With N Korea Will Kill Millions

What War With North Korea Might Look Like

N Korea Said Weaponizing More Diseases

Reckless US Policy Toward North Korea

Chinese Billionaire Warns US - 'China Has Over 25,000
Spies Who Are 'Ready To Destroy The US'

S Korea, US, Japan Military Officials Agree To
Put Maximum Pressure On N Korea


Marco Polo Allegedly Said A 'Moderate' Muslim Will Hold You
Down While The Radical Muslim Cuts Your Head Off...

Germany - Syrian Muslim Hacks Pregnant Woman To Death

Communist Lesbian B*tch Merkel - 'There is No Limit To
The Number Of Muslims We'll Take In'

Merkel Elated Over Huge Muslim FGM Increase In Germany

Germany - City With Most Muslims Has Most Crime

Germany - Infectious Diseases Spread From Muslims, Blacks

Muslims Bringing Horrible Diseases
To Their New 'Home' Countries

ISIS Tells Its Killers - Kidnap Children Of Westerners

Facebook Says A Rape Threat Against Ex-Muslim OK

Muslim LOSES Facebook Page For Condemning Terrorism

France - Policeman Beaten By 30 Muslims Opens
Fire To Save His Life - One Muslim Wounded

France - Rioting Muslims Set Fire To Nearly 1000 Cars

Afghan Muslims Launch ‘Rape Jihad’ In Europe
Death To Muslim Rapists Is The Only Viable Answer

The Sick Sick Story Of A Muslim Migrant's Rapes

Finland Bus Driver Fired For Demanding
Black Somali Give Him A Ticket To Ride

What Really Happens Inside A Muslim Madrassa

Kenya - Radical Islamists Beheading Christians

Catholic Bishops, Lutherans Lament - Not Enough
Blacks & Muslims Coming To Pay Our Bills

Jeff Rense & 'Meral' - The Horrifying Muslim Destruction Of Germany

Jeff & Dr Patricia Doyle - Trump Is Flooding
Us With Completely UNvetted, Diseased Muslims

Trump Has Laws On The Books He Refuses To Use And
Instead Talks His 'Travel Ban' - No Donald, We Need A
BAN On Muslims And Must Return ALL To The Middle East

Trump Can Ban ANY And ALL 'Refugees' With Diseases

Trump Is Legally, By Law, Permitted To Ban And Boot
Illegal Aliens On Mental And Physical Health Grounds


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" is the single most important news aggregate site on the internet. The spectrum of stories, ideas and revelations presented, on a daily basis, is absolutely staggering. The smartest people go to every day."
- Jay Weidner
Filmmaker, Writer, Researcher

Jeff & Blake Sawyer - Life-Changing, Anti-Aging Secrets - Vid - Here ........I Could Actually FEEL The Difference After One Day With Royal Velvet - Jeff Rense - Here


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Las Vegas Judge Openly LAUGHS At Bundy
Ranch Defendants Rights - An Outrage

Judge All But Destroys Defense
Witnesses In NV Bundy Trial

Jeff Talks With Pete In NV Jail On 12-22-16
Call Cut Off By Feds After One15 Min Segment
HERE To Listen

9-7-16 - Deb Jordan With Jeff On Oregon
Charges Dismissed Against Pete - Listen


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Devvy Kidd

FREE Listen - 6-21-17 Jeff & Devvy MP3

Destroying Our Military From Within Continues

Shame - These Soldiers Could Not Celebrate Independence Day

Remember When President Trump Promised
'Not One More Dead Soldier In Afghanistan'..



The Global War On Rape

Deadly Games In the Global Labyrinth

The Black Army Infestation
In Europe...Who Will Prevail?

The Past That Created The Current Situation

There Are No Laws Anymore


Trump's Emerging World Order - Vid

Sitting On Top Of The World - Vid

Dreaming Of A Trump-Putin Meeting

An America First Syria Policy - Vid

The Wagner Hitler Loved - Vid

Br Nathanael - What DON'T The Jews Own In America?


Paul Craig Roberts

Ever More Lies Coming From US Government

Democracy A Front For Central Bank Rule

'Are You Ready To Die?'


Gilad Atzmon

Jeff & Gilad Atzmon - Bibi & The Deal - FREE Listen MP3

Atzmon - Support Theatre 80 And Lorcan Otway!

Atzmon - Jerusalem, Nicosia And WW3



Jon Rappoport

My Conversation With Jeff Rense

Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead Still Survives

Yes, Bill Clinton ASKED Russia To Interfere
In A US Presidential Election

Brain-Computer Hookup Equals Mainstream News

Individual Power In A Decaying World

Historic - Trump Rejects Paris Climate Treaty

Peace Through Mutual Blackmail - Is That What's Happening In Washington?



Preston James, PhD

Government By Psychotronics?

The Coming Shift To Cosmic Fascism



Pat Condell

Pat Condell - Hello Angry Losers

Women...Defend Yourselves...Feminists Sold You Out

A Word To The Criminal Muslim 'Migrant'


Dana Durnford Videos - The Fukushima Disaster

Fukushima - Fake Vs Real Reactor 4

Dana Durnford Fukushima Lecture In Powell River BC

Fake Vs Real Fukushima Pacific Rad Fallout Maps

Dana Durnford Arrested AGAIN - Harassment!


Russell Bentley

12-31-15...Jeff & Russell Bentley, The Donbass Frontline Click Here.

12-15-15...Click Here.


Prof James Fetzer

Fetzer - Amazon And YouTube Accessories After
The Fact Of Fraud And Theft by Deception

YouTube Deletes Fetzer's Very Popular 'Sandy Hook Update'

Obama's Efforts To Obstruct Trump Transition

More On Michael Robinson Becoming Michelle Obama

Fetzer - US, Intl Experts To Alt Versions Of 9/11 Attacks


Patricia Doyle

Killer Somali Muslim Cop 'Highly-Celebrated'
By Mayor Earlier

How Trump Knows There Will Be Another Chem Attack

Now The Other CDC Ebola Jet, N173PA, Is On The Move

The CDC's Big 'Ebola Jet' Is On its Way To Africa (again)


Yoichi Shimatsu

Listen FREE MP3
Pizzagate Update

A Hidden SOS In The Jaluit Photo? - 'Air Hart Is Here'

Amelia Earhart’s Free Spirit Soars Above A Sordid World

The Secret Life Of Young Donald J. Trump
...Nixon’s Nuclear Intrigue In Korea

Jeff & Dick Allgire, Yoichi Shimatsu - What Really
Happened To Amelia Earhart!

Trump's Dr. Strangelove Uncle...And The
Missing Tesla Papers

Trump Scores ‘D-Minus’ For Nuclear
Policy Failures In Korea, The US & UN'

Shimatsu - US Missile Base Upsets The
Morning Calm Report On THAAD Deployment
in South Korea - Vid

Israeli Lobby And Obama Served Up
Warm Beer To Cold Korea

NSA-Equation And Its Minions
Plotted The WannaCry Atttack

Shadow Brokers Slam NSA-Microsoft
For The Global WannaCry Outbreak


Frosty Wooldridge

Listen FREE MP3

What Happens When More Immigrants Live On Welfare Than We Can Afford?

Why Immigration Doesn't Work - A Crucial Video

A Perfect Storm Gathering Over America - Vid


David Duke

Constant Zionist Efforts To Censor Dr. Duke May Result In Some Broken Links

FREE LISTEN - Jeff & David Duke 6.15.16

David Duke & Mike King Expose LIES Of WW2 - LIsten



Stephen Lendman

Undemocratic Alliance For Securing Democracy

New Illegal US Sanctions on Iran

NATO Chief Idiot Calls For Removing Nonexistent
Russian Forces From Ukraine

Israeli Persecution Of Mordechai Vanunu

Deplorable NYT Denigration Of Syria's Assad

Israeli Torture and Abuse of Palestinian Detainees

The NYT Big Lie About US Combating ISIS

ISIS Leader Killed?



Robert Steele

Zionist Deep State Attacking Robert David Steele - Vid

Steele - The Pending Destruction Of President Trump - Vid

Steele - The Three Track Program To Destroy Trump

Steele - Deep State Isolating Trump From We, The People


George Webb

EliteTrading For Organ Transplants, Awan Bros, Pt 8

Hillary's Hackers &The Awan Brothers Saga - 1


Gerald Celente

In The Age Of Stupid, Consequences Of Disaster

Celente - Warren Buffett 'Dead Wrong' On US Future!


Dean Henderson

Hugo Chavez & Zapatista Horse-Slayers

Tasmin News Agency Interview - Iran
Should Keep An Eye On Total

Did Goldstone’s Kangaroo Court Poison Milosevic?

Ethnic Cleansing In Reverse

The Kosovo-Albania Golden Triangle

The Brown & Root Of The Problem

Evisceration Time, Clinton-Style

Press TV Interview - G-20 Protests

Al Qaeda To The Rescue


Mike King - Tomato Bubble

Banned By Amazon - M S King's 'The Bad War'

David Duke & Mike King Expose LIES Of WW2 - LIsten

Meet The Man Who REALLY Started World War II

'Proud' To Be An American? Really?


Charles Smith

The Dark Art of Encryption

All The Marbles - CIA Program To Evade Detection

Wikileaks CIA Vault7 - Next CIA Leak Could KIll Us All

HAL Was A Toaster

Softwar - The ID Reapers...Stealing Your Life Is A Crime



Down the Rabbit Hole

The USS Fitzgerald And
A Thickening Plot - pdf

DtRH - Have You Ever Heard A
Muslim Barber Shop Quartet? - pdf

White People Of The World Wake Up!
You Are Being Exterminated! - pdf



Jordan Maxwell

FREE Listen - 9-5-16... MP3 File

Photo Of The Young Clintons

Obamacare 2017!

Congressman Admits US Is A CORPORATION!

America's Youth


Charlotte Iserbyt

Stunning Book Shows Inner Workings Of Communism In US - Bella Dodd's
'The School Of Darkness'

Maine Conservatives Tell US Combat Marine
Veteran To 'Sit Down' And Shut Up

Transcript Of Hearing

The United States Consitution -
May It 'Rest In Peace' R.I.P.

U.S. & Maine Constitutions Dead In Maine



Minneapolis People Don't Believe Dead Oz Woman - Morris

Petya Not Really Ransomware - Open Source Programmer

Seeing London Bridge As a Cover For Manchester - Morris

Reasons For The Attack On The USSLiberty - Morris


Breaking All The Rules - BATR

Congressional Dysfunction Is Systemic

What Memorial Day Do You Honor?

All The Fake News That's Fit To Print

Special Privileges For Feds


Kawther Salam

29.5 Million Worldwide Suffer From Drug Use Disorders

Russia Speaks On The Future Role Of Gas Energy Mix

The 2nd Iranian Trade Conference Exposed US Dirty Play

The Role of Advanced Medicine For The Care Of Refugees


Jay Weidner

The Jay Weidner Show - Episode 2
How Did Kubrick Fake The Lunar Rover Footage?

Jay Weidner On Stanley Kubrick's Films - Part 1 

Weidner - It's Been 3 am For Over A Year Now...

Rense & Weidner - Psychopathic Satanic Evil Everywhere - Vid

Smoking Out The Monster

Dr. Joseph Chiappalone, MD

March 15, 2013 Interview

Chiappalone - The Two Agendas - pdf

Chiappalone - Could It Really, REALLY Be The End?


John Barbour

John Barbour's Speech, JFK Assassination Conference, November 19, 2016

John Barbour Open Letter To Bernie The Betrayer

Bush Splash


Frosty Wooldridge Adventures

We Turned Up A Dirt Road Today…
A Hawk & A Mouse

Homemade Pie Conundrum - Bicycle Touring Past Pie Shops


Matt Barber

The Myth Called 'Race'

Hillary’s Fall - Specs, Lies And Video


Dave Martin

Earhart Photo Story Apparently Debunked

Press Touts Dubious Earhart Photo

Censored by Amazon

Bibi’s Clowns - Cheverly Brothers

The Roots of Puerto Rico’s Economic Disaster

Remember The Liberty!


