The Internet Will Increasingly Dominate Earth
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" is the single most important news aggregate site on the internet. The spectrum of stories, ideas and revelations presented, on a daily basis, is absolutely staggering. The smartest people go to every day."
- Jay Weidner
Filmmaker, Writer, Researcher  

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One of the world's most powerful, influential and respected internet news sites is now available.

The internet is constantly increasing its hold as the supreme power on the planet…both in terms of the day-to-day information and the global communication matrix in which we live. There are plans to ring the planet with Wi-Fi satellites which will further increase the overwhelming strength of the internet to educate, entertain, conduct all manner of business and political activities and engage in massive social influence.  Most of the information in the known universe is now online. Ponder that. has been at the highest levels of the internet news and information world for over 20 years and carries well-earned worldwide integrity and power. It is read and respected by people from the world's elite to the masses trying to understand, ironically, what they, the elite, are doing to them. And now, there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a key player on the stage of top flight national and world internet and owner of

We have created not one but three remarkably successful platforms on the internet:, the Rense Radio Network (, and the nightly, three hour Jeff Rense radio program now in its 23rd year of service to the planet. The extraordinary success of these three platforms is mandating we place one the three divisions of the Rense brand in the hands of someone who shares our vision, geopolitical awareness and a talent for internet business.

If you are interested in becoming a key player in the exploding world of the internet with your own renowned and highly profitable site...with worldwide influence...let us know. The hard work is already DONE and all you need do is to step in and engage. This a legitimate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grab a proven rock-solid legend with nowhere to go but further up the ladder of internet news, information, power and influence. This site has so much untapped potential it is amazing. receives over 1.5 million unique visitors and 14 million total hits per month. These figures are taken directly from the site server in downtown Los Angeles. has been an online presence since the earliest days of the net. Like Bloomberg, Huffington, Reuters, Scripps, Breitbart, etc, its blue chip brand speaks volumes. It has been respectfully cited and mentioned everywhere from CNN to RT and on bus benches in Vienna to electronic and print media OpEd pieces coast-to-coast.

Let us know if you have an interest in a six figure income and being a part of one of the most respected, exciting, action-packed businesses of our modern electronic world. Major, hassle-free, financing available with a substantial down. No matter where you go for REAL news, most everyone winds up, sooner or later, at This is virtually a turnkey operation and you will receive full support, training, back-up, and cross promotion from our other two platforms.

No, Jeff is not going away! The growth our three platforms is simply too demanding for our current business model...and that creates the opportunity you are reading about now. Seriously interested, qualified parties are invited to call 541 482-4298 and leave a message with contact information and we will return your call. Or send a confidential email to

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to this exciting transition and will remain a part of this ever-growing brand.