Professor Doom

The Vanishing College Male

How To Stop Campus Riots

Left Bans Scientist Who Discovered DNA

Peer Reviewed Research - Penises Cause Warming

Professor Fired for Being White?

What Faculty Would Love To Tell Admin

Kangaroo-icide On Campus


Dave Lindorff

Trump Can Only Delay, Not Stop, N Korea’s Self-Defense

Either 62% Or 42% Of Federal Budget Goes To Military


Xaviant Haze

Giants Of Mexico

Paxson Hayes And The Giant Robe


Dr. Ed Ward, MD

Happy 13th Year And 514th Day Anniversary Of US Treasons - Too Many to Count All

Boston Bombing Treason - Four Important Articles

First Israeli Friendly Fire ‘Soldier Settlement’ Kill?


Ted Twietmeyer

What The Orbiting 'Dark Knight' Object May Be - pdf

The Trump Rescue Flare Is Fading Out Fast


Barbara Peterson

Monsanto, America’s Monster – the Empire Files

Organic Farm To Be FORCIBLY Sprayed With Roundup

The Game Is Rigged - InfoGraphic


I.C.U.P. Inc. – Where Employees Are Paid To Work, Not Pee


 Joe Tells It Straight

JoeTalk - The Storm Nears

JoeTalk - Communist America

JoeTalk - Look!

JoeTalk - Pandora's Box Has Been Opened

JoeTalk - Seen Enough Yet? - Part 2


Betty Martini

Egregious Outrage - FDA Fights Rescinding Its Own
Approval For Neurotoxic Cancer-Causing Aspartame

Just Say No - Artificial Sweeteners Bad
For The Brain, Can Make You Fat

Open Email To Federal Trade Commission
Regarding Your Unconcerned Response

An App To Tell You If Food Is Contaminated Due Out

Aspartame - Oxidative Stress Evoked
Damages On Rat Sperm


Jill Henderson

Moon Shine - Herbs Of The Night - Pt 3

Fenugreek - The Forgotten Herb

A Bygone Bee Gum

Ozarks Green In December


Dr. Alan Cantwell MD

Cancer And Most Diseases Are Caused By BACTERIA

Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria

Coccoid Forms Of Bacteria & The Cause Of Cancer


Dick Allgire

Jeff & Dick Allgire, Yoichi Shimatsu - What Really
Happened To Amelia Earhart!

Allgire - Hokulea Returns To Hawaii

Area 51 High Strangeness - Vid


E.T. Williams - The Dr. Of Common Sense

Why Comey Should Be Removed - ET Williams

ET Williams - Americans Must Prepare For War

Obama Apologizes For Hiroshima - What About Pearl?


Anthony Lawson - (Five Stars - Rense)

In Memory Of Anthony Lawson - Vid

Anthony Lawson's Last Video - Sexual Consent & Israel's Biggest Lie - Vid

Friends Of Israel Are Enemies Inside The Gates - Vid


Vital Data

State Dept Says #1

Declared Communist
Goals In US - Familiar?

The Eve Of Destruction

Images Of Heroic
American Activists

Spilling The Beans -
The Trouble With Soy

Jeffrey Smith - GM Food
Danger, Potential
- Vid

Clif High

Free Audio
2012...The End Of 
Life As We Know It?

Images And Data

Climate Change Catastrophe
Took 6 Months

Benjamin Freedman -
Facts Are Facts

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 1/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 2/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 3/4

An Alternate Look At
WW1 & WW2 - 4/4

Jesus Was NOT A Jew -
Benjamin Freedman

Confessions Of A
KGB Master Spy

How A Zionist-Communist Takeover Happens - Vid

The Dark Side
Of The Internet

Click Here

Vike UFO Archive

Click Here

Turkey - Stunning UFO
Video - The Best Ever?

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part I

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part II

140 Years Of UFO
Sightings - Part III

Betty Martini
Toxic Aspartame

Click Here

Cell Phone Dangers

The Hidden Dangers Of
Cell Phone Radiation

Brain Tumors From Cell
Phones - More Evidence

UK Schools Outlawing
WiFi In The Classroom

Secret Report On Cell
Phone Dangers & Tetra

12 Basic Life-Saving
Cell Phone Use Precautions

Toxic China

Click Here

Eustace Mullins

Click Here

Royal Raymond Rife

Rife Documentary Trailer #1

Rife Documentary Trailer #2

Rife Documentary Trailer #3

Rife Therapy Treats Lyme Disease

Dutch TV Talks Rife


The Battle Of LA 1942

Click Here

Headline News Stories 24/7 - Worlds #1 Alternative News Service
Your First Source For Reality & Honest Journalism

Disclaimer And Fair Use

Jeff & Robert Steele - Staggering Update On
Trump's Massive Betrayals

Jeff & Yoichi Shimatsu - The Fate Of
Amelia Earhart And Her Electra

Jeff & Dane Wiggington - GeoEngineering
The End Of Life On Earth

Jeff & Dick Allgire, Yoichi Shimatsu - What Really
Happened To Amelia Earhart!

Jeff & Mike Cross - Our Psychopathic-
Sociopathic-Narcissistic World

Part 2 - Jeff & Karel Vorster - Millions
Of S. Africa Whites Face Death

North Korea Snubs South Korea Call For Military Talks

Muslim Killer Cop's Story Of 'Loud Noise' Falls Apart
Neighborhood Witnesses Heard NOTHING

Pompeo Slams NYT For Outing Covert CIA Officer

CA Judge Deals Trump Sanctuary City EO A Setback

Spokesman For Trump Legal Team Quits


Is Batsh*t Crazy Maxine Waters Running For President?

DC Is Just A Gigantic Money Machine

Trump-Russia Now Threatens To Ensnare Ivanka

Netanyahu Tells European Leaders Concern
For Palestinian Rights Is 'Crazy'

2 Dead From Tsunami After Quake In Mediterranean

7 Major US Cities May Be Underwater In 80 Years

Artifacts Show The Violent Nature Of US Democracy

NASA Destroyed 100's Of Mysterious Apolla-Era Tapes

OAS Chief - Venezuela Will 'Turn Into A Bloodbath'

China & India Are Edging Towards War With Each Other

Pakistan FB Now A Tool For Punishing 'Blasphemers'


See How Close To Bankruptcy YOUR State Is

OR Takes Kids Because Of Parents IQ Too Low!
How About Black African IQ…A 50-60 Average?

Is 'Harry Potter' The New Religion Of The Millennials?

College Education In 2017 - Vid

The Coming Doctor Shortage

Medicare Is Plagued by 'Extreme' Use of Painkillers

Inside Italy’s Thriving Gun Culture

Your Home Security System Isn’t That Secure

Parrot Rats Out Wife For Shooting Husband

Vegetarianism - What Kind Of Person Will I Be - Morris

Cancer And Sex

The Pig On Your Plate


Iserbyt Blows Whistle On John McCain

McCain Issues Blistering Criticism Of Trump
...For Stopping US CIA Funding Of Terrorism!

US Expert - N Korea Missile 'Can Probably Hit New York'
Says 'This Is A Hell Of A Missile'

N Korea Goes Ominously Silent Before War Talks

US Intel - N Korea Preparing For Another Missile Test

FBI Dumps 7,000 New Docs In Weiner Laptop Clinton Case

Judge Nap - Trump Jr, Kushner, Manafort Should
Say Nothing To Senate Panel

Humiliation - Is Sessions Career About Finished?


Military Study Admits American Empire Is 'Collapsing'

‘Russia & China Responding Jointly To US imperialism’

Russia To Boost Strategic Military Contingent In Crimea

Worst Fighting In Months Kills 9 Kiev Troops

The Planned Destruction Of America

The Feds Just Expanded Civil Asset Forfeiture
'Laws' Nationwide

Kirwan - The Global War On Rape

Ted Gunderson - Extraordinary Revelations Of TRUTH - Vid

Jared Kushner's Democrat Operative Attorney Ducks
Out Of Russia Probe Before Monday Testimony

Deutsche Bank Faces DOJ Subpoena On Trump-Russia

House Dems Ask FBI To Probe Ivanka’s Clearance


CIA Mind Control Project MK-Ultra Docs Released

Rudolf Hess - Mystery Of Hitler's Deputy's Fate Thickens

How Govt Helped Create The Coming Doctor Shortage

'Push Trump Off A Cliff' - Rosie O'Donnell Sparks Outrage

Seismic Shift In Syria: Trump Ends Covert Obama-Era
CIA Program Which Sent Arms To ISIS Terrorists

Trump To End Lavish CIA Support Of Terrorists In Syria

'Trump Ending CIA Covert Ops In Syria Will Be
Severely Attacked By Neocons'

Syria Retakes 40 Oil Rigs From ISIS In Raqqa Province

ISIS Killers 'Surrounded And Besieged' in Raqqa

White Helmets Are NATO Propaganda For
Further Intervention Into Syria

Over 40,000 Civilians Dead In Battle For Mosul


A Mainstream Dose Of Reality On Iraq

Iraq To Buy Large Number Of Advanced Russian T-90 Tanks

Saudi ‘Entities’ Channeling Money To Terror Groups

‘Coup’ At Midnight In The Arabian Desert

Sixth Group Of Turkish Troops Arrives in Qatar

NYT Hypocrisy On Iran

‘Why Is Trump Increasing Anti-Iran Sanctions
When Both Nations Fight The Same Terrorists?

Israel To Build A New Field Hospital In
Syria To Treat ISIS And Other Terrorists

Criminalizing Support For BDS

The Rising Tide Of Anti-Semitism In UK

Framing Macron’s Extra-Large Official Portrait
Could Cost €2.7 Million Euros

10 Things You Never Knew About Orwell's 1984


GeoEngineering Condemned By Cdn Govt Official

The Student Loan Bubble And Economic Collapse

NY Jewish Lawmaker Tries To Stop
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Concert

Cecil The Lion's Son Killed By Hunter In Zimbabwe

Toronto Man Builds Stairs In Park for $550
...City Was Going to Pay $65,000 - $150,000

Costa Rica Paves Way To End Single-Use Plastics

ExxonMobil Gets $2 Million Fine For Breaching
New Anti-Russia Sanctions

US Business Giants Rise Against New
Anti-Russia Sanctions In Congress

Chinese Authorities Charge 210,000
Officials With Corruption This Year

New Solar Tech - 50% More Energy Than Silicon Cells

Qatar Blockade Is Threatening The OPEC Deal


Permian Oil Reserves Are Grossly Exaggerated

World Stocks Hit Record High For 10th Consecutive Day

'Bitcoin & Ethereum Are Bubble, Built On Outright Scams'

Ethereum Suddenly Crashes 20% Amid Chatter Of Fraud

Bitcoin Surges Above $2500 After Goldman's Note

Don't Be Fooled - The Fed Will Continue Rate Hikes

Purchases Of US Real Estate By Foreigners Hit All-Time High

Wal-Mart Replaces 4,000 Employees With Machines

Big Tobacco Hampers Global Fight To Stop Smoking WHO

Fukushima Underwater Drone Hunts Missing Nuclear Fuel


Report - Hillary Framed Trump On Russia

MSM Deliberately Misleading Viewers On Russian Atty

Hillary Clinton Is More Unpopular Than Donald Trump

The American Empire Is ‘Collapsing’

Trump Regrets Appointing Sessions

Trump Ends CIA Support For (Terrorists) In Syria

Trump Finally Ends CIA Program Arming ISIS

Fleeing ISIS Terrorists Want To Go To Prison
…To Turn Them Into Jihadi Universities

Deputy AG - Comey Broke FBI Policy With Memo Leaks

Trump Threatens Sanctions On Venezuela

CIA Plans To Destroy Some Of Its Old Leak Files

USPS Broke Law Pushing Time Off For
Workers To Campaign For Clinton

Pedo Dennis Hastert Released Early From Prison

Authorities Describe 'Frenzy Of Violence' In MS-13 Hits

NFL Player Arrested For Bizarre, Violent Incident

O'Donnell Encourages People To Kill Trump In Game

Japan Robot Finds Small Amount Melted Fuel
In Fukushima Nuclear Reactor

Humans Have Produced 9.1 BILLION Tons Of Plastic


Colleges More Interested In PC Than Good Education

2 Blacks, 1 Latina Kill Young White Alabama Mother

Latina Births Baby In Restaurant Bathroom - Throws
Baby In Trash Bag…Baby Dies

Florida Principal A Nepotistic Dictator

NASA Reveals An 'Energy Trap' At Center Of Galaxy

Russia's Artificial Star Reaches Orbit

Habitual Conman Swindled NBA Stars

Ufologist ‘Confirms With Scientific Evidence’
That ET Lives With Humans On Earth

Mysterious UFO Caught On Film Across Cornwall

UFO Photographed Over Chelmsford UK

Distracted From Life


McCain Has Brain Cancer - Aggressive
Tumor Surgically Removed

Limbaugh Accuses GOP Of Trying To 'Take Out' Trump

Senior Member Of Congress - 'Trump Will Be Taken
Out Suddenly And We Can't Stop It'

Every RINO Needs To Go

Russian Lawyer Who Met Trump Jr Is Ready To
Testify Before US Congress

Buchanan On RussiaGate - 'It's Hard To See When
This Ends, Or How It Ends Well For America'

Trump Holds Russian Diplomatic Compounds Hostage

Trump Picks Jon Huntsman As US Amb To Russia

Trump Tabs Hardcore Globalist Huntsman As Russia Amb

Bill Clinton Was Paid $500,000 for Moscow Speech

Trump Agrees On 7 Rounds Of NAFTA Talks
(Betrayal Number 36?)

US Should Help Allies Make Nukes – GOP Senator


How GOP 'Leaders' Set Out To SAVE Obamacare

Responsible Healthcare Reform Needed

GOP Healthcare Repeal Foes Face Blowback

The 'Deep State' Then And Now

Trump Warns States That Won't Help Vote Fraud Probe

Trump To Proclaim 'Made in America Week’

Encore - Rat Ryan... 'I'm Not Going To Defend
Donald Trump - Not Now, Not in Future'

Undemocratic Alliance For Securing Democracy

America’s Hidden Philosophy

'I Was Wrong About Trump On Climate Change' - Gore

3 CA Counties File Suit vs Big Oil Over Rising Sea Levels

Henderson - The US Was Isolated At G-20


AntiFa Leader 'Kevin' Trolls With Bizarre Interview - Vid

'Snowflake' Students Love Socialism But Can't Define It

Democrat Party Remains On The Verge Of Collapse

When Food Stamp Recipients Have To Work...

CA Rep Rohrabacher - Civilization On Mars 1,000s Yrs Ago
NASA Tries To Shut Him Up - Evidence Is Overwhelming

'We, The People' Are The Zombies Of The US Police State

New Illegal US Sanctions on Iran

Iran To America: Stop Worrying About Us
Your Government Is About To Collapse

US Adds More Sanctions On Iran Over Its Missile Program

EU Targets Iran’s Steel Exports With Hefty Duties


Iran Vows Retaliation Against New US Sanctions

IRGC Tell US To Move Bases 1,000km From Iran
If It Wants Further Sanctions

EU Sanctions Meant To Cover Terrorist Crimes - Syria

US Angry As Turkish Media Reveals US Base Locations

Inside The World Of Saudi Royalty…How
King’s Son Plotted Ousting Of His Brother

Miniskirt-Wearing Woman Released w/o Charge By Saudis

Saudi Arabia Disallows UN Aid Staff To Fly To Yemen

Blockaders Urge Qatar To Accept Six More Demands

Israeli Killer Soldier From Jail To House Arrest
(And Then He'll Go Back On Duty)

Mic Blunder - Netanyahu Admits Israel Carried Out
Dozens Of Strikes On Hezbollah Convoys


Netanyahu Hits EU Criticism Of 'Settlements' As 'Anomaly’

Qatar - Problem-Packed Peninsula

Qatar, Saudi Arabia To Islamize One
Of Europe's Greatest Cathedrals

French Armed Forces Chief Quits After
Clash With Macron Over Budget Cuts

‘Huge Increase’ In Muslim Female
Genital Mutilation In Germany

My Conversation With Jeff Rense - Rappoport

A Hidden SOS In The Jaluit Photo? - 'Air Hart Is Here'

The Man Who Got Americans To Eat Trash Fish

Global Stocks Hit Record High

'Time To Position In Gold Is Right Now' – Rickards

Cryptocurrency Market A Ticking Time Bomb
Says Ethereum Co-Founder


Putin Puts Digital Economy On Main Goals List

25% Of US Jobs At Risk Of Being Off-shored Under Trump

Notorious Spanish Banker Found Dead
With Shotgun Blast To The Chest

Britain Banning Rip Off Credit Card Fees

Saudis Mull Cutting Oil Exports By One Million BPD

US Oil Sector Warns Washington Over “Unintended
Consequences” Of New Anti-Russian Penalties

Stability Is Returning To Oil Markets

One Way Or Another – VZ Will Send Oil Prices Up

'All Options On Table' - US Threatens Sanctions
As VZ's Maduro Vows To Create New Constitution

VZ Crisis Won't Be Resolved By Regime Change, Violence

350,000 Child Porn Images On Church Worker Laptop


Chicago Lays Off Prosecutors As Bodies Pile Up

Two Critical After IED Detonates At Canada 7-Eleven

Flight Times Debunk Flat Earth Again

Great People Who Died Sadly - Morris

JoeTalk - The Storm Nears

Liberal Judge To Marine Foster Dad - Ditch Guns
...Or We’ll Take Your Boy

Robots To Lead Passengers To Gate In Seoul

Pediatrician - How Transgender Ideology is
Producing Large-Scale Child Abuse

Costa Rica Paves Way To End Single-Use Plastics

How Nikola Tesla Sparked The Electric Age


Kim Jong-un Says Donald Trump Is 'Bluffing'

Most Americans Fear All-Out War With N Korea

State Dept Email Leak Shows More
Ties To Russian Atty - Vid

Globalist Point Man, Paul Rat Ryan, Is Now
Less Popular Than President Trump

Bro Nathanael - Trump's Emerging World Order - Vid

What BULLSH*T - Jumpy Cops Heard 'Loud Noise' Before
Executing Woman - ONLY Ranking Officers Should Have Guns

Insanity - Killer Cop Mohamed Noor Was ‘Diversity’ Hire

Killer Somali Muslim Cop 'Highly-Celebrated' By Mayor Earlier

Why Muslims Do NOT Make Good Cops

The TRUE History Of Whites In South Africa

70,000+ White South Africans Murdered Since 1994

SA Will Be Template For The Extinction Of The US & EU

White Genocide Explained By The Architects Themselves


Zionist-Approved News Is Killing America

Rand Paul - GOP Bill Creates Giant Ins Bailout Superfund

The State-Owned Bank Of North Dakota

Who Is Jeffrey Epstein? Where Did He Come From?

Ex-House Speaker Dennis Hastert Released From MN Prison

EU Foreign Policy Chief Wants Euro Coast Guard
To PROTECT Illegal Muslims, Blacks

EU Parliament Votes To Allow EU Aid To Be Spent On
Third World Militaries

US Navy Drone-Killing Laser Weapon USS Ponce

Elon Musk Says AI Is 'The Biggest Risk We Face'

JoeTalk - America Will Burn - Vid

Philly Mob Of 500 Teens Attack Police - Vid

Black Boxer Beats 3 Yr Old Daughter To Death For
Wrong Answers To Math Questions


Canadian Govt Introduces The Creepiest App Ever
...Already Being Used In Communist China

Turin Shroud Is Stained With Blood Of A Torture Victim

Is Levitation The Mystery Of Coral Castle? - Morris

Notorious 86 Yr Old Jewel Thief Arrested Again

Cancer-Causing TCP Plagues CA Drinking Water

Future Space Colony on Titan?

Finding Extraterrestrial Life By Their Leftovers

Robot Cheetahs & The Post-Nuclear Disaster In Fukushima

Closed Shoe Store A Time Capsule with Styles Back In!

Growing Up, Waterfront Days In Baltimore's Locust Point


Trump Rips Phony Press For Fake News Story That He
Had A Secret Second Meeting With Putin At G-20

Poll Shows Americans Massive Dislike Of Both Parties
'Now It's Just An Oligarchy'

Pence Draws Very Little Support As Possible
Replacement For Donald Trump

GOP Globalists Want Trump To Fail As Much As
Globalist Dems - But MSM Just Can't Admit It

Yes, Bill Clinton ASKED Russia To Interfere
In A US Presidential Election

Russian Translator At Trump Jr Meeting Worked For FBI

Russian Lawyer Says Magnitsky Act Lobbyist Browder
Is Behind The Trump Jr Scandal

Rice In Legal Trouble - Obama Officials Will Be Indicted

Rice Second Last Minute Testimony Cancel In A Week

Leaked State Dept Emails Reveal Link To Donald Jr. Meeting


'Is The Left F**king Nuts?' Ellis Slams Hollywood Libs
After Dinner Confrontation

Americans Sick Of Same Sh*t From Media & Politicians

Secret Memos Show Never Trumpers & RINOs
Are In Elizabeth Warren's Pocket

Globalist Rat Ryan Opposes Effort to Repeal AUMF

Huma Emails Show More Instances Of Hillary
Donors Getting Special State Dept Treatment

'Boomerangski' Returns To Bite The Clintons

New York Attorney Demands To See Manafort's
Bank Records Over $16 Million Loan

Globalist McCain's Mission Accomplished
GOP Reeling After Healthcare Collapse

Trumpcare Closer To Demise

What The Senate's Healthcare Fiasco Means
For Trump Policies - Goldman Explains

Trumpcare On Life Support

New Study Finds US Healthcare System Ranks
Dead Last Compared To Other Developed Nations

Report Criticizes US Healthcare System
Official Lies From the US Government

How 'Nothing To Hide' Leads To 'Nowhere To Hide'
Why Privacy Matters In Age Of Tech Totalitarianism

FBI Warns Of Dangers Of Internet Connected Toys

Trump Administration Wants Net Neutrality Eliminated

San Francisco's Dirty Little Secret

ISIS Tells Its Killers - 'Kidnap Children' Of Westerners

Schumer & Macaroon Redefine 'Anti-Semitism'

Israel - Tyranny Masquerading As Democracy

Israelis Fire Rubber Bullets At Temple Mount Protestors


UN Panel Blasts Israel Over Abuses And 'Settlement
Expansion' In Occupied Palestinian Territories

Hezbollah Praises ‘Heroic’ al-Aqsa Mosque Operation

Israeli Troops Attack Palestinian Sit-Inners At al-Quds

Germany Postpones Submarine Sales To Israel

Trump Makes Netanyahu Feel 'Terribly Empowered'


IDF Accidentally Admit To Existence Of Secret Airbase

Israel Opposes Peace in Syria

Trump Admin Hits Iran With New Sanctions

US Laser Weapon Tests In Persian Gulf Warn Iran

White House Affirms Iranian Nuclear Deal Compliance

Trump - Iran Undermining 'Spirit' Of The Nuclear Deal

Iran Warns US Of 'Big Risk' If It Blacklists IRGC

US Military, Intel Harbors Terrorists In Region - Iran

Iranian Parliament Passes Bill Aimed At
Countering 'American Terrorism'

Iraqi FM Praises Russia's Support In Fighting Terrorism

Saudi Arrest Woman Who Wore Mini-Skirt In Viral Video

US Kills As Many Afghan Civilians As In 2012


Egypt Revokes Visa-Free Travel To Qatar Nationals
As Turkey Sends In More Troops

China Demands India Withdraw Troops From
Disputed Himalayan Territory

India Expanding Infrastructure Along China
Border Amid Standoff

China’s Advanced Destroyer To Join Russia Drills In Baltic

Defense Of Civilization And The German Crisis

Europe Unable To Confront The Muslim Crisis, Nears Suicide

Flash Mobs And Macron Double Talk - Morris

Donetsk Republic Declares Creation Of New State
Of Malorossiya As Successor To Ukraine

Ukraine Paying 3x More For US Coal

US Working On Possible Lethal Defense Aid For Kiev

Rappoport - Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead Still Survives


Catholic School Teachers Abused 500+ Students

NASA Studies Eerie Whistling
Sounds Coming From Space

Former NASA Scientist Claims ET Ships
Are Hiding in Saturn's Rings

Henderson - Iran Should Keep An Eye On Total

Goldman Wins Patent For Its Own Cryptocoin Tech

$10 Billion Crypto Currency Devaluation In 24 Hrs

Bitcoin Soars As Feared Network Split Seems Avoided

Massive Spike In Bitcoins Causes John McAfee To Make
An Outrageous Prediction And Promises To...

Criminal Groups Still Prefer Cash To Bitcoin, EU Study Finds

Italy's Poor Population Has Tripled In Last Decade


Bank Of Italy Warns Citizens Against 'Creating Own Currency'

Ron Paul Warns Trump's Big Military Spending Boost
Threatens Our Economy And Security

Russians Set Record With Iran Oil Deal

Electric Vehicles Won’t Topple Oil…Yet

1,000s Of Student Loans Worth Billions Are Getting
Erased On A Technicality

American Students Love Socialism (Just Don't
Ask Them What It Is)

75% Of UK Grads Will Never Repay Student Loans

Robot Security Guard 'Commits Suicide' In Mall Fountain

Fusion - Will Humanity Ever Harness Star Power?

Japanese Whalers Defy Moratorium


Scum Somali Immigrant Black Cop Had 3 Complaints
And A Lawsuit Already Filed Against Him

Black Somali Cop Killer Of OZ
Woman Faced Suit, Complaints

Black Somali MN Cop Said To Have Executed
White Woman In Cold Blood

Black Somali Cop Shot MN Woman Dead As She
Talked To His Partner Who Was Driving The Cruiser!

Under Obama, IRS Fast-Tracked Tax Exempt Status For
Satanic Group After Denying Christians, Conservatives

Monmouth Poll - 40% Now Support Impeaching Trump


Susan Rice Abruptly Backs Out Of Tuesday
Testimony Before House Panel !

Susan Rice...Net Worth Of $50 Million...On A
Maximum Government Salary Of $172,000

Trump Increases Visas To Low Wage Foreign
Workers By 15,000 - A 45% Jump From Obama

McCain’s Surgery More Serious Than Thought'

As We Said - TEPCO To Dump 777,000 MORE Tons
Of Radioactive Liquid Death Into The Pacific

CNN Pays US Airports For Broadcast At Over 2000 Gates

Left’s Next Step - Redefining ‘Hate Speech’ As Violence

Dems Don't Care About House Being Hacked?

Merkel Says No Limits On Muslims Coming In
HOW Is She Still In Office?

Muslims Bringing Horrible Diseases
To Their New 'Home' Countries


Germany - Infectious Diseases Spread From Muslims, Blacks

Catholic Bishops, Lutherans Lament - Not Enough
Blacks & Muslims Coming To Pay Our Bills

Accepting A Society Of Government Tyranny

Israel To Build Proposed Artificial Island Off Gaza
Chinese Have Already Offered To Help Construct It - Vid

Cashless Society - Visa Will Be Giving Up To $500,000
To Restaurants That Go ‘100% Cashless’

Degeneracy - How The Entire World Is Being Taken Down

MN Woman Executed By Cops For Reporting Possible Crime
DO NOT Call Cops Except In The Most Grave Of Situations
Most Cops Should NOT Have The Power Of Life And Death

Cops Executed 523 Citizens In 2017 Already - Disarm Cops

US Cops Executed 963 Citizens In 2016 - Disarm Cops

OZ Woman Executed By Cops - Called 911 Over Disturbance

Fetzer - Amazon And YouTube Accessories After
The Fact Of Fraud And Theft by Deception


Hundreds Of Catholics Protest Satanic Statue In MN - Vid

Haiti Official Who Was To Expose The Clinton Fdn
Found Dead - Add Another Murder To The Clinton List

Is Russiagate Really Hillarygate?

Something Burger Versus Nothing Burger?

Insane Clinton Ally Begala - We Should 'Debate Whether
We Should Blow Up' Russia

Judge Nap - Trump Jr Meeting Warrants Criminal Probe

Jewish Publicist Behind Trump Jr Meeting Says He's
In Fear For His Life - Hiding In Plain Sight

Liberal Fascist Media Exposed Again Over Trump Jr

'Antifa' Is Another Intel Fake 'Organization'

N Korea’s Fuel Prices Soar After China Suspends Exports


UK Opposes Any Dialogue With North Korea
Until Denuclearization Starts

N Korea Warns US Attacking Kim Jong Un Would
End The 'Empire Of America' For Good

China Tests Largest Military Drone Even Made - Video

Lavrov - ANY US Conditions For Return Of Russian
Diplomatic Property Is 'Daylight Robbery'

Why Russia's Zircon Missile Could Be A Game Changer

Russian AK-47 Maker Builds Fully-Automated Killer Robot

‘Appallingly Bad’ $2 Trillion F-35 Fighter Jets
To Cost Britain £150 Billion

*Exclusive Rense Report* - Why F-35 And F-22 'Stealth'
Jets And Their Programs Are TOTAL FAILS

Brain-Computer Hookup Equals Mainstream News

The Future Of Artificial Intelligence - Hype Outruns Reality


Elon Musk Unveils Apocalyptic Vision For The World

DHS Outlines Mandatory Biometric Identification
At Airports For Foreign Travel

Macaroon - Anti-Zionism Is Just Like Anti-Semitism

Ruthless Israeli Harshness

Pals Scuffle At Temple Mt Over Israeli Security Measures

Israeli Forces Attack Pal Worshipers At al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli Forces Assault Palestinian Worshipers

Palestinian Homes Face Demo After al-Aqsa Shooting

Gaza Beaches - Raw Sewage At Israel Power Cuts

Is The US Stumbling Into War With Iran?

CNN Caught Faking News Again - Now It's The UAE
Not Russia, Who 'Hacked' Qatar


UAE FM Denies Qatar News Agency Hack

WaPost Report Accuses UAE Of Orchestrating Qatar Hack

Carl Bernstein - 'Cold Civil War' Has Taken Over Media
... 'Fact-Based Debate Is Becoming Impossible'

US War On Syria Far From Over

Lavrov - Israeli Interests to Be Taken Into Account in Syria

By Opposing Syrian Ceasefire, Israel Supports Terrorists

Syrian Troops Find Dozens Of US Anti-Tank Missiles
Given To Terrorists In Latakia Province

Turkey Bombing US-Backed YPG Positions In Syria

US Terror-Bombed Mosul To Rubble

Shocking Before And After Satellite Photos Of Mosul

US Slaughters 100s Of Iraqi Soldiers In Airstrikes - Iraqi MP

US Drone Spotted Over Donbass - LPR


US Places Cyber Attacks On Par With Traditional
Warfare Via Cyber Command Reform

Rapes, Sex Assaults By Sub-Humans Muslims, Blacks
Ruin German Town Fair - They MUST Castrate, Deport

Soros-Sponsored Muslim, Black Immigration Network In Italy

Furor In Saudi Arabia Over Vid Of Model Wearing Miniskirt

Germany's 'Fake News' Fight Under Microscope

New Era Of Global Famine Thanks To War & Chaos

80,000 Rohingya Kids 'Wasting From Hunger' In Burma

Big Rallies In Vegas Support Bunkerville Defendants

AL 60,000 Yr Old Underwater Forest Spills Its Secrets

Tony Blair Admits Jeremy Corbyn May Be Britain Next PM


Tories Locked In Civil War As Brexit Splits Cabinet

The Logic Of A Modern Gold Standard

BOE Warns Popular 35 Yr Mortgages Shackle
Consumers With 'Lifetime Of Debt'

95% Of Europeans Reject EU Efforts To De-Cash Their Lives

Countries That Trust Their Government Most & Least

Tesla Just Changed The Energy Storage Game

A Natural Gas War Is Brewing In The Mediterranean

New Nano Light Detector Could Change Solar Panels

$7 Million Stolen After CoinDash Initial Coin Offer Hacked

Artificial Sweetener Aspartame Linked To Weight Gain

Mosquitoes vs Zika - 20 Million Sterile Male
Mosquitoes To Be Released In CA


6.0 Quake Hits Russian Eastern Kamchatka Region

Trump Lawyer - Meeting With Russian Lawyer 'Not Against Law'

'If Trump Jr’s Russian Meeting Was Nefarious, Why Did
Secret Service Allow It?’ - Trump Lawyer

Translator' At Trump Jr Russian Meeting Has Deep
Ties To Clinton Machine

Hillary Campaign Used Phony Info Obtained Through
Collusion With Russia To Damage Trump

GOP Rep Dave Brat Hits MSNBC Host With Journalists
Donating At A 96% Rate To Hillary

Dem IT Guy Suspected Of Hacking Said A 'Charming Con'

Is GOP Leadership Getting Things Done? Rat Ryan
Thinks So…Congressional Republicans Disagree

The State Department's New World Order Agenda

Why America Needs War


Netanyahu Opposes Russia-US Ceasefire In Syria

US, Allies Fund And Direct ISIS, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda - Iran FM

South Korea Offers To Talk With North Korea

Trump - Fake News Is Distorting US Democracy

How Trump Could Eliminate The Dept Of Education

Muslim, Black 'Refugee' News Roundup 7-17-15

The Fall Of Chicago - There Will Be No Economic Recovery

The Left Is Waging A Maniacal War On Common Sense

Family Walks Outside To See A Cop Illegally
Breaking Into Their Van - Vid

Legendary Filmmaker George Romero Passes At 77 - Vid

How Can We Stop Algorithms From Telling Lies?


Over 400 People Charged in Opioid Fraud Takedown

Why Is the Vatican So Obsessed With Gluten?

Harrowing Story Of The Deadly Halifax Explosion

The Anger Of Achilles

Big Muddy Missouri River Needs A Plan

Why Ice Cream Parlors Were Once Considered Evil

We're All Shorter At Night

Back To The Trinity

The Search For Alien Artifacts

Strange Signals From A Star, 11 Light Yrs Away

Unreleased UFO Files Held By NZ Government

Crashed UFO Misinformation


Pyongyang Observed To Be Ramping Up Nuclear
Weapons Fuel Processing

US Public Beaten Up By MSM Fear-Mongering Over N Korea

Mattis Warns War With N Korea Will Kill Millions

What War With North Korea Might Look Like

N Korea Said Weaponizing More Diseases

Devvy - Destroying Our Military From Within Continues

Trump Blasts Hilary And Fake News Double Standard
For Its Treatment Of Trump Jr

Left Wing Shrinks Call On Congress To Remove Trump
…Describe Him As Mentally 'Unraveling’

Anti-Trump Protests Across US, 2 Hollywood Arrests

'Trump Could Resign To Save His Children From Prison'

Attempt To Impeach Trump Begins, First Step Taken

Perception Of Trump’s Personality Takes
Sustained Beating In Media


US-UK Media See 'Russian Foreign Agents' Everywhere

White House Intros Special Counsel Amid Russia Flap

Hacker Leaks Emails Of A Top US State Dept
Russian Affairs Intel Official

Endless, Disgraceful NYT Russia Bashing

Friend Insists Death Of Republican Operative Behind
WSJ Collusion 'Bombshell' Was NOT 'Suicide'

Madsen - Return Of Pentagon Mercs Worries US Active Military

Roberts Opens 'The Floodgates Of 'His' Memory'

Phony Accusation Of Russia Hacking Brit Power Grid

FBI Agent Charged With Lying About His Role
In The Brutal Murder Of LaVoy Finicum

US-OZ Test Hypersonic Missiles That Fly Mile A Second


Why Russia-Turkey S-400 Deal Means A 'Tectonic
Game-Changer' In Arms Market

All Responsible For Failed Coup To Be Beheaded - Erdogan

‘Putin Is A Gentleman Who Sat Russia On Her Feet’ – Kusturica

New US Sanctions Try To Tank Ruble Before Russian Elections

Ukraine Transfers Heavy Weapons To Donbass Front Line

NATO Surface Ships Sitting Ducks For Russian
Coastal Defense Systems

Anti-Zionism Isn't Anti-Semitism

Opposing Zionism Is Not Racism Rules Scottish Court

Israel Won't Divide Jerusalem In Future Peace Talks

Wilde - The Talmud's Death Wish


Iran Warns Of Zionist Lobby Plot To Wreck Assad Govt

Photos Of Aleppo Recovering From ISIS Horror

NYT Ignores Decades Of US-Inflicted Horrors On Iraq

Why Pentagram Push For New Bases In Iraq, Syria?

US Installed Iraqi Regime Torture And Murder

If The EU Goes Down, All Life Ceases To Exist - Sure

Number Of Left-Wing Extremists Rising In Germany

Italy May Give 200,000 'Migrants'
EU Visas, Send Them North

Italy’s Public Debt Hits New Record High


Canada's Multi-Million-Dollar Payout To A
'Foreign Terrorist Fighter'

We Are Far More Than We Know About - Morris

Toxins In Water Caused By TN Power Plant

Research Team Slams Faked Global Warming Data

Europe's Unsustainable Welfare State

Ron Paul Warns 'Central Bankers Are Always Wrong…
Especially Before A Bust'

Financial Martial Law

The Fed Has Created 'Universal Basic Income For The Rich'
...And Now It Can't Get Out

Bitcoin Battered Below $2000, Ether Tumbles

City Of London Accuses France Of Plot To ‘Wreck Britain’

Instant Vertigo - World's Most Insane Hiking 'Trail' - Look


The Great Dunkirk LIE - Jewish Hollywood
Distorts WW2 Again

Russian Lawyer Who Met With Trump Brought
DNC-Related Documents

Stone Says Testimony Before House Panel
Probing Russia Delayed

Gingrich - Trump Investigations Like Salem Witch Trials

Trump Impeachment Odds Reach New High

Trump's Approval Rating After 6 Months Lowest In 70 Years

This Is What American Greatness Really Looks Like?


Another Clinton 'Suicide'?

Obvious Doubt Surfaces On GOP Investigator's 'Suicide'

Transcript Of Phone Call Between Trump
And UK PM May LEAKED To The Press

'Big Names' Hauled In Front Of Congress Over WH Leaks

Mysterious Hacker Leaks Emails Of Top US State
Department Expert On Russia

Hillary Campaign Used Phony Info Obtained Through
Collusion With Russia To Damage Trump Campaign

Dem Corruption, Foreign Collusion Under Obama-Hillary
Pales in Comparison To Trump

McCain To Miss Week, Delaying Health Care Vote

Senate Health Care Bill Changes Revealed

Hey Trump, How About The REAL Refugees In SA?
...Four Million Whites Are Facing Death By Blacks

Pence Starting To Engage In Fundraisers For HIS PAC


Russia Threatens Retaliation Over Seized US Estates

DHS - People Who Don't Want Faces Scanned Shouldn't Travel

At Least 3 Dead In Honolulu Condo Highrise 5 Alarm Blaze

Research Team Slams Global Warming In New Report
'Not A Valid Representation Of Reality...'

Israel’s New Tourist Attraction Allows Guests To ‘Shoot
Palestinian Terrorists’

Jews Bully Germans Into Paying 'Holocaust' Survivors

Roberts - Times Change Out From Under Us

Unspoken Crisis Of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation

Fukushima Nuclear Death Will Be Dumped Into The
Pacific Just As We Have Been Telling You

Pentagon Tested Chemical Weapons on 6,000 US Troops


Who Owns The Federal Reserve?

Mexico’s Gruesome Jail Wars

Growing Sinkhole Eats 2 Homes Near Tampa

$10 Billion Sunken Spanish Treasure Up For Grabs

Most Mac & Cheese Products Contain These Chemicals

Entering The Realm Of Tranquility

A Bride Had To Cancel Her Wedding…

Little Sister (Elvis)

Military Jet Chases UFO Report Witnesses

Take UFOs Seriously Or Be Prepared For An ET Invasion

Astronomers Baffled By Mysterious Dwarf Star


Deplorable US Hostility Toward Russia

Trump-Russia Dominates Headlines - More Evidence
Of Collusion Between Democrats & Ukraine

Report - Lynch Tapped Manafort's Phone During Trump Jr
Meeting With Russian Lawyer

GOP Operative Behind WSJ Collusion 'Bombshell'
Committed 'Suicide'


Trump-Russia Connection Baloney

Russian Prosecutor General’s Office Denies Link To
Trump Jr Meeting With Russian Lawyer

Trump Jr - From Childhood Struggles To World Notoriety

Haiti Official, Scheduled To Testify Against The Clinton
Foundation, Found Dead In Miami (Another Murder)

New Abedin Emails Show Hillary Donors Getting
Special Treatment At State Department

US MSM Totally Misses-Hides Clinton’s Collusion
Link To Trump-Russia-Gate

1863 - The 'Other Time' Russia Meddled
With American Democracy

Russia's Query To US Regarding Browder Case
Remains Unanswered

Buchanan - Russia Baiters And Putin Haters

Tucker Carlson, Neocon Slayer

NV Senator Key In Final Obamacare Vote


Congress Slams Door On Pentagon Biochemical
Weapons Testing Declassification

9/11 Families May Add UAE To Lawsuit Against
Saudis Over Role In 9/11 Attacks

At Least 3 People Die in Massive Fire At
36-Floor Building In Honolulu - Reports

Lockheed Hiring For Ramped Up F-35 Turkey Production
As Deadly Pilot Hypoxia Issues Mount

Lavrov Gives Quick History Lesson To Journalist
Who Suggests Russia Has Violated NATO's Trust

NATO - An Instrument Of US Imperial Power Masquerading
As Freedom-Loving Military Alliance

Why NATO Is So Afraid Of Russia-China Military Exercises

Distortion of History Always Used As Weapon
Against Russia - Putin


'The Main (Quality) Of A Leader? A Sense Of Decency' - Putin

Putin - Ukraine Crisis Will Continue Until The Ukrainian
People Run Out Of Patience

Run, Porky, Run! Is Poroshenko Preparing To Flee?

NATO Warplanes Looking For 'Weak Points'
In Russian Air Defenses

China Says Japan Should ‘Get Used To’ Bombers
Buzzing Their Airspace

Will Trump Stop The 10 Chinese Companies
Supplying North Korea's Nuclear Program?

US-Supported Terrorists In Syria Reject Ceasefire

Why Israel 'Oils' The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Israel Shuts Al-Aqsa Mosque Following
Jerusalem Shooting Incident

Muslim World Condemns Israel’s Closure Of al-Aqsa

Israeli Police Detain Jerusalem Grand Mufti


Destabilising The Gulf - Morris

Pilger - Why Palestine Is Still The Issue

‘Thieves’ Steal Machine Guns, Documents
As IDF Bases Fail Security Inspection

Israeli Army Raids Palestinian TV Stn Office In W Bank

50% Israel’s Jews Do Not Want To Live in ‘Jewish State’

Iran - The ‘Worst Deal Ever’ That Actually Wasn’t

Trump Wants Funding For US Iraq And Syria Bases

Iraqi Troops Appear to Execute ISIS Captives In Mosul

Turkey Bars German MPs From Seeing NATO Airbase

Arrests Made in London Acid Attack Spree

Earhart Photo Story Apparently Debunked


As We Told You - Fukushima’s Radioactive Will All
Be Dumped In The Pacific Under New Plan

Fukushima's Nuclear Waste Will Be Dumped
In The Pacific And Head Right Across To US

Your Gamma Radiation - Number 25 And 26

Total Gamma And Beta Rads In 2012 - Number 26

Global GeoEngineering New Alert 7-15-17

Bye-Bye, Landfills! Russian Scientists Create
Biodegradable Polyethylene - Bravo!

Engdahl - Fatal Flaw in Washington’s New Energy Strategy

The Petrodollar Is Running Out Of Gas

Escobar - The New Silk Road Will Go Through Syria

Mexico's Gasoline Thieves Go Full Mad Max As Competing
Cartels Declare War On Each Other And The Army

Russia's Biggest Bank In First Transaction On Shanghai
Gold Exchange - Moscow, Beijing Prepare For Trade In Gold


Bitcoin Rival Ethereum Gobbling Up Cryptocurrency Market

Sears Canada Pays Execs Bonuses While Laid-Off
Workers Get No Severance

Solar Flare Set To Strike Earth

The Problems Of Politicized Law Enforcement

7 Critical Components of a Prepared Home

Tardigrades Will Be the Last Animals On Earth

A History Of The Kool-Aid Man

How Thailand's Hellfire Pass Got Its Name

Winter's snow is disrupting this Sierra Nevada summer

The Sun Might Be An 'Ordinary' Star After All


Lunatic US Hawks Want War On Russia And Iran

2 More Identified At Trump Jr Meeting With Russian Atty

Co-Founder Of Trump-Russia Dossier Firm Cancels
Testimony While Lynch Claims Ignorance

Fox News Host Slams US Senator
Over ‘Russian Propaganda’

Scandalous! Corbyn Eats Pizza With 'Russian Agent'

Pence, Biding His Time, Keeps Distance From Trump Jr Flap

Comey Leaked Classified Information

FBI Probe Of Sanders Wife Parallels Hillary

Evidence Of Dem Collusion In Ukraine Grows

Europe Now In Fear Of Project It Launched In Ukraine

Trumpcare 3.0

Germany Overrun With Muslim-Black Infectious Diseases

Big List Of 86 Horrific Illegal Alien Crimes

US Intends New Illegal Sanctions on China

China To Trim Its Army - Hmmm...


Once Aimed At Pakistan, Indian Nukes Now Point To China

China Warns Taiwan Pres Over 'Very Dangerous' Remarks

NATO Buildup in Europe 'Went Unnoticed'

Turkey Buys Russian Advanced Missile System - $2.5 Billion

Diplomat Points To Flood Of CIA Agents At US Emb Im Moscow

Moscow Threatens To Shrink Number Of US Embassy Diplomats

US Relocating ISIS Terrorists
Daesh ISIS Leadership Collapse Sparks Infighting - Iraq

150 Saudi Intel Officers Joined ISIS In Mosul Battle

'White Helmets' In Smear Campaign
Against Syria Govt - Moscow

Atzmon - On Politics In Music, Roger Waters & Humanitarianism

The Talmud And The Goy - Vid


Israeli Police State Administrative Detentions

2 Israeli Cops Dead In Temple Mount Shooting

Israel In For 'Surprise' If It Attacks Lebanon: Hezbollah

Pope Agents Used $481k Charity
To Remodel Cardinal’s Home

Muslim Radicals Infiltrate French Police And Military

Robots Are Inventing Their Own Languages

Russia-China Trade Surges 26% In First Half Of 2017

US To Be World's Biggest LNG Exporter By 2022 – IEA

US Opens 76 Million Acres Offshore To Big Oil

The Tech Failure That Could Clear
The Oil Glut In A Matter Of Weeks

Japanese, Korean Firms To Fund Iran Refineries


Uber Yields Russian Taxi Business To
Yandex In $3.7 Billion Merger

Poverty In Italy Triples

Britain Accepts It Must Pay Brexit Bill On Leaving EU

Days Of Honey Days Of Onion - Morris

A Macedonian On The Macedonia Conflict - Morris

Doom - $40+ Million Plundering At University Of Louisville

Flying 'Triangle' Encountered By Cop In –1960

UFOs Witnessed by Pop Star Kesha - Vid

Earhart Sister Denies Spy Reports (Of Course) 1982

Tick Bite Kills 20 Yr Old Woman - Tick Diseases Increasing


CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed -
'We Blew Up WTC 7 On 9/11'

DHS Chief Has Doubts About Legality Of
Immigration Program

Trump To Cut Legal Immig In Half? Send Dreamers Out?

Trump Says Mexican Border Has To Be See-Through

Trump - What He Will Ask Putin Next Time…

Trump’s Approval Rating Among His Base Rises

Trolls Are Now Running The Government

Coulter - GOP Obstructionists 'Hate Trump
Every Bit As Much As MSNBC Does'

David Icke - You Won't Believe This!

How Trump Is Changing America’s Foreign Policy

Why Middle America Doesn't Care About Trump Jr Story


Impeachment Res vs Pres Trump - H. Res. 438

YouTube 'Music' Video Titled 'Goodnight Alt Right'
Depicts Murder Of Trump Supporter

Is This The Gen That's Going To Financially Destroy US?

FBI Document Dump Shows Flawed Effort In Clinton Probe

Britain Is Wide Open To Illegal Muslims And Blacks

Dementia? - Pelosi Bizarrely Giggles
Thru Q About N Korea - Vid

Tucker Kicks The Sh*t Out Of Max Boot In Prime Time

Mark Zuckerberg Finally Figured Out Why Trump Won

Nutcase - Sen Blumenthal Says Trump Jr Meetings
Represent Criminal Intent Of Fraud & Treason

Lewandowski - Leakers About Trump Jr Meeting Will Be Fired

Wasserman Bid To Strip Kushner Of Security Clearance

Kushner Adds 100 Foreign Contacts To His Disclosure Form


Fetzer - Sandy Hook...A New Witness Steps Forward

YouTube Censoring Sandy Hook Research Videos - pdf

Rense Finds The Amelia Earhart Electra At A
Different Location In The Now Famous Photo

Shimatsu - Amelia Earhart’s Free Spirit
Soars Above A Sordid World

Gorka WRECKS CNN Over Ratings On Anderson Cooper

CNN's Begala - 'Blow Up' Russian Agencies In Retaliation

The Worst Of Elizabeth Warren

Amazon - Too Big For Its Britches?

400+ Doctors, Nurses & Pharmacists Arrested
In Largest Medical Fraud Case In US History

Stunning - A Magnificent Supercell Thunderstorm Timelapse

Amazing - Transmission Fluid
Myths Explained...Flush Or Change?


New Law Forces Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers
To Advertise Free Abortions In Hawaii

US Woman Dies Of 100% Fatal Tick-Borne Virus

You Won't Believe What They're Calling 'Racially Insensitive'

G20 Riots Left 476 Cops Injured

Scottish Government - Fracking Is Harmful To Health

Scientists - Miami May Be Gone In Our Children's Lifetime

Mysterious Black Ring-Shaped UFOs In UK Skies

NY City - Man Pees On Woman As She Rides Subway

Record-Breaking Swarms Of Mormon Crickets


Reckless US Policy Toward North Korea

N Korea Doesn't Threaten World Peace, US Does

US Sens Plan To Hit Financial Entities Dealing With NK

Wealthy Buying Multi-Million Dollar Bunkers With
'Highest Level Of Military Grade Security'

McCain WasThe Globalist Point Man In
The Efforts To Destroy Trump Campaign

McCain Tries To Get Out In Front Of His Roll In Treason

CNN Finally Admits Truth On Trump In 30th Paragraph

Was Trump Jr Meeting Deep-State Setup For FISA Wiretaps?

Dershowitz Slams NYT For Trump Jr 'Treason' Claims

Lavrov - US Election Meddling Claims Totally Baseless

CNN Publishes Video Of Trump Dining With Goldstone


Pence Held No Meetings With Russian Officials In 2016

‘Putin Wanted Hillary Clinton To Win The Election’ - Trump

Hillary, Bill Clinton ‘Colluded’ With Russia - White House

'Indict Comey Or Snowden Should Be Pardoned'

Why Did Lynch Grant Trump Jr's Russian Lawyer
A Special Visa To Enter America?

The Trump Jr. 'Scandal' Was A Sting Operation

The Donald Trump Jr Frame -Up

Democrats Worked For Veselnitskaya

DOJ Let Russian Atty Into US Before She Met Trump Jr

WH Under Siege By Trump Jr Russia Revelations

Anatomy Of A Frame-up Of Donald Trump Jr.

Ripoff Trumpcare And Tax Cut Schemes


Govt 'Searches' Conducted Using Smart Meters

The Playboy Who Could Bring Down Trump

Trump Expands Sanctions vs US Russian Gun Lovers

Interesting Skull Cloud Rises From Mt Vesuvius

Russia A Hostile Power? Just The Opposite!

Pro-Russia Hacker Site Publishes Ukraine-Hillary Links

Lynch Plot Thickens With New Details On Hillary Dealings

Lavrov - Shortsighted Policies Of US, EU Ukraine Crisis
He's Too Kind - How About US, EU Fully-Causing Crisis

Ex Ukraine PM Predicts ‘Imminent’ Kiev Regime Change

Russia Blasts NATO Film Glorifying Nazi Collaborators

Russia May Recall NATO Permanent Representative


'NATO Charging New Propaganda Cannons'
What's Behind The 'Forest Brothers' Video?

'Who's That Passenger Putin Is Driving?'

O'Keefe - US Military Is Fighting For Israel, Not Iran

Ken O'Keefe - 'These People (His Critics) Don't Know $h*t'

UN - 'Educated, Intelligent People Threaten Sustainability'

Gaza Near Total Collapse

What Derails Planned 'US-Israeli Military Operation' In Syria

Welcome To Israel’s ‘Terror’ Tourist Attraction

Israel Seeking Direct Saudi Flights For Hajj

ALIPAC Calls For Feds To Stop Destruction
Of Voter Fraud Evidence

James - The Takedown Of The Public School System

Oregon Gun Laws Allow Police To Seize
YOUR Weapons Without Due Process


Chinese Navy Holds Liver Fire Training In Med

China Carrier ‘Enters Taiwan Defense Zone’

Japan Protesters Rally vs New US Air Base In Okinawa

Cholera Ravages Yemen

'Defend Europe' To Force Black Rubber Rafts BACK
To Libya - Stop NGO Boats Bringing Blacks To EU

Lula's Conviction Aimed At Preventing
His 2018 Brazil Presidential Run

Scott Bennett...Patriot Truth Warrior

Google Spends Billions On Influencing Policy, Regulation

IMF Rings The Alarm On Canada's Economy

Visa Begins Bribing Merchants To Stop Taking Cash

The New World Order Takeover Is Very Real
... And Will Begin With Germany And China


Is Wall Street Funding A Shale Failure?

Halliburton Sees Oil Price Spike By 2020

Is A Global Oil Deficit Looming?

What Not To Do In A Disaster

Why Do Marine Planes Keep Crashing?

Dozens Of Highly Toxic Substances In US Tap Water

The Larsen C Ice Shelf Collapse Is Just The Beginning

Scientists Zero In On Weed Receptor

2 Whale Shark Sightings in Maryland

The National Park That Was Stolen To Death

Nevada Shops Running Out Of Marijuana

Breathtaking New Video Of Earth's Aurora


Trump Shrugs Off Jr's Meeting With Russian Attorney
Says Most Everybody Would Have Done The Same Thing

Trump Expands Sanctions Against US Russian Gun Lovers

The Secret Life Of Young Donald J. Trump
...Nixon’s Nuclear Intrigue In Korea

Br Nathanael - Sitting On Top Of The World - Vid

Brad Pitt - 'Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America'


Madsen - Trump Administration Run By Zionists, For Zionists

Zionist Deep State Attacking Robert David Steele - Vid

Rand Paul - Senate GOP Decides To Keep Obamacare

Is Mike Pence Leaking To Take Down Trump?

US Intel Waging A Soft Coup Against Trump Admin

Trump Unloads On Hillary And Double Standard

New Study Suggests War Lust May Have
Cost Hillary Clinton The Election

Trump Rages - 'Look What Hillary Clinton May
Have Gotten Away With...Disgraceful'

GOP Rep Names Ben Rhodes As Source Of WH Leaks
...Demands Investigation Of Comey

Brit Spy Points At McCain In Russia-Trump Dossier Case

Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya Posted Picture
On FB From INSIDE John McCain's Office


Brit Lawsuit Raises New Questions Over McCain's
Involvement With The 'Trump Dossier'

McCain Just Did Something Sick To Trump Voters In Video

Was Russian Lawyer Who Met Don Jr A Dem Plant?

The Non-Issue of Trump Jr's Emails

Former DOJ Official - Trump Jr Didn't Commit A Crime

Assange - I Urged Trump Jr To Release Emails
On Russian Lawyer Before NYT Story Broke

NYT Disinformation On Trump Jr's Emails

Putin Urges Media To Stop Fake News And
Provide Unbiased Coverage Of World Events

Lavrov Shocked At US Media Claims Against Trump Jr

The Endless NYT Anti-Trump Jihad

Lavrov Blast Media Hype Over Trump Jr. Meet With Russian Atty

Russia - US Media Buzz Of ‘Russian Meddling’
As Bordering On A TV Soap Opera

Trump vs Everyone

Smoking Gun Hype Versus Reality

F-35 Costs Slated To Rise By Nearly Half A TRILLION Dollars


The Idiotic Myth About 'Deutschland Über Alles'

Trump Supporter Tricks Anti-Fascist Demonstrators
Into Applauding Adolf Hitler Quotes

'Generation Z' Nothing Like Millennials, Prof Warns Liberals

Botched Nuclear Shipment Puts Pressure
On Los Alamos To Make Changes

Is The US Govt On The Verge Of Reading Minds?

First Musk, Then Facebook, Now DARPA Wants
To Create Brain-Computer Interfaces

Mayor’s Office Denies NYPD Officers Turned
Backs On de Blasio At Police Funeral

Minneapolis Cops Kill Two Service Dogs - Public Rage

Baltimore Citizens Urge Ceasefire At The Start Of August

The Police State's Answer To Free Speech Is Brute Force


Chinese Billionaire Warns US - 'China Has Over 25,000
Spies Who Are 'Ready To Destroy The US'

S Korea, US, Japan Military Officials Agree To
Put Maximum Pressure On N Korea

THAAD Frenzy - When US Nuclear Strike Threat
For Russia, China To Reach Its Peak

Japanese, US, S Korean Military Hold Talks
On NK Nuclear And Missile Programs

Crazed Trump Pentagram OKs $3.9 Billion In Patriot Missiles
For Romania - Putin 'We Will Be Forced To Respond'

Russian Nuke Sub Fires Cruise Missile In Pacific Drills

Russia Navy Group In Northern Iran Port

NATO Preparing For Aggression Against Russia

Psychopath NATO Vows Support For Ukraine Against
Russia's 'Aggressive Actions'

Henderson-Press TV - US Meets Qatar Amid GCC Rift


Turkey Deploys 'Fifth Batch' Of Troops To Qatar

Two Israeli Companies Spying On Entire World

Israel - Zionist Tyranny Posing As Democratic Governance

Israeli Force Kill Two Pals In Jenin Refugee Camp

10th Anniv Of Infamous Airstrike Exposing US Coverup

Murder, Imprisonment, Isolation, War Crimes
...'Collateral Murder' Ten Years On

Shaky Russia-US Syria Ceasefire Agreement

US Again Claims It Has Evidence of Chemical Weapons
Use By Damascus On April 4 - CIA Chief

US Created Daesh-ISIS And Allowed Regional
States To Fund Them - Nasrallah

Western Media Disinformation On Mosul


Fall Of Mosul Points To Future Iran Showdown
With Saudis, Israelis In Syria

Chaotic Mosul Evac Caused More People To Die - Lavrov

Media Ban During Mosul Campaign Concealed
Full Extent Of Destruction

What 'Salaries' ISIS Terrorists Get For Their Atrocities

Iran’s Rouhani Slams Saudi-Led Blockade Against Qatar

Retired US Generals Challenge Trump's
Attitude Toward Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Continues To Increase Influence In MidEast - CIA

Fed Chair Janet Yellen Warns Congress
US Debt Trajectory Is Unsustainable

Gary Cohn As Next Fed Chairman?

Roberts Warns Of 'Ever More Official Lies' From The Feds

Seattle Passes Measure To 'Tax The Rich'
…There's Just One Problem...


Golden Years... Or Tears...More US Seniors Are Still
Working Than At Any Time Since The '60s

Connecticut Capital Hartford Downgraded To Junk By S&P

Death Of The Middle Class - The Suburbs Have Absorbed
Half Of America's Poverty Growth

Oregon Passes Bill To Decriminalize
Cocaine, Meth And Heroin

‘Subhuman Conditions’ - Largest Women’s Prison
In US Without Water For Days

China’s Shift Towards California’s Gold Mountain

Intl.Firms Negotiate $200 Billion Of Oil Deals In Iran

Iran Looks To Up Crude Output To Pre-Sanctions Levels

Saudis Poised To Make Largest Crude Export Cut Of Year

Chinese Newest Bullet Train Hexie Makes First Public Run


Researchers Discuss Evidence Of ET Life On Earth

1 Trillion Ton Iceberg Breaks Off In Antarctica

How Economics Became A Religion

Toronto’s Million-Dollar Condo Sales Surge

Are Humans Altruistic Or Selfish?

Stevia Kills Lyme Disease Better Than Antibiotics

The US Will Fund Brain-Computer Interfaces

Is Your Home Your Castle?

A Road Trip to the End of the World

How Long Is A Day On The Moon?


Secret - Many US Blacks Get $5,000 A Month, Cars, Homes

Need Help Paying Your Bills? For Blacks It's No Problem
Whites Get NO Grants, NO Assistance - Read It & Weep

Blacks Only Get Free Food Cart Meals - No Charge

USS Fitz - The Navy Lies Pile Up

The USS Fitzgerald And A Thickening Plot - pdf

Gorka - More People Watch Cartoons Than CNN

What's Really Behind All The Anti-Russia BS?

Roberts - Ever More Lies Coming From US Government


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Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe

Dana Durnford

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Japan Robot Finds Small Amount Melted Fuel
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As We Said - TEPCO To Dump 777,000 MORE Tons
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Unspoken Crisis Of Worldwide Nuclear Radiation

Fukushima Nuclear Death Will Be Dumped Into The
Pacific Just As We Have Been Telling You

As We Told You - Fukushima’s Radioactive Will All
Be Dumped In The Pacific Under New Plan

Fukushima's Nuclear Waste Will Be Dumped
In The Pacific And Head Right Across To US

Feds Probe Los Alamos For Mislabeling
And Shipping Nuclear Materials By Air

Fukushima - Record High Fatal Radiation Levels
Hole In Reactor Detected

Another Rotting Double-Walled Tank Is Leaking At Hanford

'Everybody's Freaked' - Hanford Admits Second
Radiation Leak And That Workers Contaminated

Kevin Blanch - Catastrophic Fukushima Salmon Collapse


Fukushima Geological &
Radiation Permanent Resources

Updates - NO BUGS, NO BIRDS As We've Warned
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Watch Animated Map Of Gigantic 3-11 Japan Quake

Fukushima Radiation Plume, Nears West Coast - Graphs & Vid

Fukushima Radiation Blasted US In March 2011 - Model

Real Time World Earthquake Monitor

Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center

National Nuclear Emergency Map
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MeteoEarth - Click On Winds

Obama OKs DEADLY Hikes In 'Safe' Radiation Exposure

Obama Raises 'Safe' Rad In Drinking Water 27,000x Higher

Huge Radiation Readings In CA And NM Disappear

Enormous W Coast CPMs Vanish After Site Back Online - Vid

Japan Earthquakes 2011 Visualization Map - Vid

W Coast Covered In Massive 3/11 Radiation - Vid

Coverup Of West Coast Radiation From Fukushima

Fukushima Radiation Plume, Nears West Coast - Graphs & Vid

WATCH - What Cesium 137 Will Really Do To You - Vid

Chart Of Radiation Dose Levels In Millisieverts

Jeff & Dr. Russell Blaylock - Supplements
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Radiation Dose Chart

The Radiation Database User Guide - Vid







Blacks Blame Recent Severe Cape Town On Whites!

African Blacks Ask Jesus To Kill Off Whites In Tweets

Brave White S African Speaks Of Genocide Of Whites

The US Architects Of The South-African Catastrophe

South Africa's Blacks Plan To Kill ALL Whites


David Oates Reverse Speech!
Political Newsmaker Reversals

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CIA Publishes Theory Of Reverse Speech -
David John Oates 34 Yrs Of Work Vindicated

A New Documentary Film On

David John Oates
and the Incredible World of REVERSE SPEECH !
Voices From The

Video Of David Oates Reverse Speech
Presentation In Ashland, OR 5-27-17

6-20-17...David John Oates - CIA Validates Reverse Speech


Stunning, Historic JFK Programs
Oates, Marrs & Allgire


JFK Murder Solved By Reverse Speech PART 1
David John Oates, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire
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JFK Murder Solved By Reverse Speech PART 2
David John Oates, Jim Marrs & Dick Allgire
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Remote Viewing JFK - Whodunnit?
Jim Marrs
- World's #1 Scholar On JFK Assassination
Dick Allgire - One Of World's Premiere Remote Viewers

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Jim Marrs, Courtney Brown & Remote Viewer Daz Smith - Revealing More Answers To The JFK Murder

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William Tompkins

Book - Selected By Extraterrestrials


UFO-ET Disclosure
Astonishing Technology

From William Mills Tompkins

A Rense World Exclusive
Never Before Seen Ultra Secret Documents And
Stunning Revelations From Giant Aerospace And
Defense Contractor - Douglas Aircraft Corporation -
...From The Early 1950s


Jeff & William Tompkins - Cosmic Top Secret
Propulsion Documents Leaked

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5-31-17 ...Bill Tompkins - Another Amazing Conversation
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5-2-17 ...Bill Tompkins - An Amazing Hollywood Journey
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4-27-17 ...Battle Of LA
Hour 1...Hour 2

Live Action Film & Stills
Of The Battle Of LA

Shortwave News Broadcast Of
The Battle Of LA And More
Original Film Footage

Daylight Overlays To Give
YouThe Scale Of The Battle

The Rockwell Integrated
Space Plan Chart
- pdf

William Tompkins - The UFO Disclosure Continues

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William Tompkins - Our Next Amazing
Conversation Of UFO & ET Disclosure

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William Tompkins - NEW UFO-ET
Advanced Secret Documents Revealed

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Dr. Michael Salla PhD

Amazing FOIA Data Backing Up The Bill Tompkins Revelations

12-16-16 .. Hour 1 .. Hour 2

FOIA Files

Flash Frozen Civilization Found In The Antarctic?

On Tompkins & The Navy League
ET Special Projects In Medford OR 1985-1999

6-26-16 .. Hour 1 .. Hour 2

Navy League ET Special Projects From 1985-1999


World Exclusive
John Lenard Walson Spaceships? Whose?
Structures On The Moon

...John Lenard Walson Part 2 .. Hour 1

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6-19-17 ..John Lenard Walson & Marcel King/Part 1 .. Hour 1

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World Exclusive - Space Vehicles
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Eminent Scientists Validating John Lenard Walson's Images

The Mysterious, Amazing Videos Of John Lenard Walson - Vid

Walson Visits The Moon Through His Telescope - Vid

Walson Finds New Lunar Anomalies...Strange - Vid



 Clark McClelland
The Stargate Chronicles

Rense UFO-ET-Black Ops Disclosure!

12-30-16 ..NASA Science Officer Clark McClelland - Truth About NASA

10-20-16 .. Clark McClelland Is Back!

2-1-16 .. WW2 German Flying Saucer Technology



Herbert Dorsey

Book - Secret Science & The Secret Space Program

Rense UFO-ET-Black Ops Disclosure!

6-23-16 ..Astonishing Technology & German Flying Saucers ..Pics

6-6-16 ..Secret Science & The Secret Space Program

5-25-16 ..Our Secret Space Fleet

5-24-16 ..The World Is Not As We're Told



Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower
GangStalking & Deadly Electronically
Targeted Individual (T.I.)

11-16-16 ....Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim pt 1

11-17-16 ....Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim pt 2

11-21-16 ....Karen Stewart - NSA Whistleblower, Gang-Stalking Victim pt 3
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Zika-Linked Pregnancy Outcomes - MMWR Early

Zika Virus Cases Now Confirmed In All 50 States

CDC Vital Signs US Zika Pregnancy Outcomes

Poultry Bans from Lincoln & Giles Counties In TN

Poultry Ban From Lauderdale, Jackson, Madison Counties In AL

Three More H7N9 Farms Alabama



Remote Viewing The
Death Of Adolf Hitler

Join Us For Time Travel Back To WW2 Germany And Then Forward To The Final Moments Of The Life Of Adolf Hitler With Remote Viewer Dick Allgire And Historians Jim Marrs and Harry Cooper. A Classic Program!

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The Legendary Walter Bowart

Operation Mind Control - Walter Bowart - pdf

Report From Iron Mountain - pdf

The Invisible Third World War - pdf

The Ultimate Sociopath? Obama High School Friend Reveals The Truth

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Obama Exposed By High School Friend

Pastor Manning - Mia Pope Outs Obama As Gay - Vid

How You're Being Mind Controlled
And Don't Know It

Illuminati Mind Control & The Report From Iron Mountain

MK Ultra - Handlers, Propagandists, Professional Liars - Vid

Walt Disney, MTV & Hollywood & Mind Control - Vid

Mind Control Through TV And The Media - Vid

The Stark Reality Of Precision Scientific Individual & Mass Mind Control

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

MK-Ultra And The Laurel Canyon Hippies

Hippies And Mind Control - Vid

Mind Control - An Exact Science
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Dr. Colin Ross - Mind Control, How Easy, How Deadly

The Hollywood MK Deception Series - Vid

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 1

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 2

The Horror Of Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiples - Pt 3

Ventura - Artificially Created Multiple Personality Killers - Vid

Mind Control - A Piece Of Cake - Vid

Trauma Based Culture - Vid

The Mysterious Charles Dellchau

Incredible Drawings & Descriptions Of 1850s Flying Machines


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Jan Smith/Cliff Mickelson - Shocking New Morgellons Photos - mp3

Morgellons Nanotechnology Exposed

Jan Smith's Morgellons - CDC Says It's 'Delusional Parasitosis'

Elizabeth’s Morgellons Samples

Destructive Wiki Editing Keeps Morg Sufferers In Dark

Jeff And Cliff Mickelson - CDC Liars Say Morgellons Doesn't Exist - mp3

Stunning - BLINKING, ILLUMINATED Morgellons Particle Pulled From Chin - Vid

Official CDC Denial - Morgellons Does Not Exist


When Radio Was King

Here Is A Major Collection Of All The Great Old Time Radio Shows - LISTEN!


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Jeffrey Smith's 'Genetic Roulette' Full Documentary - Vid

Battle Of LA - UFOs Over Los Angeles

Eyewitness Testimony To 'Battle Of LA' Huge UFO

Footage Of UFO Being Fired On In 'Battle Of LA' - Vid

1942 Battle Of LA - Biggest Mass UFO Sighting In History


Ingo Swann Passes
Into Great Beyond

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Hour 1 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 2 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Hour 3 - Ingo Swann - Legendary Remote Viewer

Ingo Swann, Father Of Remote Viewing (1933-2013)


More Corn Ethanol...More Harm To Consumers, Environment

E10 Ethanol Gas Destroys Engines...Proof - Vid

E15 Ethanol Gas Even More Destructive Than E10 - Vid

Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins - How The Rothschilds Created Israel

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Power Of The Rothschild Bankers

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Drugs, War & Manipulation - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - WW2...Orchestrated Slaughter - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 21, 2003) - Vid

Jeff & Eustace Mullins - Complete Show (July 31, 2003) - Vid

National Socialism + Zionism = NAZI - Vid

GM Yellow Corn Equals
Tumors, Cancers & Death

New Study Links GMO Food To Leukemia

Justice Kagan Rules For Monsanto In Farmer GMO Case

Nestle Folds To SA Consumer Pressure Over GMOs



Stop Eating Meat And Dairy

McDonalds Kids Watch Slaughterhouse Videos - Vid


Dr. Alan Cantwell MD

Virginia Livingston MD's Cancer Cure

Cancer And Most Diseases Are Caused By BACTERIA

Cantwell - Rigged Science And Manmade AIDS

Dr. Alan Cantwell - Why Doctors Ignore Bacterial Cause Of Cancer

'Watchful Waiting' Just As Effective A Treatment For Prostate Cancer

Toxins In Skin Bacteria Help Lymphoma Cells Spread

Bacteria As A Primary Cause Of Breast Cancer

The Incredible & Unrecognized Germ Of Cancer

Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria

Coccoid Forms Of Bacteria & The Cause Of Cancer

World Man-Made AIDS Day - December 1

Ignored Bacteria And The Cause Of Lymphoma Cancer

Bacteria Cause Cancer...The Microscopic Evidence - Photos

Creepy, Weird Otherworldly
Sounds...Vanished Again

Eerie Strange Sky Sounds Are Back Again

Sky 'Trumpets' In The Netherlands

Strange Sounds Over Tangiers, Morocco

Eerie Sounds Over Casablanca

Creepy Sounds Over Bristol, England

Those Otherworldly, Bizarre Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

A Chronology Of The Eerie, Strange Sounds Of Jan 2012 - Vid

Eerie Sky Sounds Validated By Russian Scientists

Bizarre Noises Over Cambridge, England - Vid



The Platters

LV Court Restores The Platters Name To Rightful Owner

The Platters - The Great Pretender 1956 - Vid

The Platters - Twilight Time 1958 - Vid

The Platters - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 1955 - Vid

The Platters - Only You 1956 - Vid

Hollywood's Golden Days

A Drive Through Beverly Hills In The Early 1930s

Wonderful Vintage Hollywood Photos... pdf

Great Vintage Hollywood Photos

Fabulous Hollywood Stars And Their Classic Cars

The Original Hollywood Sign Read Hollywoodland - Pic

Round About Hollywood 1931, Color - Vid

Wonderful Color Photos Of 50s & 60s LA/SoCal - Pics


MARS - The Mysterious

Unequivocal Proof Of Buildings On Mars

Must See - Life On Mars…Water, Trees, Cities

This Is Mars - 2015

Stunning - The Best Mars Discoveries, Part 2

They've Hidden Entire Mars Cities From Us

Clearly A Intelligently-Designed Relic On Mars

Reaching Mars In A Few Days? Yes! Says NASA

Oh, My - Hidden By NASA - Stunning Structures On Mars

NASA Coverups On Mars Continue - Clear Structures

Explosive Mushroom Cloud On Mars By Indian Orbiter

Encore - Obvious Valve Found By Curiosity On Mars - Vid

Leaked Mars Photos Loaded With Signs Of Life - Vid

Trees On Mars Coverup - Vid

Amazing Photos On Mars 2014 - Vid

Train Wheels, Axle On Mars - Vid

Tomb, Cross, Platform, Relics Found On Mars - Vid

Looks Like NASA Hid Entire Cities On Mars - Vid

Mars' Greatest Mystery

LIFE On Mars - Forests, Lakes, Rivers In Stunning Photos - Pics

Jeff And David Oates FREE Listen Click Here

Fascinating Mars Structures, Cities, Plant Life?

Mars Structure Found - The Real Reason For The US Vendetta Against Gary McKinnon?

Obvious, Unquestionable Tracks On Mars - Object On Track? - Pics

MSNBC Picks Up The Mars Structure Video

Stunning Mars Anomalies 

Mars Life, Water, Vegetation, Anomalies

World's Best

The Ten Most Influential People In The Alternative Media

The Timeless George Carlin
(graphic language)

Carlin - War Culture And The Sham Of Democracy

George Carlin On The Rothschilds - Vid

The Genius George Of Carlin - Vid

George Carlin On NASA Plans For Mars - Vid

George Carlin On Civil Liberties In America - Vid

George Carlin - It's Over - Vid

Robert Hastings

10 UFOs Cavort Above US Nuke Missile Base

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Roswell Eyewitness
FREE Listen - Jeff With Jesse Marcel, Jr

Peter Davenport , Noe Torres & E.J. Wilson - Roswell 2010! - Very Special Guest - Col Jesse Marcel, Jr - MP3

Jesse Marcel Jr. - Veteran, Patriot & Roswell Witness Passes On

Memories Of Jesse Marcel By Kevin Randle

Phoenix Lights Witness Remembers Jesse Marcel, Jr - Fortson

Remembering Jesse Marcel, Jr - Balthaser

Mainstream Media Homage To Jesse Marcel's Passing

Dr. Roger Leir
Astonishing UFO Over Turkey

Roger's Personal Photo Video Analysis Showing ETs

Non-Humans, ETs, Shown Inside Turkey UFO

All Known Videos Of The Turkey UFO

Spectacular Turkey UFO - Information Site


Ufologist ‘Confirms With Scientific Evidence’
That ET Lives With Humans On Earth

Mysterious UFO Caught On Film Across Cornwall

UFO Photographed Over Chelmsford UK

Flying 'Triangle' Encountered By Cop In –1960

UFOs Witnessed by Pop Star Kesha - Vid

Disc-Shaped UFOs Reported Over Lafayette County, La

WOW Signal - Was It Aliens Or Just A Comet?

Bizarre, Glowing Sea Creatures Appear In Pacific

Reasons We Haven't Found Aliens

UFOs, Alien Accounts Manipulated By Intel Agencies?

UFOs Photographed Over Salto, URUGUAY

Instructions How To Photograph UFOs By Military


New Earth Health Solutions
Oxy C • Allicin C • Rife • Ozone Generator
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Health Matters

SoCal Heat Killing Thousands Of Cows

Water Contamination In CA San Joaquin Valley

Tens Of 1,000s Of Americans Dies Yearly - No Healthcare

Boy Had 100 Seizures A Day - Now None After Cannabis Oil

How Bad Is Gonorrhea's Resistance To Drugs?

You're Eating A Lot Of Fake, Rotten Olive Oil

Chemotherapy Could Cause Cancer To Spread

Shocking - Eminent Domain...Chinese Style

Inventor Of Fraudulent Temperature ‘Hockey
Stick’ Is Humiliated In Canadian Court

Fever Is Not An Enemy

It's The Cytokine Storms We Should Worry About

Gingko Biloba Protects vs Cognitive Effects Of Heavy Metals

Fir Tree Needle 'Essential Oil' Fights Cancer And Infection

Half Of All Canadians Will Get Cancer

Green Veggies Linked To Better Grades For Children

Diet Soda Triples Stroke & Dementia
Compared To Normal Colas

Milk Causes Diarrhea, Bloating, IBS & Krohn's

Groundbreaking Heart Disease Myths Exposed

Rare Parasitic Worm Cases Spike In Maui

Why We Sleep Less As We Age

Almond Milk Nutrition Benefits

Gluten-Free Diets May Have Poisonous Agents

German Supreme Court Upholds Biologist
Claim that Measles Virus Does Not Exist

Vit D3 Is More Effective Than Flu Vax

Air Pollution May Cause 20% Of Dementia

Fast Food Wrappers Have Cancer Causing Chemicals

Walnuts May Delay, Reduce, Prevent Alzheimers

The Inner World Of Alzheimer’s

Scientists Find That Australian Berry Cures Cancer

Aluminum DOES Cause Alzheimer's - New Confirmation

Ayahuasca Fights Alzheimer’s & Down Syndrome

The Total Failure Of Chemotherapy

Emails Show Govt Corruption In Approving Aspartame

Iowa Girl Facing Death From Gardasil Killer Vax


Vegan Recipes

Vegan Hummus

Raw Recipe - Avocado Tropical Salsa...Addictive! - Vid

Easy Vegan Quinoa Recipes

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James Fetzer's Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

Crisis Actors & Fake Mass Shootings?

Crooked Hillary, The Cheat Earbuds, Hand Signals, More

Watch - Clinton Cash...The Full Movie

Hillary's Failing Health

Evalion Shakes Up The Net

Joseph Skipper's Incredible Mars Research

RFK Assassination - Oates, Marrs, Teagle

JFK Jr Told The World Who Murdered His Father

The Trouble With Sandy Hook

Microwave Mass Death Technology

The Greatest - Ali

John Barbour's 'Garrison Tapes'

Kubrick Confession?

David Haynie & Jim Wyrick - Ghost Voices

Online Destruction Of Innocent People

Jesus - The Israelite

Solid 3D Proof That Apollo Photos Were Faked

Robert Felix

EMF Effects On Your Cells And Tissues

DARPA & Google Plan Total Control


Aspartame Deaths & Suffering Must Stop

Dane Wigington

Humans In An Inhuman War

How To Respond To An Anti Conspiracy Theorist!

Crucial 9/11 Videos

The James Holmes Conspiracy - Vid

Ritual Child Sex Abuse, Pedo Conspiracy Of Silence - Vid

The Great Organic Deceivers

Color Photos Of WW 2 Heroines

American Graffitti In LA

A Dream Lost

The Death Of Clean US Mass Transit

The Fraud Of Digitized 'Beauty' - The Big Lie - Vid

Poor Man's Guide To Survival Gear

Thunderbolts - The Electric Universe

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9-11 Master Archive

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9-11 Ten Years Later

9-11 Nine Years Later


Morgellon's Data Center

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George Carlin

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At Home With Hitler

1938 Homes & Garden
Magazine Spread


The Man Who
Talks To Animals

Coral Castle

War of the Worlds

The Deadliest Medium Ever
How TV Ruined Your Life - Vid

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Nano-Chemical Poisoning
Of The World

Aerosol Crimes & Coverup


Depleted Uranium

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Depleted Uranium
Videos - Important

Bush's DU Nightmare



A US Soldier Remembers Eisenhower's Monstrous Genocide

Satanic Eisenhower's Starvation Order And Genocide

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Mad Cow Data

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Rense UFO Data

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The Museum
of Hoaxes

'Baby Dragon'
In The Bottle

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